Tokyo ‘TERROR’ on Takeshita St.

New Year’s "TERROR" on Harajuku’s famously weird Takeshita Street.

Car rams into pedestrians in Tokyo, injuring 8
NHK News | 2019-Jan-01
A car plowed into pedestrians on a crowded street in Tokyo on New Year’s Day. Police say eight people were injured and rushed to hospital. One is reportedly in a coma.
The incident occurred on Tuesday, about 10 minutes past midnight, on Takeshita Street in Shibuya Ward.
The shopping street was closed to vehicular traffic at the time. It was bustling with people heading to a nearby shrine…
…Investigators quote the {driver} as effectively saying he carried out a terrorist attack.

A few of our many previous reports of weirdness on Tokyo Harajuku’s Takeshita Street include:



3 thoughts on “Tokyo ‘TERROR’ on Takeshita St.”

  1. “Weird”?
    Here’s a typical example of street signage in hyper-fashionable Takeshita Street in Harajuku, Tokyo.
    fart takeshita harajuku

  2. reddit rumor
    The driver apparently made a comment to the police claiming that it was in revenge for the execution of members of Aum Shinrikyo from earlier in the year (2018).

    Van ploughs into Tokyo pedestrians headed for New Year’s prayers
    BBC News | 2019-Jan-01
    The man driving the car fled the scene but was later arrested by police for attempted murder. The 21-year-old was identified as Kazuhiro Kusakabe.
    Police told broadcaster NHK that he initially told then he had conducted a terrorist act, but then later claimed it was related to executions. It was not clear if he was referring to a specific execution or capital punishment in general.

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