Are ‘we’ a mountain or a tapeworm?


Yamao, a mascot for Kyoiku University in Osaka, is based on a mountain near the campus. mondo-mascots
— Mondo Mascots (@mondomascots) January 3, 2019


Yuumi-chama, the patron goddess of the 3Yen writes:
A little known fact about the mascot Yamao-kun (やまおくん) is that before the Meguro Parasitological Museum‘s endowment funding problems*, he used to be their tapeworm mascot Sanadomushi/サナダムシ (L), even though now he claims to be “based on a mountain.”


サナダムシ マスコットキャラクター

Also check out our previous post, Tomoko, the 70 year old tapeworm (3Yen | 2016-04-10) who’s still going strong.



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3 thoughts on “Are ‘we’ a mountain or a tapeworm?”

  1. Chotto matte yo/But wait there’s more!

    In the top photo are the amazing specimens on display at the Meguro Parasitological Museum and the bottom photo shows the museum’s prize capture, an 8m tapeworm.

  2. Hey Yuumi-chama, you missed the best mascot of the Meguro Parasite Museum.

    Back in September 2018, they had a special exhibition of “parasite living” called “Tapeworm World” and the exhibition’s character, “Meguro Parasite Pavilion Director”!!~

    Meguro Parasite Pavilion Director
  3. Taro love, I received this reply from Mondo Mascots…

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