The wacked world of Japanese ‘DEKOTORA’ (decorated trucks)

With the decline of Japan’s independent truckers and the general decline of the working class (seen the West too), it’s truly amazing that they could find 500 dekotora/デコトラ for this New Years meet…

peek into the magical world of dekotora decotruck / 2013Apr04

I visited the Cal Trend paint shop in Saitama during my recent trip to Japan…and was sitting inside the shop talking cars with the guys. This was when I was asked, “Hey, I know this place where they build some crazy Dekotora – wanna check it out?” Speedhunters’ Mike Garrett

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4 thoughts on “The wacked world of Japanese ‘DEKOTORA’ (decorated trucks)”

  1. COUNTEREXAMPLE: Here’s video of New Years meets…


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