New year…New Japanese girlfriend

For the new year, here’s your new Japanese girlfriend, Ms Kosaka Cocona (高坂ここなちゃん).

Cocona-chan is a creation of Speecys Corporation, which they describe her as a ‵‵life-size large motion figure platform.′′ Here on the 3Yen, first covered a “species” aka Speecys-FC ™ way back in 2005. The goal Cocona-chan is: 『 必要な場所に美しい関節を自由に設置できる 』
‵‵To put beautiful joints easily everywhere you need.′′

In the below video, check out what the company calls: “Cocona and her bones dancing together.”


A summary of the Speecys’ patented technology. Previously on the 3Yen we covered Speecys Corporation’s Robot-son-of-a-bitchaibo.


tokyonama-texitle-logo-2Tokyonama, importer/distributer of original products from Japan–Geneva/Tokyo

One thought on “New year…New Japanese girlfriend”

  1. Here’s a longer description in English about the Cocona fembot for Japanese otaku with an extra $9,400 burning a hole in their pocket.

    fembot bimbo $9400

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