BoobooMan—a mascot indicative of 2016 Japan


Can you remember the Japanese WTF Goods (3Yen 2012-02-01)—the infamous mouth exerciser?

Well, our friends at “Mondo Mascots” found the perfect boyfriend for Miss Mouth on the left, BoobooMan!
    ) ゜o゜(


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Real Japan: Bonenkai drunks at the end-of-the-year

It’s that time of the year again.

—embiggen above poster—

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Pearl Harbor Day from the curent Japanese perspective

Today is Pearl Harbor Day* from the current Japanese perspective (Wiki).


このイラストが大好きで — 部屋に飾っています(*^^*) — スギモトカステン (@kuromedakaf14) 2016-03-16


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Today is Japanese ‘Elevator Day’…w0Ot!


Today, November 10th, is Elevator Day (レベーターの日), w0Ot!
On this day in 1890, Japan’s first electric elevator started operation in Tokyo’s Asakusa Ryounkaku.

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Merry Christmasween!

Happy Hallowmas? Merry Christmasween?

Here’s a fun Japanese cultural fusion of Halloween ghosts with Charlie Brown’s favorite Christmas tree.



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Merry Christmas Wieners!


Today is ‘Margarine Day’ in Japan, w00t!

Today, October 24th, is Japan’s official Margarine Day, w0oT?!

fake-butter-day(“10/24 is Margarine Day”)

Why October 24th?

October 24th is the birthday of the French chemist, Hippolyte Mège-Mouriès, who created margarine as a substitute for butter in 1869 as a result of a request by Emperor Napoleon III (Wiki). Therefore, the Japan Margarine Industry Association picked the 24th for Japan’s Margarine Day.
Refer to the association’s official website at: (goofy Google Translate)logo


Japanese t-shirt sightings

catch-catch-_t-shirt_girl (via)



Other clothing engRish…

JapaJacket engRish: Whose happy “BITCH” are we?

Today is Crow’s Day in Japan

crow day sticker
A magazine for “Crow Friends” has announced a celebration: Crow's Day

Crows have their own fan club – カラス友の会 – and magazine. Sept 6th has been declared Crow's Day.

img_e5ed9120fe0aa675d5fee14bdcc81abb via — Mulboyne (@Mulboyne) January 18, 2016


The official Crow’s Day website offers the following explanation of the origin of the daycrow-day-explained 9月6日=カラス(クロ―)の日In Japanese the number 9 is “kyu” and the number 6 is “ro[ku]”. Put them together and you get Kyu-ro, pronounced ‘crow’ (and also similar to kuro meaning black in Japanese).

The website goes on to remind us to, “Take power in your crow love.


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Robo-ricksha for Japanese Loser Day

VJ Day (not Vagina Day) has come and past on August 15th, and today is the anniversary of Japan’s formal surrender on September 2, 1945, aka Loser Day.″
So, enjoy this self driving, robo-ricksha dressed in the uniform of Japanese soldier that is meant as a Chinese memorial″ of victory over Japan.

Robotic Japanese Rickshaw Driver May Be Strangest WWII Memorial | 2016/08/15
The inventor of the robo-ricksha says the, “robot can walk, turn, and run on command, while also pulling the one-seater rickshaw. He hopes the popularity gained by his inventionwill allow him to build a robotic army depicting Chinese resistance to the Japanese Empire during World War IImore





Bearing the days

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 11.40.34 PMkumamon-summer_500x_ani

Like Kumamon, this is my pattern every four days for the six month long Tokyo death-summer, grrr.


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