Drunk Driving instructor

Instructor arrested for driving drunk on wrong side of highway
FUJIEDA, Shizuoka — A driving school instructor was arrested on Monday for driving under the influence of alcohol in the wrong direction on a national highway and triggering a traffic accident involving three other vehicle….

{Taro: Unlike other countries, Japanese driving instructors are ex-cops and are thought of as “officials of the court”.}

Sony ‘claiming’ Playstation shortages

Sony Playstation shortage predicted
PSPs hard to find

THE PORTABLE PLAYSTATION from Sony appears to be so rare and sought after that finding machines is turning into a quest, according to a report.
Sony, while scoring massive points on the PR/hype front for the PSP, seems to have lost out on the distribution front with huge shortages predicted.
Japan’s ITMedia news service reports that Sony has already told major retailers about the number of systems that they will be getting in time for launch and many are complaining that they will not have any. …

Digital broadcasting is being shoved down Japanese consumers’ throuts

Digital broadcasting catching on quickly
….the nation will mark its first anniversary on Dec. 1 as an increasing number of customers tune in to the new service and digital TV set sales continue to be brisk.
But some hurdles must be cleared before 2011, when the current analog format TV broadcasting will be replaced….

Screaming squeaker leads Japan’s charge at world junior meet

Ai Fukuhara
Table Tennis: ‘Ai-chan’ leads Japan’s charge at world junior meet
Ai Fukuhara, who finished in the last 16 at the Athens Olympics, helped Japan advance past the preliminary round of the women’s team competition Sunday on the opening day of the table tennis world junior championships.

Convicted defector Charles Jenkins’ release is “delightful”

Jenkins to begin new life of freedom
…. Jenkins goes through a week of processing for his dishonorable discharge from the military, the family plans to move in early December to the city of Sado on the island.
Mayor Koichiro Takano said earlier that Jenkins wants to work and settle in Sado with his wife and their two daughters.
”The release is delightful. The government plans to provide as much support as possible”….