Spy school ‘training’ in Japan


If you suspect you are being followed, enter the carriage and close the doors to give your would-be pursuer the slip.

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Revolutionary feminist news from Japan!

Great news—Fembots are freed and can now vote!


Japan Grants Suffrage To Female Robots
onion_logo March 19, 2017


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Begets, begets, begets …

Friend of the 3Yen, Mulboyne writes:

For Easter 2017, you don’t just get Kewpie in an Elmo Easter Bunny outfit like 2016 (left). This year you also get him in an egg (right).


The Egg begets the Easter Bunny who begets Elmo who in turn begets Kewpie and thus begetting The Inner True Form??true-colors-true-form

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Tomorrow’s Sour Lemon

tomorrow-lemon-sour-640x goofy Google Translate of the even goofier looking Suntory press release for April 04, 2017
Suntory Chuhai “Tomorrow’s Lemon Sour”
  — New for limited time
  — Salty lemon flavored with amino acids
Suntory Spirits Co., Ltd. will release “Tomorrow’s Lemon Sour” for a limited time only across the country starting from April 4. Illustrator Tomoko Ono expressed a bright and fun feeling by designing a, “scene enjoying lemon sour with a smile.”
Suggested retail price: 141 yen ($1.25 USD) / 350 ml per can / 5% alcohol


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Yokohama’s mascot is as dumb as a brick

Yokohama’s mainstream mascot, the garbage gull (L) is being put to shame by the city’s dumb-as-a-brick mascot.


Q. Why have a dumb brick mascot?
A. One of the city’s main tourist spots on the waterfront is Yokohama Red Brink Warehouse. The complex’s 120 year old brick buildings house cafes, restaurants and shops as well as serving as a venue all kinds of seasonal events and cultural performances.


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Akibear: Just what Japan needs?

Is another bear mascot just what Japan needs? Akibear (アキベア), w00t!!~


Akibear is the new official character Akihabara Electric Street Festival 2017.
Refert to the official website: akiba.or.jp
Or, check out the news report in Japanese: sankeibiz.jp
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Kooky KUMAMON’s birthday!!~

Today is Kumamon’s seventh birthday, and here’s the birthday bad-boy slyly disguising himself as a king-size bed to get in on the hot action of the Japanese government’s increase-the-birth-rate campaign, モン☆!!~

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Suck on these lemons

Suntory’s wants you to suck down this pair of lemons.


Comedian Emiko Kawamura and gravure idol Tomomi Katayama are promoting “Strong Zero, Lemon” chuhai/hooch of horrors.

Mon mon mon mon mon mon mon mon mooon~

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Hanging out with Japan’s Crown Prince

small_open-fly-closeupHanging out with Crown Prince Naruhito, Speaker of the Ukraine parliament, Andrei Parubii, is pictured with his fly open.

fly-openlife.ru | 2017-March-02 (Tip of our hat to our reader “SovietSupreme” for the link.)

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Furi-furi — shake-shake


Furi-furi means shake-shake.

The SPIDERS’ lead singer, “Monsieur Kamayatsu” has died at age 78. He was the Furi-furi “folk queen” of Japan and was still rocking in engrish on TV and in regular live performances right up to his end.


In the west, Japanese performers like The SPIDERS are (mis)labled “Garage Punk” and outsider rock…but in Japan they are categorized G.S. (Group Sounds) bands.
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