Make your White Day sweetheart cry

Today is Japan’s “White Day.” Since only women give gifts on February 14—Valentine’s Day in Japan, Japanese men are supposed to (but generally forget to) give a reciprocal Valentine gift today. One “traditional” white Japanese gift possibility could be…


Goofy Google Translate:
Here’s a great way to reciprocate a Valentine’s chocolate! In return for a Valentine’s chocolate give this on March 14, White Day.
Let’s give a big thank you to your sweetheart for her Valentine’s chocolate with these “Insect Sweets” from the Komatsuya Store in Yokote, Akita prefecture. Your White Day girl should cry and be pleased.


バレンタインチョコを貰うみんな!ホワイトデーのお返しには秋田県横手市にある「小松屋本店」の虫スイーツで感謝の気持ちを伝えよう!!相手も泣いて喜ぶはず!!通販でも買えるよ。— まつじ (@matsujun5213) February 13, 2018

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All look the same

The candy company, Glico, has a soon-to-be-award-winning TV ad featuring 72 all-look-the-same females in, ′′71.8 SECOND LIFE.′′


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Polite Japanese ballerinas do fart

That was just a one-off, stealth trial of the horror manga artist, Jinji Ito (Wiki).

The actual Tokyo Metro manners poster of a polite ballerina is actually more lightheart-farted.

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Doing, Being, etc. — Christ vs Buddha

Jesus CHR!ST! and buttbuddy Buddha
Jesus CHR!ST! and buttbuddy Buddha

Japan’s anti-NHK public television movement

“Protect the Citizens From NHK Party”
anti-nhk-party_500xvia @Johnny_Strategy | 2018-Feb-21

Q:   So, why is there even a need for “The Party to Protect the Public from NHK public television”? There’s no such thing a Party to Protect the Public from the BBC or PBS, is there?

A:   NHK bill collectors are door-to-door visits extortionists* who unfairly collect (30 to 50% people don’t pay) exorbitant fees for icon_domokun increasingly biased political propaganda since the political appointment of Katsuto Momii, the loonier-than-Trump new Director-General of NHK.

One of the Party-to-Protect-the-Public-from-NHK’s NHK “Pest Repellent” stickers



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    ‘Discrimination’ fun


    I snuck up on my coworker at the elevator and when she turned around & realized I was behind her she said, “Your white face scared me! It reflects the light so much!”#casual人類差別
    ryan.-icon@RyanJP 2018-Feb-15


    #casual人類差別 = #casual race discrimination


    My CSB

    Coming up a very tight spiral staircase Shibuya, Tokyo, I abruptly came face-to-face to a very attractive Japanese woman who SCREAMED in terror/surprise at the big alien in front of her.

    Regaining her composure, her charmingly-untrue comeback for her scream was, “Sorry, you’re so handsome.

    tokyonama-texitle-logo-2Tokyonama, importer/distributer of original products from Japan–Geneva/Tokyo

    It’s official: In Japan Green is Blue

    Japan’s National Police Agency’s official Japan’s official
    “Rules of the Road”
    manual defines the color “Blue” as “Green.”

    The problem is, in Japanese green and blue are both referred to as Ao/. Therefore in Japanese traffic lights are called a Ao shingo/青信号, which literally translates to “Blue Signal.”

    Consequently, there is a confusion especially in older parking garages in the proper color of green lights as shown just above and below.

    Since most street traffic lights in Japan have been replaced with LEDs in the past five years, most green lights—but not all—now conform to the international green standard.
    Refer to The Japan Times of 2013/02/25: The Japanese traffic light blues: Stop on red, go on what?
    CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 70

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    tokyonama-texitle-logo-2Tokyonama, importer/distributer of original products from Japan–Geneva/Tokyo

    Happy Valentine

    Happy heart—Happy Valentine–Happy Japan


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    Sumo funtime!

    This is Shokkiri (初切) fun at the Grand Sumo Tournament of February 4. The “tournament” does not count for the official rankings of the wrestlers so the tone of the entire event is more lighthearted.

    Japanese men march in protest the lack of Valentine gift chocolates

    Valentine’s Day is when men judge their worth by the number of boxes of chocolate aka “choko” they receive from women at their Japanese workplace.

    Pulverize Valentine’s Day Protest!
    A Person’s Worth is Not Measured by the Number of Chocolates Received!
    Shingetsu News Agency | 12 Feb 2018


    Basically, Valentine’s Day is the real measure of your worth in a Japanese company, so CHOKO—Are you gettin’ any?