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Yum yum! Yum! Yum! Eat ‘um up! Yum! Yum! Eat ‘um up!


Easter in Japan

Several years after Usagi‘s mysterious disappearance around Easter, this washes up in Tokyo Bay…


#gloomy #tokyo #bunny ears pic.twitter.com/DPBO39yJXd 
&larr Chris Carlier (@Pubgoblin) 2015-08-30



Nova's USAGI
Ah, Tokyo life…and continual Resurrection of the cheeky NOVA Usagi/Bunny


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Christmas Day’s night in Japan

The night after Christmas day in Nippon…


xmas-day-nightDec. 25, 2015 18:33 pic.twitter.com/FNM1kLvLk8 — ジロー(ジュークロック)不知撮人 (@juke69rock) December 26, 2015


The early hours of Boxing Day in a regular Japanese neighborhood. Our previous reports the hell-on-earth aesthetics of the Japan landscape include:


Xmas Japan! The 2015 edition

Santa surprises the kiddies in Japan!

(The “Santa” shown above is actually a Japanese priest dressed as Tengu (Wiki), a protective, if dangerous, demon/spirit of the mountains and forests.)

Next we have…
Ho, ho, ho from Santa-alien!
The deep-sea bug is the Sanctacaris—literally, “Santa Claws”.


Finally, check out the always creepy mascot of Japan’s Fujiya chain of confectionery stores, possessed Pekko-chan (Wiki)

Pekko-chan christmas
Pekko-chan’s Christmas fun…

‘Weird Japan’ — Oh how the mighty have fallen.

Weird Japan™ has been the mainstay of Internet since its beginning. But now as Japan just its fourth recession in five years (Bloomberg | 2015-Nov-16), even Japan is suffering from a weirdness deficit.

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Batmin and Hobbin

Are you going as “Batmin and Hobbin for Halloween?

calvin-and-hobbes pic.twitter.com/89XtOabtLx — Calvin and Hobbes (@Calvinn_Hobbes) February 12, 2015

Yuumi via email writes:

Nah. I’m going with my boyfriend.

Yeah, yeah, I know they’re quoter leftItty-bittyquoter right

true-love-night-scarlet-moon-1Halloween night, scarlet moon

Cinco De Mayo!

Today is Japanese “Cinco De Mayo”!


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Extreme Japan

Having a truly romantic Japanese Valentine’s Day last Saturday, the Japanese lady shown below is enjoying an “Extreme Ironing” event on the very frozen Lake Hibara at 17 degrees Fahrenheit (-7℃).

Besides “Extreme Ironing,” Lake Hibara—part of the volcanic caldera of Mount Bandai*—is a popular ice-fishing spot in Kita-shiobara, Fukushima Prefecture, in northern Japan.
According to their fun facebook page, Extreme Ironing and ice-fishing is perfect way to enjoy Fukushima Prefecture (land of the dread nuclear disaster {3Yen 2015-01-25}) where anything is possible.



Without all the trash, here’s what Tokyo would look like

Without all the fcuking trash and clutter, here’s what Tokyo would look like cleaned up…

left_long-quotebar_24x360Without Ads Or Billboards, Here’s What The Streets Of Tokyo Would Look Like
The Huffington Post 02/13/2015
French graphic designer Nicolas Damiens reveals just how critical ads are to the character of a metropolis by showing how surreal the space would look without them. In his series aptly titled “Tokyo Without Ads,” Damiens strips the buzzing Tokyo streets of any and all ads. The result is nearly unrecognizable…more photos…

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