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666 has no particular meaning


Remember kids—swallow a seed and you’ll grow a tree in your belly. Swallow your gum and you’ll grow the Antichrist.


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@tokyoscum July 11, 2017


In Japan, 666 has no particular meaning.
have a happy cthulhu day 666
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Easter in Japan

Several years after Usagi‘s mysterious disappearance around Easter, this washes up in Tokyo Bay…


#gloomy #tokyo #bunny ears pic.twitter.com/DPBO39yJXd 
&larr Chris Carlier (@Pubgoblin) 2015-08-30



Nova's USAGI
Ah, Tokyo life…and continual Resurrection of the cheeky NOVA Usagi/Bunny


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Christmas Day’s night in Japan

The night after Christmas day in Nippon…


xmas-day-nightDec. 25, 2015 18:33 pic.twitter.com/FNM1kLvLk8 — ジロー(ジュークロック)不知撮人 (@juke69rock) December 26, 2015


The early hours of Boxing Day in a regular Japanese neighborhood. Our previous reports the hell-on-earth aesthetics of the Japan landscape include:


Xmas Japan! The 2015 edition

Santa surprises the kiddies in Japan!

(The “Santa” shown above is actually a Japanese priest dressed as Tengu (Wiki), a protective, if dangerous, demon/spirit of the mountains and forests.)

Next we have…
Ho, ho, ho from Santa-alien!
The deep-sea bug is the Sanctacaris—literally, “Santa Claws”.


Finally, check out the always creepy mascot of Japan’s Fujiya chain of confectionery stores, possessed Pekko-chan (Wiki)

Pekko-chan christmas
Pekko-chan’s Christmas fun…

‘Weird Japan’ — Oh how the mighty have fallen.

Weird Japan™ has been the mainstay of Internet since its beginning. But now as Japan just its fourth recession in five years (Bloomberg | 2015-Nov-16), even Japan is suffering from a weirdness deficit.

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Batmin and Hobbin

Are you going as “Batmin and Hobbin for Halloween?

calvin-and-hobbes pic.twitter.com/89XtOabtLx — Calvin and Hobbes (@Calvinn_Hobbes) February 12, 2015

Yuumi via email writes:

Nah. I’m going with my boyfriend.

Yeah, yeah, I know they’re quoter leftItty-bittyquoter right

true-love-night-scarlet-moon-1Halloween night, scarlet moon