Mickey Mouse ‘mochi’

Separated at birth?
(Ritual Japanese food vs Safety helmet)


mochi_vs_safety-helmet-whitepic.twitter.com/6PtuE5zjqn— ぐるなび (@GnaviOfficial) Nov. 18, 2016


The above Mickey Mouse rice cakes (鏡餅 — Wikipedia) are a traditional Japanese New Year decoration consisting of two rounded mochi (pounded rice), the smaller placed atop the larger (see right). kagamimochi-realKagami mochi is usually placed in a household Shinto altar, or kamidana in the tokonoma, a small decorated alcove in the main room of the home.
Contempory ones like the Mickey Mouse rice cakes are often pre-moulded into the shape of stacked discs, made in plastic packages for the mass market, and sold as a holiday decoration much like a crappy plastic Christmas wreath.
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Gettin’ under the hidden kimono of Japan


The Propaganda Kimonos Japan Kept Hidden From Outsiders
These beautiful garments celebrate military power.
Atlas Obscura | Nov. 16, 2016
Japanese propaganda kimonos, a form of Japanese popular art that flourished from 1900 to 1945 and has only been rediscovered in the past decade. Known as omoshirogara—literally, “interesting” or “amusing” designs—they include kimonos and other traditional Japanese apparelAfter much hesitation, Japan is beginning to show an interest in these kimono designsmore.
gen-matsui-iwane-nanking          Caption: General Matsui Iwane triumphantly entering Nanking (of Massacre fame).

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Let’s Daruma!

Daruma* bums around Japan…


slideshow-arrow-for-darumaClick on the left and right arrows to view the slide show of Daruma.

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Red-letter day!


I see that that today, November 3rd, is marked prominently in red on my calendar as a national holiday. It’s Godzilla Day (it’s also Bunka-no-Hi, Culture Day).

godilla day gojira dance party

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Penile Party on Pocky Day

November 11 PockyMy buddy @Pubgobilin gave me a heads-up on what he called a “Penis Party” on 11/11—November 11th, which also happens to be the semi-phallic Pocky Day (3Yen / 2010-11-11).


11/11 Phallic Worship Summit
goofy Google Translate of www.loft-prj.co.jp
Genital summit of century is finally being held in Osaka at “Loft Plus One West”! ~
Our Japanese faith in the Sex Gods has been handed down from ancient times. Travelers’ guardian deities in the form of phalli quietly protect on the roadsides … In order to protect the phallic worship that is being be lost with modernization, now is the time the power of our Chi to rise—The Phallic Generation.



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Cones of Japan

beaten-but-aliveembiggen to 1280 × 1920 px

(No title)by Mrs Tsk *, The thoughts of Chairman Momus. 9th Oct. 2016


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WE’RE BA-a-a-aCK!

Sorry about that gitch that took News.3Yen.com off-line for the past day, but…

Crash landing of a UFO on Mount Rokko Japan!

Reports are coming in to our news desk of a UFO crashed landing at an art festival in Mt. Rokko.

UFO ramen

goofy Google Translate of asahi.com in the pond of “Rokko Country House” a noodle Object with a diameter of 3.6 meters is displayed half out of the water as though it fell from the skymore...


In case you were wondering about the UFO logo on the flying saucer in the pond, Nissin Foods Inc. sells the highly popular “UFO” brand of instant Sosu Yakisoba (pan-fried noodles).


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‘Traditional’ train manspreading in Japan

 tokyo train manners seibu railways

New Ukiyo-e train etiquette posters for Seibu trains targeting foreigners?
giga-goofy Google Translate of trafficnews.jp | 2016-Sept-15
Seibu Railways has started a new “manners up” (マナーアップ) promotion with the slogan, “Train in the junk stands astrideicon_lol (電車内迷惑図絵), ha, ha.
Debuting on September 15, 2016, these train etiquette posters have a motif of traditional ukiyo‑e prints, and they are aimed at interesting foreigners in their message.
The posters have illustrations of the Edo Era (1603 to 1868) of people causing a space problem on a modern train car and include an English admonishment, “Please let others sit comfortablymore...


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3 tons of fun —‘Rain begging’ dragon parade


3 tons of fun —‘Rain begging’ dragon parade


Goofy Google Translate of nippon.com [2016.09.09]

The “Suneori Amagoi” rain blessing is a Shinto ritual against drought
With a big open red mouth, jagged teeth, golden eyes, the ryujin/dragon… parade has a furry of poundinding drums and the heroic calls of conch shell trumpets that symbolizes the thunder and rai, A strange dragon/snake withe huge teeth and white beard wiggles its huge, 3 ton body slowly from the Shirahige shrine through town in the Tsurugashima Suneori district of Saitama Prefecture.
Details in English at: www.city.tsurugashima.lg.jp…

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