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(No title)by Mrs Tsk *, The thoughts of Chairman Momus. 9th Oct. 2016


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WE’RE BA-a-a-aCK!

Sorry about that gitch that took off-line for the past day, but…

Crash landing of a UFO on Mount Rokko Japan!

Reports are coming in to our news desk of a UFO crashed landing at an art festival in Mt. Rokko.

UFO ramen

goofy Google Translate of in the pond of “Rokko Country House” a noodle Object with a diameter of 3.6 meters is displayed half out of the water as though it fell from the skymore...


In case you were wondering about the UFO logo on the flying saucer in the pond, Nissin Foods Inc. sells the highly popular “UFO” brand of instant Sosu Yakisoba (pan-fried noodles).


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‘Traditional’ train manspreading in Japan

 tokyo train manners seibu railways

New Ukiyo-e train etiquette posters for Seibu trains targeting foreigners?
giga-goofy Google Translate of | 2016-Sept-15
Seibu Railways has started a new “manners up” (マナーアップ) promotion with the slogan, “Train in the junk stands astrideicon_lol (電車内迷惑図絵), ha, ha.
Debuting on September 15, 2016, these train etiquette posters have a motif of traditional ukiyo‑e prints, and they are aimed at interesting foreigners in their message.
The posters have illustrations of the Edo Era (1603 to 1868) of people causing a space problem on a modern train car and include an English admonishment, “Please let others sit comfortablymore...


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3 tons of fun —‘Rain begging’ dragon parade


3 tons of fun —‘Rain begging’ dragon parade


Goofy Google Translate of [2016.09.09]

The “Suneori Amagoi” rain blessing is a Shinto ritual against drought
With a big open red mouth, jagged teeth, golden eyes, the ryujin/dragon… parade has a furry of poundinding drums and the heroic calls of conch shell trumpets that symbolizes the thunder and rai, A strange dragon/snake withe huge teeth and white beard wiggles its huge, 3 ton body slowly from the Shirahige shrine through town in the Tsurugashima Suneori district of Saitama Prefecture.
Details in English at:…

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BURN BABY BURN! Tanabata terrorist toasts Tokyo!

← The “Tanabata” festival (Wiki) in mid August is normally a hot time in Japan with streets decorated with long, colorful, paper streamers, but this is terror wannabe is ridiculous.


15 hurt after Molotov cocktail attack at Suginami festival
TOKYO (TR) -–Tokyo Metropolitan Police are investigating a Molotov cocktail attack at a festival on Sunday evening that left more than a dozen persons injured and the likely perpetrator unconscious following what is being viewed as a suicide bid…At approximately 7:30 p.m. on Sunday, police received a tip about “a man throwing Molotov cocktails” at the Fujimioka Tanabata Matsuri...more...


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Japan mourns its fading sexculture



Japan sexhibition m0urns fading sexculture
AFP ( July 30th, 2016
A sexhibition smack in the middle in one of Tokyo’s hippest areas is shining a n0stalgic light on Japanese er0tica — a culture the curat0r believes is dying out. Ky0ichi Tsuzuki’s “Er0t0pia Japan” deals with Japanese sexuality and fantasies
“This kind of Sh0wa period (1926-1989) culture is being wiped out, as Japan is held to a gl0bal standard,” Tsuzuki told Agence France-Presse. “We might not be able to save it from being killed off completely but we can preserve it for p0sterity.”

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Ocean Day

Today is Marine Day (海の日 Umi no Hi) national holiday to give thanks for the ocean’s bounty and to consider the importance of the ocean to Japan.

Fun at the seaside once meant bathing in sun-heated rockpools, not swimming in the sea. — Mulboyne (@Mulboyne) March 23, 2016


Japanese “explanation” — google translate
Seawater have components similar to the human body fluid, incorporating the components of seawater, of course for the health,
It is said that good for beauty. Modern, but it has been taken over only cosmetic surface of the thalassotherapy,
The smell of there is action to adjust the autonomic nervous just bathed in the waves and splash lapping at the seaside “negative ions” is rich tide have been included, such as iodine compounds, to stimulate the thyroid gland,
Given the tension and moisture to the skin, and promotes blood circulation. All is also possible to use these effects’s the thalassotherapy.
Seawater is that there are more potent than normal hot springs in recent years elucidated j beneath,
People of ancient has been using intuitively noticed this efficacy.
The word beach is old but has been used from the modern There are also described in the Kojiki,
Ancient mythology, when the Izanagi Mikoto was back from Hades, in order to pay the dirt,
It is said to be that of “purification ceremony” as seen in the legend that cleanse the body in the sea water of檍原(Ahakihara) of Tsukushi.
Detailed record of sea bathing of origin of Hiraiso is also such as the two-time conflagration does not currently is left,
According to the 35-year Meiji issue that you wrote down the word of mouth “Hiraiso beaches magazine / remarkable forest Sima Yoshihiko”
Here of sea bathing was started by tobacco cultivation of skill in the art.


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Pink poisonous ‘sushi’

A moment of silence please…
     …the inventor of poisonous spam musubi (sushi) has passed away.

Spam musubi lives on
Barbara Funamura, a woman of many talents, passes away at 78

The Garden Island | 2016-May-25
When Barbara Funamura created the first Spam musubi, she had no idea how popular it would become.
“There are Spam musubi everywhere,” said Dan Funamura, Barbara’s husband…She was described as a nutritionist (sic), entrepreneur, and the originator of the Spam musibi.


Possibly the worse food of the 20th Century, Spam sushi aka “Spam musubi” (Wiki) has poisoned Hawaiians for decades. Just look at it. Puke.spam-sushi

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The Yakuza Wives Club®

As part of the Yakuza gangster’s outreach program, here is a rear view of the Yakuza Wives Club® at last Saturday’s Sanja Matsuri/festival (3Yen 2016-05-14).

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