“Pacific Overtures” — new route to Sondheim’s Japan

Opportune new route to Sondheim’s Japan
The improbable and miraculous journey of “Pacific Overtures” continues at Studio 54, of all preposterous locations, where Stephen Sondheim’s least-likely Broadway musical opened last night in a slow-starting but thrilling cross-cultural revival by Japanese director Amon Miyamoto…..

Beat Takeshi to teach film at Tokyo National University

Takeshi to teach filmmaking at university TOKYO—Award-winning director Takeshi Kitano will teach filmmaking at a graduate school of Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music starting next April…m Festival with his first historical film, “Zatoichi”….

The real Tokyo — photos

easterwood.org Tokyo
See the “real” Tokyo here at the easterwood.org gallery.
old fart

“Howl’s Moving Castle” ready to conquer the world

Howl's Moving CastleYahoo! Oscar-winning animator’s new film wows Japan, readies to take on world
TOKYO (AFP) – Animated fantasy “Howl’s Moving Castle”, which broke a box office record on its debut in Japan, will be released in 50 countries amid hopes it will be a global blockbuster…

Hentai Manga Gears Up For World Exposure

manga girl
Sake-Drenched Postcards
WARNING: Adult content on this link
Hentai Manga Gears Up for World Exposure

….Toshio Maeda’s work, whether it be manga comics or anime (animation), is classified in the genre known as hentai, meaning perverted. Though there is a certain level of perversion in nearly all forms of manga, whether the genre be sports, history, literature, or romance, in hentai, perversion is the point. Storylines are at best secondary, or, perhaps more realistically, tertiary.

It’s Karate, Kid The Musical

It’s Karate, Kid the Musical
It’s KARATE, KID! The Musical is an outrageous and unconventional riff on the beloved 80s film. Under the manicured guiding hand of a mystical
maintenance man, Daniel-San Larusso wages war against pill-popping, white trash deviants; well-styled, bloodthirsty karate students; rampaging hormones and many more unsavory things….
Karate, Kid the Musical

Whale Meat Back On The Menu In Japanese Schools. 30/11/2004. Abc News Online

erved whale meat
Whale meat back on the menu in Japanese schools. 30/11/2004. ABC News Online
….Elementary and junior high school students in the south-western Wakayama Prefecture will be served whale meat twice a month starting in January…..

Hollywood supporting HD-DVD format

PC World | UPDATE – HD-DVD picks up Hollywood support
The group supporting the HD-DVD optical disc format for high-definition video has received a boost in its battle against the rival Blu-ray Disc format with pledges of support from a number of Hollywood studios.

The format will be used by Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures, Warner Bros. Pictures and New Line Cinema, the HD-DVD group said on Monday. It will also be used by HBO, Warner Bros. announced the same day.

Marie Antoinette is Japan’s favorite queen

Japan's true queen
TOKYO, JAPAN: This handout picture released from Shochiku shows Japanese actress Mao Daichi, wearing a richly-embroidered dress, performing as French tragic Queen Marie Antoinette at a Tokyo theater. Japan’s love of Marie Antoinette is notable compared to other countries. Japanese audiences are attracted to her dramatic and tragic life.

Japan has a “School Lunch Law”

School Lunch Law
School lunches teach kids to eat right
….the School Lunch Law was implemented 50 years ago, meals schools provided for students have diversified to a surprising degree as part of an effort on the part of educators to make children think more about what and how they eat….