Japanese think ‘Misfortune’ is the best term for this year in Japan

Whining as “victims” as always, Japan did get nailed by earthquakes in Niigata Prefecture, a zillion typhoons, horrible summer heatwave and the beaheading of a kidnapped Japanese in Iraq.
bad news

‘Misfortune’ chosen as term best representing this year
KYOTO, Japan – A Kiyomizu Temple monk in Kyoto writes the term ”misfortune” on a board at the temple on Dec. 13. The term was chosen as the one best representing social conditions in 2004.

“ANGEL OR DEVIL?” Japanese Christmas?


12/10 [FRI]−12/26 [SUN]
@LAPNET SHIP at the LAFORET Building, 4th floor, Harauku, 03-5411-3330

Christmas “Ground Angel” at Red Brick Warehouse Yokohama

Does anybody wanna take a romatic stroll on Ground Angel‘s face in Yokohama across from my office?

Trendy in the West, “wabi-sabi” is rare in Japan

Do yu wanna see the uncluttered “wabi-sabi” of Japanese cool? Sheeeeee-it go to Northern California or Denmark. Certainly there are not “wabi-sabi” masters in Japan, Land-of-Clutter. Normal, middleclass, Japanese homes are shown below.

Sunherald.com:...Billed by some media outlets as the feng shui of the new millennium, wabi-sabi is part interior design aesthetic, part Zen philosophy. The term itself (“wabi,” meaning humble, and “sabi,” loosely translated to mean the beauty gleaned from aging)….”It’s about being more mindful of what we are bringing in to our homes and asking ourselves ‘Do we really need all this stuff.’ “Three easy steps to clutter-free living…
…Through five years of research, and a trip to Japan to visit with wabi-sabi masters, she has since learned to be mindful of everything she brings into her home, how it is made, and why she is buying it.

normal Japanese homes

Japanese Sumo wrestlers are hot and heavy in India

Yikes! I’ve always wanted to be “gracing city hoardings” with my bodacous butt which rivals any sumo.
sumo butt

Size does matter, show Jap sumos in style

Popularity though, is something both enjoy and gracing city hoardings is definitely pleasing. Says Tachibana, “We are really surprised by how popular we are in India, especially since Sumo wrestling is on the wane in Japan.’….

Sleeping Buddha stirs in Bamiyan Afghanistan

In line with the Japanese worship of the Buddha-nature of Concrete, the Japanese are pushing and putting UNESCO has been under huge pressure to reconstruct the Buddhas in a Disneyland fashion so the site could once again become a major destination for pilgrims and tourists.

UNESCO-Related Science and Communications News: Find stirs Sleeping Buddha talk
BAMIYAN, Afghanistan – “French archeologists searching for the colossal Sleeping Buddha in Bamiyan province have uncovered what could be the long-missing statue’s foot, raising hopes of a major new discovery from Afghanistan’s ancient Buddhist past.”…”Professor Tarzi has found a structure which has still to be properly identified but which could be part of the foot of the Sleeping Buddha, maybe the toe,” said Masanori Nagaoka, UNESCO’s Kabul-based culture consultant. ..
…”‘Until now, UNESCO has not focused on archaeological excavation, since for the first two years we had less than $2 million for the Bamiyan project,’ Mr. Nagaoka said. He said UNESCO’s Bamiyan Working Group is to meet in Tokyo Dec. 18-21 to plan the second phase of exploration at the historic Buddhist site….

 sleeping buddha

Japanese to rebuild bridge of whalebones to help foster international relations

If ever a priest is gonna burn in Buddist hell….Priest Mebun Toyama should find his “bridge” to the lowest sump of Hades very pleasing.
whale bone bridge

Nation’s only whale bone bridge to be reconstructed
A bridge made of whale bones at Zuikoji temple in Higashi-Yodogawa Ward, Osaka, will be rebuilt in… the Setsugeikyo bridge, the nation’s only whale bone bridge, met with difficulties after commercial whaling was banned in the 1980s, making it impossible to get appropriate bones. “The bridge is a symbol of the value of life,” Priest Mebun Toyama said.

Thai Military’s Japanese Origami for Peace Program Bombs

Ya just gotta figure the cultural rip-off like the Thai “Origami Litering for Peace Program” would have to bomb out very quickly after the novelity effect worn off.
Thailand does have one great similarity with Japan in that it the only other asian nation to avoid European colonization . The Origami-Cranes for Peace might be seen as sharing of Buddhist values but the fact is that Thai Buddhism is as far away from Japanese Buddhism as the Copic Church is as distant from the UFO Raelian New-Age Cloning Church.

Thai Military Drops Origami for Peace
Associated Press, December 5, 2004, 5:28 PM EST
BANGKOK, Thailand — In a novel approach to peacemaking — and damage control — Thai warplanes dropped millions of folded paper cranes over the country’s troubled southern provinces, expressing hope for an end to the separatist violence that has killed hundreds in the Muslim-dominated region……..the campaign didn’t stop the violence. A 22-pound bomb was discovered — and safely defused — Sunday on a road crowded with people waiting to gather the paper cranes, a peace symbol borrowed from Japan….

/Crane Origami instructions

Maywa Denki, the true spirit of Japan

As far as I’m concerned, Maywa Denki is the only Japanese group worth seeing in concert…. and they’re FREE.

“Parallel-world electricians” Maywa Denki
Company motto: “Do it to conquer, Take it to conquer.”

Maywa Denki CEOMaywa Denki uniformsMaywa Denki uniforms
Lunch time concert
Date : December 6 (Mon.) from 12:00am about for 45 minutes
Venue : Tokyo opera city concert hall Admission: free
Lunch time concert will be held at Tokyo opera city concert hall.


Buddha fights Japan wild love of littering

juzo statue

Thou shalt not litter
TOKYO (Reuters) – A Japanese town has found divine help in ridding its car parks and roadsides of litter … Nagato in the mountains of central Japan’s Nagano prefecture placed statues of Jizo, whose role in Buddhism is to help others find enlightenment, at parking spots on a main road through the town….
“I can’t drop litter now, not with the statue looking at me,” NHK quoted one driver as saying.