Thai Military’s Japanese Origami for Peace Program Bombs

Ya just gotta figure the cultural rip-off like the Thai “Origami Litering for Peace Program” would have to bomb out very quickly after the novelity effect worn off.
Thailand does have one great similarity with Japan in that it the only other asian nation to avoid European colonization . The Origami-Cranes for Peace might be seen as sharing of Buddhist values but the fact is that Thai Buddhism is as far away from Japanese Buddhism as the Copic Church is as distant from the UFO Raelian New-Age Cloning Church.

Thai Military Drops Origami for Peace
Associated Press, December 5, 2004, 5:28 PM EST
BANGKOK, Thailand — In a novel approach to peacemaking — and damage control — Thai warplanes dropped millions of folded paper cranes over the country’s troubled southern provinces, expressing hope for an end to the separatist violence that has killed hundreds in the Muslim-dominated region……..the campaign didn’t stop the violence. A 22-pound bomb was discovered — and safely defused — Sunday on a road crowded with people waiting to gather the paper cranes, a peace symbol borrowed from Japan….

/Crane Origami instructions

Maywa Denki, the true spirit of Japan

As far as I’m concerned, Maywa Denki is the only Japanese group worth seeing in concert…. and they’re FREE.

“Parallel-world electricians” Maywa Denki
Company motto: “Do it to conquer, Take it to conquer.”

Maywa Denki CEOMaywa Denki uniformsMaywa Denki uniforms
Lunch time concert
Date : December 6 (Mon.) from 12:00am about for 45 minutes
Venue : Tokyo opera city concert hall Admission: free
Lunch time concert will be held at Tokyo opera city concert hall.


Buddha fights Japan wild love of littering

juzo statue

Thou shalt not litter
TOKYO (Reuters) – A Japanese town has found divine help in ridding its car parks and roadsides of litter … Nagato in the mountains of central Japan’s Nagano prefecture placed statues of Jizo, whose role in Buddhism is to help others find enlightenment, at parking spots on a main road through the town….
“I can’t drop litter now, not with the statue looking at me,” NHK quoted one driver as saying.

Yoyogi Park, Then and Now

It’s a stroll in a park to find the old Yoyogi

….you will find a solitary black pine tree named “Eppeishiki-no Matsu (Pine of Royal Review).” The tree used to mark where the Emperor would stand when he — as the supreme commander of the military forces in prewar years — reviewed military parades and drills. Nowadays the pine is simply admired for its beauty.

To leave, just follow the map to reach JR Harajuku Station or Meiji Jingu-mae Station on the Chiyoda Line.

News photo

The Japan Times: Dec. 3, 2004

New TokyoQ Design column

[Ed] This is the start of a new design column that appears on the first Friday of every month at Nokia Japan’s TokyoQ online magazine.
Jean Snow's Design
TQ design
by Jean Snow
…[Tokyo] is a very hectic place to be for design lovers. With the Designer’s Week, Designers Block, and Swedish Style events happening pretty much the same week, not to mention various other smaller events, like Design UK, you know you’re going to be busy trying to catch as much as you can….

“Pacific Overtures” — new route to Sondheim’s Japan

Opportune new route to Sondheim’s Japan
The improbable and miraculous journey of “Pacific Overtures” continues at Studio 54, of all preposterous locations, where Stephen Sondheim’s least-likely Broadway musical opened last night in a slow-starting but thrilling cross-cultural revival by Japanese director Amon Miyamoto…..

Beat Takeshi to teach film at Tokyo National University

Takeshi to teach filmmaking at university TOKYO—Award-winning director Takeshi Kitano will teach filmmaking at a graduate school of Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music starting next April…m Festival with his first historical film, “Zatoichi”….

The real Tokyo — photos Tokyo
See the “real” Tokyo here at the gallery.
old fart

“Howl’s Moving Castle” ready to conquer the world

Howl's Moving CastleYahoo! Oscar-winning animator’s new film wows Japan, readies to take on world
TOKYO (AFP) – Animated fantasy “Howl’s Moving Castle”, which broke a box office record on its debut in Japan, will be released in 50 countries amid hopes it will be a global blockbuster…

Hentai Manga Gears Up For World Exposure

manga girl
Sake-Drenched Postcards
WARNING: Adult content on this link
Hentai Manga Gears Up for World Exposure

….Toshio Maeda’s work, whether it be manga comics or anime (animation), is classified in the genre known as hentai, meaning perverted. Though there is a certain level of perversion in nearly all forms of manga, whether the genre be sports, history, literature, or romance, in hentai, perversion is the point. Storylines are at best secondary, or, perhaps more realistically, tertiary.