New law will require Japanese wine labeled with a warning: “JAPANESE”!

Typical Japanese grape
Typical Japanese grape

Currently “Japanese” wine is made with imported concentrated grape juice from lower-cost locations like Chile and then chemically altered at massive Japanese factories (aka wineries). A new law will require wine labeled as “Japanese” to be wholly produced in Japan using domestically harvested grapes the size of golf balls and sweeter than a Coke.

left_long quotebar 24x260pxNew rule will change definition of Japanese wine
THE JAPAN NEWS — Aug. 24, 2015
The National Tax Agency is preparing to establish a new rule that will require wine labeled as Japanese wine to be wholly produced in Japan using domestically harvested grapes[currently] 75 percent of grapes or concentrated grape juice used to make Japanese wine are imported, such wine is considered to be domestically producedmore

Vending machines for rubber gloves—in Japan of course

left_long quotebar 24x260pxvending-closeupLoose translation:
Vending machine for rubber gloves—two for 600 yen ($4.85 USD).
Who would be the target customer? Gloveless people passing this building lot? Who is gonna buy them?
Usually, the need for rubber gloves is more specific. (^_-)
glove-vending-machineleft_long quotebar 24x260pxゴム手袋の自動販売機。600円で2つ入っている。買う人いるのかな?工事現場においてあれば買う人いるかもしれないけど、普段ゴム手袋が緊急で必要になる事ってないもんなぁ。 #自動販売機 #ゴム手袋— ミートソース山田 ミネラルウォーター (@yamada_tokyo) July 9, 2015

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‘Nice smoking’ Japan

Japan Tobacco Inc. has an alt slogan in addition to their ubiquitous “Smoking Clean” campaign…

Nice day, Nice smoking

sidebar-quote long @Huw_Griffith 4:01pm – 2015 July 15
Nice day, Nice smoking


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What’s next, Green Burgers?

Sometimes you gotta think that Burger King Japan is just trolling us.
First it was Black Burgers (3Yen 2012-09-20), and now it’s soviet-styled burgers in modernist red and black.


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Let’s Super Cool Biz!

“Cool Biz” is a campaign of the Japanese Ministry of the Environment to promote a “liberal” summer dress code to reduce electricity consumption needed for air conditioning (Wiki).

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‘Chikin’ doom dining room

chiken ramen little chicken many noodles
As I have written about before (3Yen 2011-08-26), a Nissin Foods signature product, Chikin [sic] Ramen is one of the two noodle products that form the base of the food pyramid of the Japanese salarymen*.

As shown in the photo below, the dining room for guests at the Chikin Ramen head office offers an interesting peek of how Nissin Foods meets the massive demand for the huge amounts of chicken for their ramen.

Note: Nissin Foods intentionally spells “Chikin” incorrectly.

In case you were wondering, “Hiyoko-chan,” the mascot of the Chikin Ramen, is peeking up from the entrance hall of head office and wondering about the impending doom of lunchtime.

McDonald’s Japan puts ‘prison loaf’ on the menu

Macdonld’s Japan has taken a page from the U.S. prison system and has introduced Prison Loaf* to their new menu.
*Prison Loaf is served to inmates who have have misbehaved, is similar to meatloaf in texture, but has a wider variety of ingredients including vegetables, meat, and bread or other grain fillers that are blended and baked into a solid loaf. (Wiki)regular-menu-burger_530x
(Google Translate) Mogumogu Mac burger…a sandwich that children will eat happily. We have developed the Mogumogu [chomp-chomp] burger by listening to the concerns of mothers. Colorful vegetables—corn, carrots, and green soybeans are kneaded into a grilled chicken patty that is served on a toasted bun and seasoned with ketchup.
→ 276 kcal, 200 yen ($1.61 USD) separately, Happy Meal 500 yen ($4.03 USD)

Vegetable chicken burger…Colorful vegetables including corn, carrots, and green soybeans are kneaded and served as a fragrant grilled chicken patty. The burger is topped with crisp lettuce, onions, and fresh tomatoes, placed on a toasted white bun, and seasoned with paprika and a special vegetable sauce finished with lemon.
→ 293 kcal, 450 yen ($3.63 USD) as a burger with a side salad


Vegetable Chicken McMuffin…Corn, carrots, and green soybeans kneaded into a colorful grilled chicken patty. Served with lettuce, onions, and tomatoes that is seasoned with a special vegetable sauce finished with lemon. Available mornings until 10:30am.
→ 285 kcal, 300 yen ($2.42 USD) with coffee


Great A’Tuin spotted on a burger bun in Shibuya Tokyo

Den4, the 3Yen’s correspondent-at-large reports:

The Great A’Tuin (Wiki), the giant space turtle that holds up the Discworld, by the late Terry Prachett, seems to have landed on top of a hamburger bun in Shibuya


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Tourism in cash-based Japan

3Yen correspondent Rob Pongi reports of the upcoming plans of Japan for 2020 Olympics and Japanese robot suits for making mega money moves.

To the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Tourists,
Welcome to Japan.
The land where both the future and the past exist together in a beautiful harmony.
We understand that you do not like the fact that you cannot use your foreign bank or credit card since we don’t have bank and credit card machines for payment of our goods and everything is paid by cash. And, even if we do have some card readers, we don’t trust foreign banks anyway. Sorry about that.
So for your upcoming trip we have invented another solution. bank-cash-mover
Please enjoy your wonderful stay in Japan!
The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Committee