Burgerless Christmas

Today is December 25 and it’s just a regular workday in Japan. I spent the entire morning at a government office in Tokyo’s Shinjuku district Waiting-for-Godot and wistfully staring out the window at a Big Boy Restaurant for my Christmas lunch.
All I could dream of was to bite into a big, Big Boy Burger, but…

big boy japan vs usa


Did you spot the difference?
The Japanese Big Boy isn’t holding a burger—Big Boy is burgerless in Japan.

Big Boy Japan doesn’t serve hamburgers. It serves “Hambagu” ハンバーグ (hamburger “steak”), which is paltry slice of meatloaf on a plate covered blackish brown gravy with a raw egg on top and served with asbestos-tainted* rice on the side, grrr.
Big Boy Japan owns and operates 281 Big Boy Hamburger Steak & Grill Restaurants throughout Japan. Founded in 1977 by Zensho Holdings Co., Ltd. as a subsidiary, “Big Boy Japan” is just a lamely licensed name that has nothing to do with burgers. The Japanese Big Boy Restaurants do not offer the Big Boy hamburger or any other American Big Boy menu items and instead offer a “distinct” menu

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Japan is already ‘embarrassed’ by its 2020 Olympic performance

giant twat of tokyo 2020 olymipics

Zaha Hadid says Tokyo stadium criticism is "embarrassing" for Japanese architects
dezeen.com | 8 December 2014
London-based architect Hadid was selected to design the 80,000-seat Japan National Stadium in 2012, following a restricted-entry international competition judged by a panel that included Japanese architect Tadao Ando.


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Hide your cat! Taco Bell is gonna open in Japan!

The real source of the meat of Taco Bell has always been “suspect”, but one thing is quite noticeable: Cats won’t eat Taco Bell leftovers.

Taco Bell plans to open 1,300 restaurants overseas
Nation’s Restaurant News | Dec. 4, 2014
Taco Bell Corp. on Thursday announced changes to its international leadership team, kicking off a growth push to add 1,300 locations overseasTaco Bell will look for experienced franchise operators around the globe, with an emphasis on Europe, Asia (Korea, Japan and Thailand) and Latin America…more…



Years ago (1987) , there was a fast-food chain in Japan called “Taco Time” that was started by a foreign “talent-o,” Kent Gilbert (Wiki). It was open for less than two years but it closed down—It was the butt of many jokes. Basically, Mexican food on a fast food tray looks gloopy and ugly to Japanese and they hate the smell of cumin and meat/grease. For a long time, the any mention of tacos and Mexican fast food in Japan only has elicited laughter.

Kent Gilbert’s bankruptcy of Taco Time was so famous that it made it difficult for foreign entrepreneurs to secure business loans for decades after the debacle. Strangely, one Taco Time location remained in operation in the upscale “Dogwood Plaza” of Futako-tamagawa on the outskirts of Tokyo until 2006.

Likewise, the was one Taco Bell in Nagoya in the 1980s that was used to test the Japanese market for acceptance of American-style, Mexican fast food. It was a huge failure and it has taken all these years have a try at the Japanese market again. said-openRots of ruck.said-open

Have a burger ‘Berry Kristmush’ from the King of Nippon

Blueberry burgers for Christmas?
Sometimes I have to wonder if Burger King Japan is just trolling us with weird stuff*.


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​Honda’s 300 millionth motorcycle ain’t the one I want

​Honda’s 300 Millionth Bike Couldn’t Be More Different From Its First
jalopnik.com | 2014 Nov. 24
…blah, blah, blah…
the first Honda—the “Dream Type-D”

​Honda’s 300 millionth motorcycle—900-pound, 1,832cc behemoth Goldwing (R) with Phone connectivity—is not the one I want.

Just give me the first Honda—the “Dream Type-D“—with a modern, robust-but-detuned, 125-to-250cc engine at a super low 1950s price, damn it!

All anyone should want is a Dream Type-D: retro-styled, pinstriped with a slightly more powerful engine, a high-grade but stamped, power-coated steel frame, state-of-art shocks, modern tires, disk brakes and have it last forever (like the Honda Cubs of old).

“Mc.Danield’s” SALT BURGER…only in Japan

Tokyo GUNDAM handicapped
Tokyo’s famous “Gundam Front” complex that features a full-sized Gundam statue (3Yen / 2012-06-07), now has a Gundam Cafe offering “Mc.Danield’s (sic) Hamburgers” in a special “SALT BURGER” variation shown below.

Tokyo’s Gundam Cafe offers Mc.Danield's Hamburgers + special salty one!
— Rinkya (@rinkya) November 20, 2014

Details on the official Gundam Cafe website: g-cafe.jp

Pulling a train…a Bullet Train

Seeing this photo, the first thing that came to my mind was:

said-openHoly baby buddha…since when does the Shinkansen/Bullet Train have Nissan advertising on its side?!said-closed


↓       ↓       ↓


Then I discovered that this Nissan 350 Z Roadster’s “TRAIN” print ad is quite old —circa March 2007 (coloribus.com/adsarchive), and it is a massaged photo of the French TGV super train, not Japan’s Shinkansen/Bullet Train.
Merde, tricked by Frenchie trompe l’oeil advertising.

Hello Wino turns 40 today

Today is Hello Kitty’s 40th birthday, which coincidentally is the birthday of her designer, Yuko Shimizu.
Refer to: After 40 Years, a Look at Hello Kitty's SuccessABC News (Associated Press) Oct. 31, 2014


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