Beginning to look like ‘Kurisumasu’

Meri Kurisumasu (メリークリスマス) aka XXX Merry Christmas from the love-Hotel Chapel Christmas

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According to DingisMcGee’s youtube, ‵‵Hotel Chapel Christmas near Narita International Airport is where Santa takes his ‘Hoe Hoe Hoe’ in Japan.″

Hotel Chapel Christmas says it’s, ‵‵Designed for adults only…guests can unwind and relax in the spacious [Christmassy] environment

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Japanese toilet candy is the shits, literally

mocolet 4 twisted toilet candy

Japanese toilet candy shit-kit — the Moco Moco Mocolet.
Besides kits with modern flushers, they also offer candy in old style Japanese squat toilets. Each kit contains toy toilets with blue poop-candy powder that has a soda flavor and a pink poop with strawberry flavor.

See more about the toy toilet kits in the Comments section.
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Trump Tower Tokyo

Gently nestled between two stacked rail lines and a scenic 6-lane highway, you too can afford to live in “Trump Tower” for only $750 USD a month!


(Google Translate)
Trump Tower Tokyo
4-67-6 Kamata, Ota Ward, Tokyo
New construction—Pets are OK—Within five minutes of the station! Trump Tower is very convenient to everything: trains, supermarkets, convenience stores, banks, shopping, etc. Everyone envies a high quality life of these very attractive apartments.
Rent: 83,000 yen/month ($750 USD/m)


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‘Premium Friday’ — Japan’s new TGIF

Japan considering letting their slaves workers leave early for FAC*, which will be called in engrish, Premium Friday (プレミアムフライデ)—an only once-a-month Japanese TGIF.


Japan looks to jolt consumption by letting workers clock off early
Reuters | Nov. 14, 2016
Hoping to jolt Japan’s limp consumer spending, policymakers and business leaders are considering plans to let workers leave by 3 p.m. on the last Friday of each month to encourage them to shop, dine out and generally spend morethe proposed initiative, dubbed "Premium Fridays"could begin as early as February.


FAC: Friday Afternoon Club
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It’s the day after Halloween and…

…and all the Christmas Crap© is out, grrr.


Since Japan doesn’t have any thanks giving…



Pastie-wearing premium persimmons help you dance

At 300,000 Yen/$2,867 USD, these premium persimmons wearing rectangular pasties for strippers look sort of ÑṠFW, don’t they?


Nagoya store puts up pair of persimmons at 300,000 yen
The Tokyo Reporter | 2016/10/30
pricing the persimmons, sold under the label “Tenka Tomimai” and grown in Gifu Prefecture, at a rounded number of 300,000 yen
[they] represent a wish that all who hold the persimmons in their hands would have wealth dance around them, the website said.


Specifically, a goofy direct translation the website of the Gifu prefectural government said that:

This Fuyu persimmon was named the ‘National Wealth Dance’ (天下富舞) so all of the people who handle this persimmon to will have the hope of ‘dance’ with ‘wealth’ (また、この柿を手に取った全ての方々に「富」が「舞う」ことを願って「天下富舞」と名付けられた).″

Putting it all together, these premium persimmons wearing stripper pasties help you do the National Wealth Dance. ◔_◔

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Kentucky Fried ‘ween

Tokyo is in the full throes of Halloween right now and Tokyo Fashion Week (below) isn’t helping.

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Today is ‘Margarine Day’ in Japan, w00t!

Today, October 24th, is Japan’s official Margarine Day, w0oT?!

fake-butter-day(“10/24 is Margarine Day”)

Why October 24th?

October 24th is the birthday of the French chemist, Hippolyte Mège-Mouriès, who created margarine as a substitute for butter in 1869 as a result of a request by Emperor Napoleon III (Wiki). Therefore, the Japan Margarine Industry Association picked the 24th for Japan’s Margarine Day.
Refer to the association’s official website at: (goofy Google Translate)logo


Drink PET SWEAT™ — only in Japan


via @AdsilaMika | Oct. 5, 2016

PET SWEAT™ has been marketed for the past seven years as an energy drink for dogs, which is rather funny since dogs don’t really sweat except on areas not covered with fur, such as their nose and paw pads (Wiki).pocari_sweat

PET SWEAT™ is a product line spin-off of the Japan’s most popular (and most unfortunately-named) sports drink, Pocari Sweat™ →
(3Yen / 2014-05-16)

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Japan’s new FU-mart (and you know what ‘FU’ stands for)

FU_logo_crThe big merger of FamilyMart and Uny convenience store chains ( | 2016ept-01) making Japan’s second largest chain. It also has created a special kind of store: fumart_logo


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