Crappy cuisine from Japan, of course

CNN is recycling “shitty” old news (circa 2006) about poop curry again…

Grossest restaurant ever? Inside Japan’s poo curry cafe | November 4, 2015


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Robo-rider to boost demand Japan’s rapidly aging society

Check out this new Robo-rider that is certain to boost demand for motorcycles in Japan’s rapidly aging society, ri-i-i-i-ght.

Yamaha reveals its new “Autonomous motorcycle-riding humanoid robot” at the 44th Tokyo Motor Show 2015…

left_quoter_14x24I AM MOTOBOT. I AM CREATED TO SURPASS YOU.right_quoter_13x24 —youtube

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Walmart on drugs in Japan!

Here’s proof of heavy hallucinogen use at one of Japan’s largest chains of supermarkets, SEIYU, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Walmart.


A glimpse of the future according to scientists coming from the future to our present spiral…This is only in the future!


You can view many more videos of drug-induced madness at Walmart née SEIYU’s Japanese website: (SEIYU — 未来は、ヤ〇イ。)

Seiyu store poster
Or, does this typical SEIYU supermarket poster better explain it?
(3Yen 2011-07-22)


Drunk monkeys — Japanese whisky

New year — Drunk monkeys — Japanese whisky
Suntory’s Yamazaki distillery is releasing monkey-shaped bottles of whisky for 2016, the Year of the Monkey in the Oriental zodiac.


monkey drunk Kyodo News | 20 Oct 2015:
Suntory whiskey celebrates year of monkey


As I have said many times before here on the 3Yen…

Saru mo ki kara ochiru!
nature of the monkey
snow monkey in hot tub


Tailfins on your tires! Newest zoom-go-fast innovation from Japan

The newest innovation from Yokohama Rubber is putting fins on your tire sidewalls. Yokohama Rubber Company has tweaked their tires with fins built into the sidewalls to cut a vehicle’s aerodynamic drag and lift.

Compared to conventional tires (L), new advances (R) reduce vehicle aerodynamic drag and lift—-
fins-on-rubber-tire Press Release | 2015.Oct.15 : Yokohama Rubber Advancing Tire Aerodynamics Tech


According to Yokohama Rubber’s announcement (2015.Oct.15), the new development reduces vehicle aerodynamic drag and lift resulting in increased fuel efficiency and vehicle safety.

Following its successful research on rolling resistance, Yokohama Rubber first found in 2012 that placing fin-shaped protuberances on the inner sidewall of the tire in a radial or spoke-like pattern to reduce the aerodynamic drag inside the wheel wells. This latest development controls aerodynamic flow throughout the vehicle body by using a new fin shape and placement technique that places the fin protuberances at angles near the tire’s shoulder on the tire’s outer sidewall help to reduce vehicle aerodynamic drag when on the upper part of the tire during its rotation while suppressing vehicle aerodynamic lift when on the lower part of the tire.

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♪It’s beginning to look a lot like …♫

Damn, it ain’t Columbus Day yet but in Tokyo

Christmas arrived in 7-Eleven already.″

— JapanBlogList (@JapanBlogList) October 12, 2015



It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Not.

The rest-of-the-story is that the above photo of the sign is for preordering these 7-11 Christmas Cakes for Christmas Eve delivery/pickup. However, the industrial bakeries have been baking the Angel food, sponge cake, and gingerbread for these Christmas treats since last August. Yum, freezer burnt cake for Christmas!


Hello Chucky™

Longtime collaborator with the 3Yen, RobPongi, gave us this heads-up on the new Hello Kitty/Chucky Mashup Doll that the Universal Studios theme park in Japan was selling for this Halloween.

Universal Studios Japan Selling Hello Kitty/Chucky Mashup Doll

Hello-Chuckie via

RobPongi further reports: left_quoter_14x24Annnnndddd….IT’S GONE!right_quoter_13x24

However, the fact that the Hello Chucky™ doll isn’t listed on the website may be a sign of it being sold out rather than it pulled off the market.

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Creepazoid Kitty (3Yen / 2012-04-23)
hell no kitty

Hello Kitty tombstone (3Yen / 2014-09-17)
hello kitty grave

Chucky on the Tokyo subway with his bride (3Yen / 2013-08-05)
chucky subway


Naming rights offer for ‘Tokyo Gas Toxic Waste Site & Fish Market’ declined

After long debate, the city of Tokyo declined the naming rights offer for the ″Tokyo Gas & Petrochemical Fish Market*.″

After long debate, new Tsukiji fish market to be called Tsukiji Fish Market (築地魚河岸)
gas-fish-market_640xmulboyne twitter — (@Mulboyne) Oct. 6, 2015

The-rest-of-the-story is that the new Tsukiji fish market is being built on top of the toxic waste site of Tokyo Gas Company—Tsukiji being the planet’s premier place for sushi.
Refer to The Japan Times report…
           New Tsukiji site highly toxic: panel (2008/05/20):

Note that the above picture contains the farty fun slogan, “MY CITY—MY GAS©.” This was Tokyo Gas Company’s slogan that they slapped on the side of thousands of their company’s trucks here in the city. Created for the 1970 Osaka Expo for use at the Japanese Gas Industry Pavilion, the slogan was used actively until the mid-1980s and it is still found in various versions today such as ‘myTokyoGas’ shown below.
Refer to 3Yen / 2008-09-24 : MY CITY—MY GAS©
My Tokyo Gas, logo


‘Robo-taxis’ are coming to a Japanese beach town


Automatic driving “robot taxi” is coming to a town near you in Japan.
国家戦略特区で自動運転の実験小泉進次郎氏「できるとこからガンガンやる」—Yuri Kageyama on Twitter Oct. 2, 2015


japan-robot-taxiMONOist / 2015-Oct-2 (ç)
Automatic-driving technologies for “taxi robots” are coming to a town near you in Japan. The government has decided on national strategic zones for self-driving taxisThe first zone will in Kanagawa Prefecture just outside Yokohama in the city of Fujisawa. Plans are for passenger tests on about 3km of the main road of the beach district of the Shonan shoreline
in these tests “robot taxis” will drive autonomously but there will be a human driver that can manually override the robot’s system for safety.


Here’s a new article in English with more/better details than goofy Google Translate.
Quartz (2015-Oct-2): Japan is experimenting with driverless, robot taxis


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