DoCoMo invades the UK U.K.
NTT DoCoMo Inc., Japan’s largest mobile-phone operator, and MMO2 Plc will introduce a cellular- phone service in the U.K., Ireland and Germany based on the Japanese carrier’s i-mode wireless Internet technology.

DoCoMo will assist MMO2, the U.K.’s fourth-biggest mobile- phone operator, with data distribution and content development, DoCoMo said

” Little Questions” about Japanese product names

The New York Times > Business > Media & Advertising > Advertising: Twenty Little Questions
Now that the Kia Sedona and Hyundai Santa Fe have been joined for 2005 by the Reno, from the American Suzuki Motor Corporation, and the Tucson, also from Hyundai, how long will it be before other automakers pay similar tributes to Western towns like Helper, Utah; Jackpot, Nev.; Carefree, Ariz.; Arriba, Colo.; Bountiful, Utah; and Bar Nunn, Wyo.?

Sony-IBM is a big hit with Wall Street

Dollar Worries Send Dow to Close Down 46
IBM Corp. and Sony Corp. have collaborated on a new semiconductor specifically designed for home entertainment products, according to The Wall Street Journal. The two companies are reportedly ready to announce a limited production run for the chip, the newspaper said. IBM rose 78 cents to $95.50, while Sony gained 40 cents to $36.37.

Japan and Philippines clash over foreign workers

Japan and the Philippines are near to clinching a free trade agreement (FTA) that will include letting a trickle of nurses into Japan to help cope with a shortage. But experts say planned restrictions show how cautious Tokyo still is about opening the door to foreign workers, despite an ageing society and an expected shrinkage in the population…..

Japan’s Economic Recovery May Be Ended by Yen’s Gain

The yen rose as high as 102.01 against the dollar last week, its strongest since January 2000. The yen below 105 to the dollar will further reduce profits of exporters, Hiroshi Okuda, head of the Japan Business Federation, said on Nov. 22.
Japan’s 18-month expansion is already faltering. The economy grew 0.1 percent last quarter, the slowest pace in more than a year….”The economy isn’t going to have anything to rely on for growth,” Shirota said in an interview on Nov. 24. “Should the yen stabilize at this level, the currency will be a negative factor for exports.”

Sony ‘claiming’ Playstation shortages

Sony Playstation shortage predicted
PSPs hard to find

THE PORTABLE PLAYSTATION from Sony appears to be so rare and sought after that finding machines is turning into a quest, according to a report.
Sony, while scoring massive points on the PR/hype front for the PSP, seems to have lost out on the distribution front with huge shortages predicted.
Japan’s ITMedia news service reports that Sony has already told major retailers about the number of systems that they will be getting in time for launch and many are complaining that they will not have any. …

Digital broadcasting is being shoved down Japanese consumers’ throuts

Digital broadcasting catching on quickly
….the nation will mark its first anniversary on Dec. 1 as an increasing number of customers tune in to the new service and digital TV set sales continue to be brisk.
But some hurdles must be cleared before 2011, when the current analog format TV broadcasting will be replaced….

“Start SELFing!”

TV commercials on Japanese TV sure can be interesting…

Shiho-chan here wants to Start SELFing in this commercial for a job agency for temp-slaves. See the video here.

Domestically made wines tasting success among enthusiasts

This was the first test post made one the 3Yen.

Domestically made wines tasting success among enthusiasts

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