A bit less boring and bellicose than Uncle Sam’s “I WANT YOU!” here is the recruiting poster I found in my Tokyo subway for Japan’s “I ☆ P’s” [sic] idols of the country’s ‘Self-Defense Forces’ who want you!


goofy Google Translate of a Self-Defense Force recruiting site:
This is the new design for Japan’s Self-Defense Forces recruiting posters …. the refreshing image of the new design will bring a bright and positive frame of mind…in a fresh illustration such that wants to continue to challenge something. The new recruiting slogan will be, “The shining me!


The fearsome “I ☆ P’s” military recruiting characters pictured are:
i-shiining-p• Miss Lark of the Air Self-Defense Force dressed in air force blue.
• Miss Rose of the Maritime Self-Defense Force dressed in navy whites.
• Miss Plum of the Ground Self-Defense Force dressed army green.


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The eyes have it.

eyes-have-it copy

Anime eyes—What could be freakier and more desired by Japanese?
Japanese women often wear contact lenses with extra-wide tinted outer ring to give the look of a bigger, wider iris to make the entire eye look larger. (3Yen / 2008-09-07) eyes-contacts-190x

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Punked PM

At the closing ceremony of the Rio Olympics, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, gets punked into dressing in a Super Mario clown costume.



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X-mas in August?

Santa brings her hot gifts in mid-August mega-heat at the massive Comiket 90’s cosplay event, which always Japan’s biggest of the year.


Sankaku Complex | 2016-Aug-14
Comiket 90, Day 2 “The Epitome of Cosplay!”




Japan’s Eco Pig Dragon

Eco Pig Dragon seems to be Kumamon Bear's newest buttbuddy.


たくさんのお友達と会えて嬉しいモン!お友達に負けんよう、ボクもPRがんばるモン!みなさん、くまもとの夏の旅も楽しんではいよー☆ — くまモン【公式】 (@55_kumamon) July 3, 2016

Translated-from-Japanese-by-Bing To meet with your friends, I’m happy Mon! PR do my best friends won’t lose so I Mon! Travel to Kumamoto, your summer fun is good!☆

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Hinky-chu’s lingerie

Starting Friday, the Japanese apparel company, “Peach John,” will be offering a hinky line of Pikachu lingerie via their YUMMY MART brand…

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‘Terror Blossom’ monster attacks at Japan’s Cherry Blossom time!

drinking beer under the cherry blossoms

It’s sacred sakura time and the the Japanese drunks are starting their raucous hamami/blossom viewing parties (3Yen 2012-03-04).
However, there’s a villain crashing the festivities, ``Terror Blossom!´´


馬場卓也@3 /26 27三船ダンユマ ‏@takuyaz #こんな花見はいやだ


Ok, ok, here’s the-rest-of-the story of Terror Blossom according to the RangerWiki (powerrangers.wikia.com)

A flower monster created by Lord Zedd from flower petals, Terror Blossom had the ability to reproduce and possessed poison petals. Terror Blossom was able to recreate the Hatchasaurus to keep the Rangers occupied. After defeating the Hatchasaurus, Jason, Zack, and Trini are frozen by Terror Blossom’s shower of poisonous petals. They are teleported to the Command Center so Billy can try to revert the effects of the poison, and he eventually succeeds. Later, Terror Blossom unleashes his flower more…



inflatable cat raincoat

Q: So, Tokyo still winterish and there has been a cold drizzle for past week and half…What do you wear?

A: An inflatable cat raincoat of course.


Michiko Koshino inflatable cat jacket & Yohji Yamamoto x Dr Martens boots in Harajuku #原宿 tokyofashion.com/michiko-london-koshino — Tokyo Fashion (@TokyoFashion) 2016-Mar-13

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Rear view of Japan

Yesterday’s post, reminded everyone to, Check out this Sanio character’s Butthole.
In response our faithful reader “Coligny” observed, “Your obsession with yuru chara bungholes is disturbing…” toyocky drawing kime which refers to our previous exchange (3Yen 2012-12-09) about his local “loose character” (yuru chara) “Toyocky,” the mascot of Toyohashi City.

toyocky triptych

Of course, Sanio character’s and “Toyocky” aren’t the only bungholy mascots in Japan.

There’s “Nagomi Shibakko” character of Kyoto who keeps things tidy and puckered up.

Japan’s “Mr. Bowling” also keeps things tidy, well zipped up, and on-the-down-low (お尻もなかなかプリティです).

Much like Mr. Bowling, the loose character of Ehime Prefecture, buttless “Baryi,” also keeps things tightnright with its bunghole biscuit plug (far right).

Here’s the character “Poo” (ぽぉ) of Iida City. A ripe mango? (“完熟マンゴー?”)

It looks like the above “Poo” character needs the services of the “AssFinger” mascot to hold things in.

Better yet, the “PIAnisiki”(ぴあにしき) mascot has TWO bungholes!
PIAanisiki copy

Mukku, of the children’s TV show “Hirake! Ponkiki(3Yen 2010-08-30) takes it up the p00pchute.

Red Cross Japan‘s mascot, “Red Poop* Boy” (赤フン坊や) has a costume malfunction in his nether regions.

Can anyone else think of Japanese masscot (sic) mischief in the lower regions?



Coming-of-Age Day 2016


Japan’s Coming-of-Age Day is set up to congratulate those who have reached the age of maturity (20) during the year. Cities and towns throughout the nation hold ceremonies for these young people but sometimes the kids get a kittle immature.

Irked by loud attire, Kitakyushu urges young adults to dress right on Coming-of-Age Day
The Japan Times | Jan. 8, 2016
In recent years, Kitakyushu’s Coming-of-Age Day ceremonies have been marked by young men wearing vividly colored hakama, a trouser component of the kimono, making them look like hooligans to some
The new women meanwhile are starting to wear a looser-fitting style of kimono that exposes the shoulders in a way used by oiran, the high-class prostitutes of the Edo Period.

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