Killer Kumamon, and his ninja rose shuriken

くまモン kumamon writes:

You can also see if you dream. Oh Bear!〜☆


Japan’s zany mascot, Kumamon the bear, is acting deadly with his rose shuriken—the throwing dart of super-secret ninja of the barazoku/薔薇族—the Rose Tribe (urbandictionary).

According to Wikipedia, there are many varieties of shuriken —known in the West as ‘throwing stars.’ Ninja Kumamon is shown with his bō shuriken (棒手裏剣, stick shuriken).

Bō shuriken can be constructed from a wide variety of everyday items, hence there were many shapes and sizes. Some derived their names from the materials of which they were made, such as kugi-gata (nail form), hari-gata (needle form) and bara-gata (rose form), ha, ha.
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panic disordered character in the kitchen..



Sesame Street beats out Japan’s “SENTO STREET”

Every nengajo campaign for New Years’ postcards needs maiko / muppet combination…
According to the Sankei News the last New Year’s card (nengajo) before the current Emperor retires and ends the Heisei Era (1989 to 2019) was being promoted by maiko young geisha in training and muppets in kimono in a kindergarten in Kyoto.

Sadly, the muppets of Japan’s spinoff “Sento* Street” did not make the cut for the New Years’ card promotional campaign.
*“Sento” being Japanese public baths. Previously, I posted about sento baths in:


tokyonama-texitle-logo-2Tokyonama, importer/distributer of original products from Japan–Geneva/Tokyo

Japan’s Miss Universe is a Ninja Sailor Moon

Miss Japan Kurara Chibana in ninja
Who can forget Miss Universe Japan—a ninja high heels—Kurara Chibana? She won the contest’s national costume competition in her ninja bikini (3Yen / 2006-07-19). miss-japan-in-armor
Again in 2015 Miss Japan, Keiko Tsuji (3Yen / 2015-01-26), wore Ashigaru armor as her national costume in the preliminaries for Miss Universe.
Now in this year’s competition…

Miss Universe Japan debuts Sailor Moon ninja transformation dress as national costume for 2018 | by Oona McGee | 2018-Nov-23
Yuumi Kato thrills audience at pre-broadcast event by transforming from sexy ninja to magical warrior Sailor Moon in secondsmore...

Where is Sailor Bubba (3Yen / 2010-02-16) when we need him to save us?

tokyonama-texitle-logo-2Tokyonama, importer/distributer of original products from Japan–Geneva/Tokyo


Namakoro, the new mascot for Japan’s Maritime Self Defense Force seems to be too real/separated-at-birth from actual pink sea cucumbers (and other things) that can be pinkish in nature.


Namakoro, a pink sea cucumber in a sailor suit, is the new mascot for Japan’s Maritime Self Defence Force in the Sasebo region. mono-mascots-logo

— Mondo Mascots (@mondomascots) October 25, 2018

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Halloween surprise for Japan

icon_pumpkin It’s the Great Pumpkin’s special Halloween surprise for Japan!

Japanese journalist Jumpei Yasuda believed released with aid from Qatar and Turkey after three years held in Syria
The Japan Times | 2018-Oct-24
Japanese journalist Jumpei Yasuda, who was captured by an armed group in Syria three years ago, is believed to have been released and was now in Turkey…more…

For comparison, this is file photo of Japanese journalist Jumpei Yasuda in 2016. Yasuda-file-photo
(Photo of missing Japanese journalist emerges May 30, 2016 |

Everyday is Halloween…

Everyday is Halloween in Japan…



Student Hikaru-kun on the street in Harajuku wearing a vintage blazer with two neckties…



As I always say, Everyday is Halloween in Tokyo″ (3Yen / 2014-10-31) , (3Yen / 2012-09-13) , (3Yen / 2011-10-29) , etc.
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Cone life, Japan

The leader of the gang.

cone^gangvia — ONiLX (@TheONiLX) July 6, 2018


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Doll-ing in Japan

Youtuber “millna” has what she calls a DOLL HOUSE where: “I want to serve you people as a doll figure!” (ということでドール姿でみなさんを接客したい!—millna @mi_te_yo)

According to Reuters, this self-proclaimed “virtual doll” has taken it to a new level by creating a body suit that looks like a doll and lets you move like a human″″

While the Reuters is totally off-base by calling this offshoot of “dolling” (3Yen / 2013-08-29) the “latest trend” in fashion modeling in Japan. Kigurumi/”dollers” (3Yen / 2015-03-06) have long been a tiny-but-dank subculture in Japan.


Ninja Newman

Important reminder that, being dead, Paul Newman does not personally approve the graphic design choices for his salad dressing bottles. @jesticide January 17, 2018

newmans own crap

Actually, Ninja Newman really does approve the graphic design choices for his salad dressing bottles.

In case you were wondering what the big deal is, Newman’s “ninja” outfit and hachimaki/headband have Chinese dragons embroidered and his back-worn, dual katana/swords are all sorts of tacky. Basically, the label is an embarrassment at best and to many (but not me) cultural misappropriation.

via Ninja Newman – | reincarnated.


tokyonama-logoshopTokyonama, importer/distributer of original products from Japan–Geneva/Tokyo

Heart me!


Dressed in the Heart Sutra and a Japanese fundoshi-cum-loincloth, this young lady is heart-fully enjoying life.

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