Pikachu girls

Check out this fun theme… 20 photos of Pikachu girls via Izismile.com.

pikachu-pussyAlso refer to the previous 3Yen report about the bouncy Pikachu’s privates (right) as well as other our Pokemon stories including:

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Ronelda McDonald is a hot tomato!

UPDATE! (Nov. 22, 2007) There is now a YouTube video of hot “Ronelda” —If Ronald McDonald had an out-of-wedlock a daughter …

—First posted waaay back on March 13, 2005…
Ronald McDonald
Mo’ betta than “Donald’s Biscuits”* is McGRANDStyle with Ronelda McDonald and her metrosexual friend Gayonald (YouTube).

*Ronald McDonald is called “Donald” in Japan to avoid further embarrassment I guess.

An UPDATE that’s even sexier!