Japan’s newest look! Team ‘3rd Arrow’


With today’s loss at the World Cup (3Yen / 2014-06-25), Japan’s “Samurai Blue” team (above) is changing its name to said-open3rd Arrowsaid-closed after Prime Minister Abe’s “Japan Revitalization Strategy”


Read more about PM Abe’s disastrous said-openThree Arrowssaid-closed at Documents | Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinet: Overview of “Japan Revitalization Strategy” for New Growth .

Japan’s ‘Great Wall’

The Great Wall of Japan is yet another dubious plan to concrete over much of the country’s coast for the LOVE OF CONCRETE, grrr.

The Great Wall of Japan
—Tsunami protection–or a boondoggle for builders?—

The Economist.com | 2014 June 14
Three years ago, an earthquake under the Pacific Ocean triggered towering waves that carried away over 18,000 people and caused a meltdown at the Fukushima Dai-ichi power station…
…Japan’s government wasted little time announcing a favourite solution: pouring concrete. A few months after the disaster it pledged to build hundreds of seawalls and breakers in the three worst-hit prefectures of Fukushima, Miyagi and Iwate. The total cost will be up to ¥1 trillion ($9.8 billion). More walls are planned. A report by the ministries of agriculture and land said 14,000km of Japan’s 35,000km coastline requires tsunami protection.
Seawalls are controversial. They look hideous and the evidence for their effectiveness is flimsy…in the city of Kamaishi a $1.6 billion breakwater, listed in the “Guinness Book of Records” as the world’s largest, crumbled on impact. Nearly 90% of existing seawalls along the northeast coast suffered a similar fate. Critics say they even resulted in greater damage being caused elsewhere. “There is simply no guarantee that seawalls will stop every single tsunami,” says Nobuo Shuto, an engineer at Tohoku University.


Environmentalists, surfers, and anybody sane hates these concrete seawalls and tetrapods because over time they cause all the sand on beaches destroying the beach habitat creating a concrete dead zone. The Japanese fishing industry is so stupid they don’t realize that by destroying the beach/coastal habitat they are further reducing the number of fish in their already over-fished waters, arrrg.

Previous 3Yen reports (since 2006) on this concrete problem include:

Tips to boost fading Japan

japan endless discovery slogan
Japanese loooooove slogans: The dorkier/dasai, the better.
For the past few years, the Japan Tourism Agency main slogan is Japan. Endless discovery, which is soooo easy to “improve.1

My tips to boost Japan
FT.com June 6, 2014 by Tyler 💩 Brûlé
Dear Prime Minister Abe,
Greetings While waiting in the immigration queue (you should try flying in and standing in this line sometime—especially if your flight comes in one minute after a packed Korean Air jumbo where no one has filled out their immigration forms)
I’ve noticed that you’ve been on a bit of a media spending spree of latesurely you can do better than the dreadful tourism campaign you’re running? Not only does it look tired and dated (Mt Fuji, sushi and sakura), it does nothing to sell your country’s edgier, more intimate side. Then again, it’s perhaps a good thing that it’s not creating a tourism boom because your immigration system needs a complete overhaul.
We’ll leave aside the issue of residency for foreigners for now, and just deal with the cumbersome immigration and customs forms that need filling out. Why two? And why not adopt a speedier system for regular business visitors (like Hong Kong has implemented) or some kind of fast track? A 40-minute wait in a too-warm immigration hall is a poor welcomemore…

japan endless lines

sad salarymen slog
1 And, improvement is desperately needed as Japan slowly is spirally down the toilet of demographic decline* and Zimbabwe-levels of public debt, (Wiki), (Economist.com).

sad salaryman

Japanese Prime Minister Abe is a big baller

Playing with balls—Japanese Prime Minister Abe wants m0Ar~!
japan pm abe big baller
The question is: said-openCan more baseball save Japan — or at least Abenomics?said-closed

That is, with the dead-in-the-water state of the economic reforms of Abenomics (3Yen / 2013-12-24) and the increasingly desperate attempts to boost Japan’s moribund economy with “Wankernomics” (3Yen / 2014-03-22), will expansion teams for Japanese baseball really help?
japanese baseball left facing

Japan’s new plan to beat deflation: More baseball
chicagotribune.com | May 20, 2014
A set of recommendations to lift growth in Japan’s economy drafted by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s party seen by Reuters calls for slashing corporate taxes, reforming public pensions, and — in a curve ball — increasing the number of professional baseball teams to 16 from 12.
"Prosperous baseball teams could strengthen attachment to regional cities and help local economies thrive," said the report
<big snip>
But most professional teams survive in Japan because losses can be treated as tax-deductible marketing costs for corporate sponsors, such as such as Orix Corp and Yakult Honsha Co.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is a ‘pop-up pirate’

japan pm abe a pop-up pirate In the press photos below, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe plays with himself in a new ‘pop-up pirate’ game in which his likeness has been inserted in the role of a pirate.

According to AFP/Getty Images (April 26, 2014), Prime Minister Abe made his figurine,
said-openpop up from the top of the barrel as he wishes to jump up Japanese economy. said-closed

Ri-i-ight, like this really gonna help…

However, Prime Minister Abe is keeping good company since previous Pop-up Pirate versions have included Hard Gay UFO Pirates of the Caribbean(3Yen / 2007-05-09) and Hello Kitty
Pop-Up Pirate game versions(3Yen / 2007-05-09)

I’d hate to pop this Japanese official’s cherry…

Can’t help feeling there might be better ways for Yamagata’s deputy governor to promote his region’s cherries. pic.twitter.com/xVq6dOSVDv

— Mulboyne (@Mulboyne)’s twitter | April 21, 2014

Yamagata’s deputy governor must be a relative of former Japanese Foreign Minister Yoshio Sakaurauchi who famously introduced himself to the Washington press corps by saying, “My name is Cherry.


Google books:
Beyond Public Speech and Symbols: Explorations in the Rhetoric of Politicians and the Media
by Christ’l de Landtsheer, Ofer Feldman
Greenwood Publishing Group, Jan 1, 2000; pg. 167, para. 3

Ho, ho, ho! Japan’s Prime Minister ‘Santa’ Abe brings gifts

Ho, ho, ho! Abe Santa brings inflationary* gifts for everyone!

サンタクロースは / 資本主義の手下 / で、あってほしくないね。
281_AntiNuke (@281_)’s twitter Dec. 24, 2013

*PM Abe’s glow-in-the-dark gifts are intended to be “inflationary” as it is the stated policy of “Abenomics” (Wiki) to jumpstart the Japanese economy by increasing government spending for the military and for public works such as fixing TEPCO Corporation’s nuclear plant meltdown in Fukushima.

Wanna Japan job? Pay 25 bucks to apply. wwwwwwwwwwwwww

With commenters 10 times more moronic than Youtube, Japan’s Nico Nico Douga video service (Wiki) has decided to tap into the stupidity of its users. Nico Nico Douga’s parent company, Dwango, has started charging their retarded job applicants a $25 USD fee in their requests for employment with them.

Popular Dwango to charge job applicant fee to narrow field
Dec. 10, 2013
Internet firm Dwango Co. has announced that it will charge a fee of 2,525 yen for students applying for entry-level jobs at the company.
The move, announced last week, is intended to narrow the pool of applicants to “only those who are serious about working with the firm,” Dwango says on its website.
The firm, which runs the popular video-sharing site Niko Niko Douga [sic] ...more...

Why use Nico Nico Douga when Youtube offers the same video service? The Japanese advantage is that you can add to the endless scrolling “comments” across the screen such as:

wwwwwコハハハゥゥゥゥゥゥ wwwwwww wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ハハハ wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ワロタwww wwwwゥゥゥゥゥゥ ハハハ 下手www wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ハハハ ワロタwww wwww ….

All those wwwww mean ‘laughter’ in Japanese netspeak.

Visit the Japanese and worthless engrish website at: www.nicovideo.jp

Students perfect skills for the Japanese job market

All spiffed out in pretty pink blazers, the boys of Nippon Sports Science University show off their skills for working in the mid-20th Century. Wo0t!

Click to play video.


University Festival promotes synchronized walking in Japan
CBS News | Nov 15, 2013
….students at Nippon Sports Science University have taken walking to a whole new level …
…3 days per week the exercises to get them in shape for the dazzling performances. Their practice forced them to walking up to 1,200 kilometers (720 miles) in total – roughly the distance from Paris to Rome.
The captain of the team…23-year-old Keiko Suzuki said…
“We all mastered this highly disciplined training and made it our habit to stick to strict rules. I believe this experience will be an asset as we enter into the job market

This impressive performance of synchronized walking is called Shudankodo (集団行動), which in Japanese means “Collective Action” …sort of like the Borg Collective (Wiki).

Japan’s new Octo-tank shoots at defeating deflation


Sad-sack Japan has been in a deflationary spiral for two “Lost Decade(s)” with no hope in sight. The current administration of Prime Minister Abe has promoted the idea of Abenomics—a massive expansion of public investment to re-inflate Japan’s Zombie Economy.

In one way to boost inflation, the Japanese Defense Ministry brought out their new “MCV”–Maneuver Combat Vehicle (機動戦闘車 kidou-senntou-sha) at Sagamihara just west of Tokyo today as shown in the photo above.

The MCV, 8.45 m in length and weighs 26 tons (which is half the size and weight of the opposition). It can cruise at over 100kph while firing its autoloading 105mm cannon and it also has a 12.7 mm heavy machine gun. Plans are to deploy the MCV in 2016.