Get on Tokyo’s Happy Hanukkah bus!

Tonight is the first night of Hanukkah. However, the last thing I expect to see when I am stuck in traffic behind a Tokyo bus was a menorah to celebrate the Jewish holiday (Wiki)



The bus advertisement featuring the menorah also has hinkiness throughout such as a fisting, Hitleresque* “schoolgirl” spokesperson for the ad’s sponsor, Toshin, the huge private high school group with more than 120,000 students.

*The Hitleresque mustache on the schoolgirl is actually a handle to one of the fuel compartments of the bus.

*Ok, ok, I know that the Hanukkah menorah
drawings above are not a proper menorah since
they do not have one taller candle, the shamash.

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The shit is back.


The shit is back.
Last year’s* special exhibition of Tokyo’s The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, “Toilet the Future” now is traveling to the Sendai International Center Exhibition Hall.

little-poop-heads Toilet!? — Human Waste & Earth’s Future
The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan) toilet-characters_logo

Last year exhibition made a big splash as you can see in the video below and our report:
(3Yen 2014-07-08): 1st, you must become a poop-head. 2nd, you get flushed.

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Japan’s Ground Self-Defense Force’s new bipedal armored combat robot

little-gsf-robot_ani left_super long-quotebar 24x360Japan’s Ground Self-Defense Force has unveiled its new, autonomous, bipedal walking-type armored combat robot that has been under development for some time.
The unveiling took place at the High Technical School (HTS) of Camp Takeyama. The grabbing the interest of students and for recruiting future candidates for Japan Self-Defense Forces was assured by the use of high-fashion camouflage patterns.
—goofy Google Translate

4_shot_gsf-robot武山駐屯地高等工科学校にて、陸上自衛隊が開発中の二足歩行式装甲戦闘車両がお披露目された。 子供達の心をがっしり鷲掴みで、自衛隊志願希望者も確保した模様. — イチロー・D・羽田@宿毛湾泊地 (@RJTT_HND_Tokyo) September 27, 2015


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Spiderman’s secret daughter in Japan

Spiderman’s secret 17 year old daughter is late to class in Japan.

via 高校生の話題の動画☆ ‏@kokosei_douga — 遅刻しそうなJKヤバい

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A Tokyo university lives up to its logo

A Tokyo university lives up to its limp dick logo and maybe its motto*.

taisho universityducky_schooll

The rest-of-the-story…nude-textMore


*quoter leftFEEL and GROWquoter right


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FuckShitDamnHellScrew in Japan

One of our longtime readers, Mike Armstrong, just sent in this educational link for Japanese who need to need to improve their FuckShitDamnHellScrew et al …

Japan Learns the Correct Way To Use “F**k” 2014May27
One of the things I’ve noticed about living in Japan is that the country’s non-native speakers are fμck all at using the fμcking f-word
a new English instruction book called How to Use Fμck (正しいFЦCKの使い方 or Tadashii Fμck no Tsukaikata). The book gives examples and explanations so people in Japan can improve their f-bomb abilities.

Find more examples on the blog of the illustrator, Naijel Graph.

Higher Kinky learning

Poor Kinki University—The Japanese word Kinki (Kinky) used in the name of the university means the surrounding area of the Japan’s old capital city of Kyoto in the southern-central region (Wiki)

kinki cheerleaders
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Japan in WWII was ‘just like North Korea’


Author Probes Oddities of World War II Life in Japan
Wall Street Journal blog, 2014/05/13
When author Tadanori Hayakawa looks at life in Japan during World War II, his eye is drawn to the bizarre.
Take the case of nudism: At some schools, both the pupils and teachers wore only underpants or trousers to become physically stronger. A photo from 1943 shows that even a principal was working almost naked at his desk.
A magazine for homemakers gave advice on how to grow opium poppies for use as anesthetics during a medicine shortage. Readers were told to go to government health offices for free seeds
Hayakawa said he was genuinely interested in the ideas and ways of life shown in his unique collection of materials. “Most readers enjoy them. Many have said, ‘Oh, this is just like North Korea,’ ” he said.

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Show Your Love for the Nation
“Show Your Love for the Nation”

“Gods’ Japan battle life”

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