A Tokyo university lives up to its logo

A Tokyo university lives up to its limp dick logo and maybe its motto*.

taisho universityducky_schooll

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*quoter leftFEEL and GROWquoter right


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FuckShitDamnHellScrew in Japan

One of our longtime readers, Mike Armstrong, just sent in this educational link for Japanese who need to need to improve their FuckShitDamnHellScrew et al …

Japan Learns the Correct Way To Use “F**k”
kotaku.com 2014May27
One of the things I’ve noticed about living in Japan is that the country’s non-native speakers are fμck all at using the fμcking f-word
a new English instruction book called How to Use Fμck (正しいFЦCKの使い方 or Tadashii Fμck no Tsukaikata). The book gives examples and explanations so people in Japan can improve their f-bomb abilities.


Find more examples on the blog of the illustrator, Naijel Graph.

Higher Kinky learning

Poor Kinki University—The Japanese word Kinki (Kinky) used in the name of the university means the surrounding area of the Japan’s old capital city of Kyoto in the southern-central region (Wiki)

kinki cheerleaders
For more information refer to:

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Japan in WWII was ‘just like North Korea’


Author Probes Oddities of World War II Life in Japan
Wall Street Journal blog, 2014/05/13
When author Tadanori Hayakawa looks at life in Japan during World War II, his eye is drawn to the bizarre.
Take the case of nudism: At some schools, both the pupils and teachers wore only underpants or trousers to become physically stronger. A photo from 1943 shows that even a principal was working almost naked at his desk.
A magazine for homemakers gave advice on how to grow opium poppies for use as anesthetics during a medicine shortage. Readers were told to go to government health offices for free seeds
Hayakawa said he was genuinely interested in the ideas and ways of life shown in his unique collection of materials. “Most readers enjoy them. Many have said, ‘Oh, this is just like North Korea,’ ” he said.

Japanese links (Bing Translate) to Tadanori Hayakawa’s books are:

Show Your Love for the Nation
“Show Your Love for the Nation”

“Gods’ Japan battle life”

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Oh the horror! Japanese researchers must review their papers!

Talk about a Wild-n-Crazy New Idea: Japanese research papers now need to be reviewed! Wow!

nhk news screen shot 2014-05-05
NHK WORLD English | May 4, 2014

Japan’s RIKEN institute has instructed all its researchers to review their papers following the revelation of controversial papers on stem cell research by one of its researchers.
RIKEN President Ryoji Noyori issued the order on April 25th. He asked researchers to check voluntarily whether plagiarism is involved in their papers
a panel investigating the controversial papers written by Haruko Obokata resigned over allegations that one of his articles contained manipulated images. Obokata led high-profile studies on a new type of stem cell, the so-called STAP...more...

Pimpin’ ain’t easy-peasy japanesey

"The eikaiwa school that gets you closer… To pimps.." via

pic.twitter.com/IdmrruOxL9 Matt Alt (@Matt_Alt) April 22, 2014

And remember, learning engrish and …pimp

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Will you be going to university with robots?

In a previous report we wondered:
said-openWill the über-prestigious Univ. of Tokyo be the 1st to admit A.I. robot students? said-closed(3Yen | 2013-08-22)

Increasingly, Japanese news reports say the answer is, Yes.

Ky0d0news.jp | 2014 March 2nd


The only Japanese word you need to understand is ‘UNKO’

One of our long-time readers, “Johnny Yen” thoughtfully writes to us:

said-openOne will benefit from carefully studying this website on how to take a poop in Japanese.said-closed*

The only Japanese word you need to understand this video is UNKO (poop)!

Official Japanese website (machine translation)
The short video above is a promo for the launch of Japanese children’s’ book “Shiritori Unko (Endless Poop)”:
quoter leftShiritori Shit that follows shit ♪ …… endless poop ♪ Confucius puppy. Let Dashikiro this shit to get! quoter right

Book title: “Shiritori Unko” ISBN: 9784592761662 Price: 838 yen + tax
Official Japanese website: kodomoe.net/unko (Google Translate)

Also check out the previous 3Yen report:

How to poop Japanese. (3Yen / 2010-07-12 )
how to poop in Japan

Hot for Teacher

The 3Yen’s correspondent in the field, Blumpkin Sensei, writes…
Ever heard of the fashion health English teachers?

Why don’t you try your hand at Japan’s juiciest Job offer:
Foreign language teacher needed at the 0saka Escort Er0tic Massage Club.


Click to play…

Heads will roll…

Ahhh, the strange and wondrous finds on the streets of Japan that you can happen across. This tweet shows the grim aftermath of beginning beauty school students: Heads will roll…

Click to embiggen.
学校の帰りに首落ちてたこともあった pic.twitter.com/y4MLtIKtwh— なぽみ(仮) (@Napomi_)’s twitterDecember 29, 2013

I have covered photos of Japanese practice mannequins many times before here on the 3Yen. By law, Japanese beauty school students must practice several months on dummy heads before attempting to cut a person’s hair. This law leads to a huge number practice heads being thrown out as well as a lot of creative “repurposing” of creepy heads in Japan such as:
News on Japan – We Cut Heads
. . . We Cut Heads
. . . . . (3Yen / 2011-04-20)

. . . Haircut heads turn into ‘grow heads’
. . . . . (3Yen / 2011-02-03)

. . . Let’s kakashi/scarecrow!
. . . . . (3Yen / 2007-08-16)
Mannequin heads as a japanese scarecrows..

Wait a minute…Barber snowmen are too, too real and scary, hee, hee, hee.

ちょっと待って、床屋の雪だるまあまりにリアル過ぎて怖いんですけどwwww pic.twitter.com/1W51jQCXCl — おだしゅん@LINE吹き飛びました (@yamanote1390) February 14, 2014