Gyrating Gynoid Looks Too Good

It’s amazing how hard Japanese engineers have to work to get a date…

Asuna is a hyperreal android built to look just like your average 15 year old girl. Every single detail from her skin to her eyes to her hair are meant to look like something that you would see on a real person. Designed by the robotics masterminds at A-Lab Co. Ltd. she is even capable of talking to people. While some believe her to be a bit eerie in her resemblance to an actual human
RocketNews24 / 2014nov04
: Real life android looks almost too real

android by hongjapan

Asuna-chan, the goofy gynoid might look “a bit eeire” but not as much as this pole dancing Booty Bot recently exhibited by Jordan Wolfson (website).

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Japan’s newest hi-tech: ‘W-FAP’ for waxing your banana

Once again Japan proves its superior robot technology!…

Waxing your banana is now easy with Japan’s latest W-FAP that power syncs with your favorite wankadelic videos and kinkyazoid games!

Vorze: Electronic fleshlight that syncs to your favorite movies and ero-games!
—Tokyo Scum Brigade (@TokyoScum) October 23, 2014


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. . . . . . ..WANKERING MACHINES IN ACTION at the Adult Treasure Expo AET 2007..

‘Mind-Reading’ Gadget to be a big at Japan’s end-of-year Bonenkai parties

The 3Yen’s world correspondent, R. Pongi, writes:
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Dear Japan,



The Rest Of The World


Japan Toy Maker to Introduce ‘Mind-Reading’ Gadget
Japan Real Time – Wall Street Journal blog | 2014/10/02
…Japan’s Tomy Co. may help bring a person’s hidden feelings to the surface, or at least allow party-goers to play at doing so
the company said this week it would release on Oct. 30 the Mind Scanner, a gadget attached to the head that can be used to determine a person’s emotional state by monitoring his or her pulse with infrared light.


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Finally, Japan invents *useful* robots . . . NOT

Oh just great—Murata Corporation’s new said-openCheerleader Robotssaid-closed balance on their balls while preparing to suck your soul…

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Charged up in Tokyo

An important thing to notice is that when its available, electric charging is free at parking lots in Kanto/the Greater Tokyo Area. It just to much hassle to meter the electricity delivered and add that tiny cost to already substantial parking fees in Tokyo.

With judicious planning—there’s an app for that—a person with a plug-compatible electric car could avoid ever having to buy “fuel.”

For example, my local IKEA and my ward office offer free charging stations in their parking lots as do most of the larger expressway rest stops. Refer to the charging station information at:


When I buy a new car, it would be stupid not buy a full EV/Electric Vehicle since I could charge up an EV with my carport’s rooftop solar cells—ZERO “fuel” costs, W0ot!

A fair shake … Japan style

akb48 handshake event

Late last May, two members of the megapopular idol group “AKB48″ had to be hospitalized after they were attacked by a crazed fan wielding with a saw during the group’s meet ’n’ greet. Since then there has been much angst about how to safely hold akushukai / “handshaking” events.

Many ideas have been suggested (3Yen / 2014-05-26 ), but the following was the most “Japanese” solution.


Translation: This new video conference system that can shake hands was created by a research group of the University of Osaka. The system allows you to remotely shake hands with a distant person by tele-connecting them using a robot pseudo-hand during an online conversation.

Mission accomplished! icon_thumbsup

Sleepwalking through life in Japan

keitai schoolgirl vlc

As a folllow-up to last week’s report of Smartphone/keitai Zombies of Tokyo (3Yen / 2014-07-06) , check out the following BBC news report on Tokyo’s growing problem with people ‘dumbwalking’ with cellphones.


Japan enters the era of smartphones and ‘dumbwalking’
BBC | July 14, 2014
More than half of all Japanese now own a smartphone and the proportion is rising fast.
But with that rise has grown another phenomenon – the smartphone walk.
It’s that glacial pace people only adopt when they’re staring at a phone screen – their head down, arms outstretched, looking like zombies trying to find human prey
entering the ‘dumbwalking’ era: Will it change Japanese phone etiquette, notably the best in the world?

blowing-the-whistle tokyo metro
Blowing-the-whistle on the dumbwalking boar is July’s poster from the Tokyo Metro’s “WATCHING YOU” campaign for better train manners. See this full-sized poster and all the Tokyo Metro’s manners posters at the official website.