Revolutionary feminist news from Japan!

Great news—Fembots are freed and can now vote!


Japan Grants Suffrage To Female Robots
onion_logo March 19, 2017


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Sony Music Global says Britney’s dead


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As I said in last weeks’s post about the contest for Tokyo’s governor (3Yen / 2016-07-20), Japanese election campaign posters are rather boring with a bunch of old fartsjapan election posters who slap their picture with just their name, political party affiliation, and a lame slogan like these.

You will be surprised to see in the middle of all these big posters is a yellow, palm-sized sticker for “NHK BUSTERS”—the anti-public TV broadcaster party.


Q:   So, why is there even a need for “The Party to Protect the Public from NHK”? There’s no such thing a Party to Protect the Public from the BBC or PBS, is there?

A:   NHK bill collectors are door-to-door visits extortionists* who unfairly collect (30 to 50% people don’t pay) exorbitant fees for icon_domokun increasingly biased political propaganda since the political appointment of Katsuto Momii, the loonier-than-Trump new Director-General of NHK.

translated by bing

-magic-anti-NHK-sticker Get the magic anti-NHK seal to stop the door-to-door visits of NHK bill collectors—The NHK Busters seal is now shipping from The Party to Protect the Public from NHK.

anti-NKK-2-shot_400xCampaigning for the anti-NHK party is the
continual “Smiles” candidate, Mac Akasaka (L),
& the candidate for governor Takashi Tachibana (R).


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Two new Pokémon revealed in Japan…

Two New Pokemon Announced; New Japanese Trailer Airs
info-europa | July 13, 2016
A new trailer and this month’s edition of Japan’s CoroCoro magazine have revealed two more Pokémon to debut in Sun and Moon this November

The two new Pokémon revealed are:

TITTYtesties™, the unbreakable

CTHULHUmon™, the unbeatable
Two New Pokemon revealed

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The 2020 Tokyo Olympic BABY BIB is now on sale!

We all can now get the official 2020 Olympic DROOL BIB!
Ok, ok, the rest-of-the-story is the that the emblem of Tokyo’s 202o Olympics was first cursed with an embarrassing withdrawn for plagiarism (3Yen / 2015-07-25) .
Now they have a traditional Japanese design for the Paralympics that unfortunately looks like a drool bib (3Yen / 2016-04-25) for the severely disabled. Oh baby.



A real ricer . . . Audi Japan’s new A8 5.5 model

Audi Japan debuts
special edition A8 5.5 featuring a rice cooker

Exclusive only to Japan, Audi’s new A8 5.5 ( special model name “5.5” was inspired from the Japanese word gohan, which means rice—5 (go) and 0.5 or half (han)
In honor of the Japanese rice-eating culture, the Audi A8 5.5 features the world’s first rice cooker in the rear seat console
with Audi’s refined, innovative technology, each and every owner can now customize their rice to their own taste of preference
the interior is designed with tatami made out of the finest rush grass that is suitable for the high temperatures and the humidity of Japan. Enjoy the aesthetic features of Japanese culture with the new Audi A8 5.5.

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, this is Audi’s “April Fools’ Day gift” campaign (2015).april-fools-gift

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The stinkiest musical in Tokyo

Pee-chan and Poo-kun are opening in ‘ELIMINATION’, a new Broadway-type musical in Tokyo’s Ginza and guaranteed to be a stinker.

pee-poo-ginza-theater-poster Via @Durf

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Naming rights offer for ‘Tokyo Gas Toxic Waste Site & Fish Market’ declined

After long debate, the city of Tokyo declined the naming rights offer for the ″Tokyo Gas & Petrochemical Fish Market*.″

After long debate, new Tsukiji fish market to be called Tsukiji Fish Market (築地魚河岸)
gas-fish-market_640xmulboyne twitter — (@Mulboyne) Oct. 6, 2015

The-rest-of-the-story is that the new Tsukiji fish market is being built on top of the toxic waste site of Tokyo Gas Company—Tsukiji being the planet’s premier place for sushi.
Refer to The Japan Times report…
           New Tsukiji site highly toxic: panel (2008/05/20):

Note that the above picture contains the farty fun slogan, “MY CITY—MY GAS©.” This was Tokyo Gas Company’s slogan that they slapped on the side of thousands of their company’s trucks here in the city. Created for the 1970 Osaka Expo for use at the Japanese Gas Industry Pavilion, the slogan was used actively until the mid-1980s and it is still found in various versions today such as ‘myTokyoGas’ shown below.
Refer to 3Yen / 2008-09-24 : MY CITY—MY GAS©
My Tokyo Gas, logo


Japan’s Ground Self-Defense Force’s new bipedal armored combat robot

little-gsf-robot_ani left_super long-quotebar 24x360Japan’s Ground Self-Defense Force has unveiled its new, autonomous, bipedal walking-type armored combat robot that has been under development for some time.
The unveiling took place at the High Technical School (HTS) of Camp Takeyama. The grabbing the interest of students and for recruiting future candidates for Japan Self-Defense Forces was assured by the use of high-fashion camouflage patterns.
—goofy Google Translate

4_shot_gsf-robot武山駐屯地高等工科学校にて、陸上自衛隊が開発中の二足歩行式装甲戦闘車両がお披露目された。 子供達の心をがっしり鷲掴みで、自衛隊志願希望者も確保した模様. — イチロー・D・羽田@宿毛湾泊地 (@RJTT_HND_Tokyo) September 27, 2015


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Japan’s Gamera has invaded North Korea !

Gamera-comic Japan’s kaiju, Gamera, The Invincible, Super Monster, Guardian of the Universe, and Friend of All Children (Wiki) has been seen invading North Korea!


North Korean zoo upgrades include 65-meter ‘turtle’
NK News – North Korea News / 2015 Sept. 21
Upgrades to Pyongyang’s Central Zoo include construction of a 65-meter turtle-shaped building, and a larger construction in the shape of a bird’s wing, satellite imagery and a bulletin from Korean Central Television (KCTV) revealmore...


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