‘Humanity is error’ in Japan

‘SEX’ and ‘Humanity is error’
Here’s Microsoft’s Blue-Screen-of-Death reinterpreted as a bomber jacket for sale in Tokyo’s fashion-victim district of Harajuku.



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Hello Kitty strafes the streets of New York

Let’s all give thanks that the giant, mutant, gas bag, Hello Kitty who strafed the streets of New York yesterday did not have bullets.

mutant-gas-bag-kittyfinals_normalMacy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
https://t.co/qJuXHjiKoY pic.twitter.com/5jiaHbNpQM— The New York Times (@nytimes) November 26, 2015


As I always say, You-Can-Never-Have-Enough-Hello-Kitty©″…


Burning-hot Japanese p∅яn??

left_long quotebar 24x260pxPictured below is a seemingly endless flow of video just showing Japanese schoolgirl uniforms burning for two hours. This AVp0яn film features an invisible “fire girl” actress.


キチガイAVといえばやはり「少女焼失」 女優など一切出ず、2時間にわたって女子高生の制服がただ燃えるだけの映像が延々と流れ続ける逸品 — ペリー‐V‐減煙中‐3(10本/day) (@perry_trpg) November 17, 2015school-burn_2


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Tactless tumescence of ToQger train’s todger


Featuring train characters, Ressha Sentai ToQger is a continuation of the Japanese television Super Sentai/Power Ranger series. The premise of the show is that a mystical railway known as the Rainbow Line run massive/heroic trains known as Ressha. These Ressha (Tokkyūjā). The ToQgers mission to save towns from the evil forces of the Shadow Line who are preying on the residents’ fear and sadness (from Wikipedia)

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‘Weird Japan’ — Oh how the mighty have fallen.

Weird Japan™ has been the mainstay of Internet since its beginning. But now as Japan just its fourth recession in five years (Bloomberg | 2015-Nov-16), even Japan is suffering from a weirdness deficit.

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Lumpen Jesus of Japan

I don’t know what you see in the stone image below, but it looks more like a typical Shinto phallus (3Yen 2006-04-03) than a stoned Jesus.


‘Hidden Christians’ suspected source of stone figure found inside hollow tree
Japan Times | 2015 Nov. 10
A town in Hokkaido is eager to identify a stone figure found inside a felled tree trunk with no apparent entry hole.
The carving has a cross on its base, which leads some to believe it is a devotional object placed there centuries ago by Japanese Christians fleeing persecution.

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The shit is back.


The shit is back.
Last year’s* special exhibition of Tokyo’s The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, “Toilet the Future” now is traveling to the Sendai International Center Exhibition Hall.

little-poop-heads Toilet!? — Human Waste & Earth’s Future
The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan) toilet-characters_logo

Last year exhibition made a big splash as you can see in the video below and our report:
(3Yen 2014-07-08): 1st, you must become a poop-head. 2nd, you get flushed.

Learn more poop on the upcoming Sendai exhibit that runs from December 11, 2015 to January 11, 2016 from the news report at: ox-tv.jp (Google Translate)


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