Japanese robot stockholders rebel!


“ROBOTIC” is the one word to describe Japanese stockholders until recently. The stockholders were a rubberstamp for management malfeasance that cold be best described in one word as “ZOMBIE”.
Yep, Robotic Zombie Companies now shake in fear as stockholders demand some return on their investment which was denied to them.

Fanuc proposed takeover defense voted down by shareholders
TOKYO — Fanuc Ltd became the third company, after Tokyo Electron Ltd and Yokogawa Electric Corp, to see its proposed anti-takeover measure tossed out by shareholders in recent weeks, the Nihon Keizai Shimbun reported. Fanuc, the world’s largest industrial robot maker, had sought to revised its charter to allow management to increase the number of issued shares 2.3 fold as a defense against an unsolicited takeover offer.…more….

US: North Korea would lose any war (along with Japan and South Korea)

US General Jack E. Ripper says North Korea’s, “nuclear weapons does not change the balance on the [Korean] peninsula”.
YES! We can protect our “precious bodily fluids” and as a bonus, nuking Nort Korea would be a big boost for urban renewal in South Korea and Japan too.
dr strangelove bombdrop

North Korea would lose any war: US

Communist North Korea has at least one to two nuclear weapons but the United States and South Korea could still defeat it in any war, the commander of US forces in the South said yesterday. “Whether North Korea has one or several nuclear weapons does not change the balance on the peninsula” General Leon LaPorte…

“Katamari Fantasy” freakazoids!

Here’s a well-done —too well-done— bit of cosplay, “Katamari Damacy” game fans in costume via Lionboogy’s livejournal
Private Photoshoot of Liddo and Sarah’s Katamari Fantasy Night

Katamari Damacy freaks
So what is this surreal “Katamari Fantasy’?
It’s a game with some very addicted fans.
Namco’s quirky game was created by Keita Takahashi makes the player roll objects into an ever-increasing ball, while racing against the clock. The name “Katamari ” means bundle/lump/mass/clod/cluster in Japanese and the name of the game sort of translates into “soul of a clump.”
For more info visit Namco’s official US website for Katamari Damacy
Katamari Damacy explained…visit here
. And here’s a glowing game review of Katamari on the GameCritics.com site.

EDIT: Oops! This story was scooped by videogames.3yen.com three days ago. My bad.

BUSTED! Bebop Boston Higashi Schoolteacher convicted in student beatings

Only one Japanese teacher was convicted—two others fled to Japan. I guess those two Japanese teachers fled to Japan where beating students is normal and there no extradition for abuse. The deal is in Japan is that classroom ijime/abuse is condoned by most teachers and a large precentage of teachers conduct their own “displine”.teacher ijime

Teacher at Higashi School convicted of harming student
RANDOLPH – A former teacher with the Boston Higashi School in Randolph, known for its unorthodox methods of teaching autistic students, has been convicted of causing serious bodily harm to a student.
Two other teachers also charged with assaulting the student have fled, possibly back to Japan, the Norfolk District Attorney’s office said yesterday.
The teacher, Naoya Nishimura, was found guilty Friday in Quincy District Court of dragging Scott Tedeman across the floor, bending his fingers back, and assaulting him multiple times a week between January and July 2000, when Tedeman was 18. Nishimura was sentenced to 30 days in the House of Correction. Arrest warrants have been issued for the two other teachers charged with assaulting Tedeman, Masakatsu Nagata and Masakata Kunihiro.

“Bun LOVE NUDE MIND!” Let’s Afrirampo!

I figure that all of you have have hear about this somewhere before….
…But here’s a touch of real Japan, Afrirampo, Osaka’s psycho-underground-garage duo of noiserockers cum sex vixen, “Oni” and “Pikachu”. Afrirampo had this charming write-up The Bay Guardian today.

July 2 July 2, Saturday…duo Afrirampo. Theirs is a pretty simple setup: two frisky sisters with a penchant for the color red and for the (sexually) absurd. Pikacyu plays wild, fierce drums; Oni commands a demonically possessed guitar — both trade off on growling, howling, yipping, and sometimes even singing. When they played the Hemlock Tavern in September last year, not a head was left unbobbed and not an undergarment was left unsoiled….

Also read theur silly interview: “SUPPONPON ROCK AFRIRAMPO ! “

Hey kids! Win a Tokyo “a cosmopolitan tourist destination”


Jet Set to Japan; Benihana Invites Entries to Win Tickets for 2005 ”GoTokyo” Tour
SAN FRANCISCO—Benihana (Nasdaq:BNHN), which has five restaurants in the Bay Area, is taking its show on the road with a first-rate cultural tour of Tokyo…”… a cosmopolitan tourist destination.”
….To enter to win a pair of tickets for the 2005 Benihana “GoTokyo” Tour, readers can send an entry describing in 150 words or less their best Benihana experience along with their name, age, phone number and home address to “My Best Benihana Experience,” P.O. Box 191089-281, Dallas, TX 75219 by August 1, or visit here. ….

So what is rest-of-the-story on this vacation to a “a cosmopolitan tourist destination” and the business running it? Read more about the Benihana founder, “Rocky Aoki, Sasakawa’s former business partner“, nudge, nudge, wink, wink.
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Japanofreak Marketing
Family sues Japanese restaurant for tossing shrimp.
Benihana Launches New Anime Commercial

RoboCup is coming! RoboCop says, “no comment”

Actually, these biped soccer robots are very lame. They move very sloooooowly and fall over all the time. In contrast, the non-biped, wheeled and tracked robots in last years’ Robo-Cup were quite fast and exciting . The problem is almost none of the robot’s are self-thinking/self-guided—-it’s more like romote-control soccer. Meh. At least Japan’s public broadcaster, NHK, shows quite a bit of the action on Sunday afternoon TV.
Vstone's new humanoid soccer robot

TOKYO, JAPAN: Japanese robot venture Vstone’s new humanoid robot “VisiON Nexta”, 47.5cm in height and 3.1kg in weight, shows its abitity to kick a ball during a press preview in Tokyo 27 June 2005 on the upcoming RoboCup 2005 which will be held in Osaka in July.

Japan is a very “hip” place

Japanese butt crackless Photo title: hip”

Japan is a very “hip” place. That is, Japanese use the word “hip” when they mean butt—they view everything from the upper thigh to the mid waist as ‘hip.’ The ladies stores even sell “hip up” pantyhose to increase the prominance of their butts. Hmm, now there’s a possible export for America.
the word 'hip' in Japanese katanana