Japan has a “School Lunch Law”

School Lunch Law
School lunches teach kids to eat right
….the School Lunch Law was implemented 50 years ago, meals schools provided for students have diversified to a surprising degree as part of an effort on the part of educators to make children think more about what and how they eat….

Digital broadcasting is being shoved down Japanese consumers’ throuts

Digital broadcasting catching on quickly
….the nation will mark its first anniversary on Dec. 1 as an increasing number of customers tune in to the new service and digital TV set sales continue to be brisk.
But some hurdles must be cleared before 2011, when the current analog format TV broadcasting will be replaced….

Screaming squeaker leads Japan’s charge at world junior meet

Ai Fukuhara
Table Tennis: ‘Ai-chan’ leads Japan’s charge at world junior meet
Ai Fukuhara, who finished in the last 16 at the Athens Olympics, helped Japan advance past the preliminary round of the women’s team competition Sunday on the opening day of the table tennis world junior championships.

Convicted defector Charles Jenkins’ release is “delightful”

Jenkins to begin new life of freedom
…. Jenkins goes through a week of processing for his dishonorable discharge from the military, the family plans to move in early December to the city of Sado on the island.
Mayor Koichiro Takano said earlier that Jenkins wants to work and settle in Sado with his wife and their two daughters.
”The release is delightful. The government plans to provide as much support as possible”….

Totally meaningless translations of Japanese Laws urged

Found in translation

The translation of laws and ordinances into foreign languages would facilitate international business and promote investment by foreign companies. It would also help support the establishment of legal systems in developing countries, especially those in Asia, introduce and increase knowledge of Japanese legislation in other countries, and familiarize foreign residents with life in Japan.
At present, only a few translations of official legislation are posted at the Web sites of individual government offices, such as the English version of the Constitution by the Prime Minister’s Office, the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Law by the Ministry of Justice….

The so-called “translations” of the Japanese immigration laws are famous for the total LACK of any detail. It is 101% immpossible to take a Japanese immigration law, point to a detail and demand redress. The immigration law is only 25 or so pages but the secret adminstrative guidelines probably number in the thousands of pages. —Taro

“GUTS pose”

In Japanese, the engrish term “GUTS!” (ガッツ!) and striking a “guts pose” (ガッツポーズ) for a photo have a special and deep meaning, hee , hee. The Japanese believe the source of the power and one’s soul is centered below the bellybutton. Make you own “guts pose.”

Show us your “GUTS pose” first posted on Nov. 28, 2004.

“Start SELFing!”

TV commercials on Japanese TV sure can be interesting…

Shiho-chan here wants to Start SELFing in this commercial for a job agency for temp-slaves. See the video here.