Really Mickey Mouse copy of a Japanese rip-off of a Chinese festival

Tokyo Disneyland is weird. And here’s the strangest: a Mickey Mouse copy of Japanese rip-off of a Chinese Festival , sheesh.

AFP–TOKYO, JAPAN: Mickey and Minnie Mouse, who play Altair the Cowherd and Vega the Weaver, wave to spectators from the float to celebrate Tanabata or the Star Festival at the Tokyo Disneyland….for the special event “Star Festival Greeting”…..In Japanese legend the two lovers, the star Altair and Vega, who are separated by the Milky Way on most days of the year, meet just once a year on July 07.

The phrase “In Japanese legend ” in the above report is wrong. The Tanabata Star Festival – one of the lamest Chinese “borowings” of the Japanese culture…it’s on par with the “Tooth Fairy”. To read more about Tanabata in Wikipedia.

Fools for Fuji

In suck-the-fun-out-of-everything, unspontaneous Japan, there’s an “official” climbing season for Mount Fuji which is from July 1 to the end of August. Besides being ugly and trash strewn, “Fuji-san” (Mr Fuji) is crowded with long lines of folks nose-to-butt going up. Then again I’ve been up three times, so what do I know, hee, hee?

people climb Mt. Fuji
People climb Mt. Fuji
MT. Fuji, Japan—Hundreds of people climb Mt. Fuji through the night on June 30 in a bid to reach the top in time for ”goraiko” (sunrise).

An the only thing worse than going up, is going down. Notice the beautiful scenery.
fuji marines

VERMONT CURRY(tm), an authentic Japanese meal?

There’s nothing more authentic than Japanese VERMONT CURRY(tm).
Vermont curry boy
What I cannot figure out is why this Japanese company markets “curry” from Vermont, New England. I’ve never have thought of eating traditional Vermont curry containing apple byproducts. Anyway, see House Foods’ fun curry TV commercial about chasing away the rainy season that is going on now. In Japan with a“teruterubozu” is a traditional children’s hangman-like effigy (in Japanese: テルテルぼ~ず).
'Teruterubozu' hangman-like effigy As children in English-speaking world might chant “rain-rain-go-away-come-again-another-day”, Japanese kids make teruterubozu and hang them out to hope for sunny weather—-especially during June-July the rainy season here.

LSD Hot Dog Lady vs Japan’s Takeru Kobayashi

By now you have heard all about the year’s most important “sporting” event that is being televised on ESPN today at 9 am EST. The annual Fourth of July event is the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest from New York’s Coney Island. The most important contestant this year is Japan’s Takeru Kobayashi. Kobayashi did NOT better his record of 53.5 hot dogs in 12 minutes last year. He only ate a paltry 49.
Stuffed vs Buff: from AFP/Getty, NEW YORK – JULY 4—- Kobayashi (T) vs Sonya Thomas (B)
 Kobayashi (T) vs Sonya Thomas (B)

If he’s not surreal enough for you, check out Hot Dog Lady on a bum trip that shows the dangers of hallucinating on eating hot dogs. A direct link to the video of The Hot Dog Lady can be seen in LSD A Go Go, a mash-up film of anti-acid propaganda and other vintage materials.
hotdog lady

Species attack! The hydrogen-powered Speecys-FC(tm)

Speecys-FC robot

It’s looks like a junkyard.
It doesn’t do anything but waddle and it costs $24,000 USD. But hot-damn, the “Speecys-FC(tm)” is hydrogen fuel-cell powered! Wo0t!
What makes the junk-bot unique is its multiple reduntancies in its fuel-cells spread among three parts of its body. According to the Japanese vernacular press, the Speecys-FC(tm) runs on a NetBSD operating system and is integregrated into LAN network. The software that comes with it has puppet-like screen interface called the “Motion Editer” that allows simple creation of disco dances, robo-sex positioning or what ever stikes your fancy. My rough translation of the Japanese website, “the advanced robot servo, CPUs, open opening system, and the basic application software etc. are all included which allows you to skip the start-up processes of robot development by providing a complete kit for robot development platform.
See the Speecys robot in action at: Demonstration Movie ”Speecys Walking ” (27.367Mbytes, WMV format)

TOKYO— Japanese robotics venture Speecys CEO Tomoaki Kasuga (L) displays the world’s first fueled cell battery powered humanoid robot “Speecys-FC”, at 50cm tall and 4.2kg in weight, equipped with five fuel cell stacks, two on each arms and one on its back for emergency and hydrogen storage alloy on its head…. price of 2.62 million yen (24,000 USD).

Will the XBOX 360 be OPEN SOURCE?

Bill Gates is wacko
Microsoft is mulling over offering Xbox Software to outside companies and they made the announcement in Tokyo.
The rest-of-the-story is that here in Japan the XBox is wildly hated, and Microsoft sells fewer than 1,000 units a month. Wild speculation and guess which devices will comprise the new “open” Xbox in near future, but in the imortal words of Sherlock Homes, “The Game is afoot. “

Gates’ comments from Japan spread open source confusion and speculation
TOKYO—- Microsoft are strongly considering opening up the Xbox 360 by offering its software for outside development, according to latest reports coming out of Japan.
Unfortunately the reports are a little short on specifics but they come from a source no less than MS’s Chief Software Architect and all around head honcho big Bill Gates, who is currently touring the country..…more…..

Japanese robot stockholders rebel!


“ROBOTIC” is the one word to describe Japanese stockholders until recently. The stockholders were a rubberstamp for management malfeasance that cold be best described in one word as “ZOMBIE”.
Yep, Robotic Zombie Companies now shake in fear as stockholders demand some return on their investment which was denied to them.

Fanuc proposed takeover defense voted down by shareholders
TOKYO — Fanuc Ltd became the third company, after Tokyo Electron Ltd and Yokogawa Electric Corp, to see its proposed anti-takeover measure tossed out by shareholders in recent weeks, the Nihon Keizai Shimbun reported. Fanuc, the world’s largest industrial robot maker, had sought to revised its charter to allow management to increase the number of issued shares 2.3 fold as a defense against an unsolicited takeover offer.…more….

US: North Korea would lose any war (along with Japan and South Korea)

US General Jack E. Ripper says North Korea’s, “nuclear weapons does not change the balance on the [Korean] peninsula”.
YES! We can protect our “precious bodily fluids” and as a bonus, nuking Nort Korea would be a big boost for urban renewal in South Korea and Japan too.
dr strangelove bombdrop

North Korea would lose any war: US

Communist North Korea has at least one to two nuclear weapons but the United States and South Korea could still defeat it in any war, the commander of US forces in the South said yesterday. “Whether North Korea has one or several nuclear weapons does not change the balance on the peninsula” General Leon LaPorte…