Japanese “Decorers” — uglification as a personal decoration

My buddy Masa-sensei here in Tokyo, [Hi Masa!] has a new Japanese-word-of-the-day for me : “Decorer”.
Just in case you folks think that all Japanese girls are beautiful, here are Masa’sa photos of playful uglification as a personal decoration.
'decorer' girls

June 20, 2005
Decorer, process of cheerful decoration fasion trend
This fasion style called “Decorer ” (mean of decorator. In Japan , it is very popular J-English usage to attach the suffix, “ er ” to any words to mean the person who do something…

Japan’s “Family Mart” will introduce Americans to the new concept of convenience stores

Japan’s “Family Mart” convenience store to open in U.S.
TOKYO – Japanese convenience store operator FamilyMart Co. said Tuesday it plans to open 200 stores in the U.S. over the next four years, with the first ones in California. The inaugural U.S. store will open July 20 in West Hollywood, Calif., under the name “Famima,” the nickname widely used by Japanese.
It will offer traditional Japanese convenience store staples like “omusubi” rice balls, “bento” box lunches and sushi…”We would like our American customers to experience a new shopping style,” it said.

The reason I say Japan’s Family Mart will introduce Americans to the “new concept” of convenience stores is that in Japan these stores are really usefull and a service to the community. Japanese now they they invented the concept.
Of course the real deal rest-of-the-story is that 7-11 was originally a US idea, operated by Southland Corporation. Japan’s Ito-Yokado bought the rights to the US franchise and ended up buying the whole operation since the business has turned to crap in the States.
For the past 20 years in N. America, the number of convenience stores have been dropping but the size of the stores has been increasing. Most of the convenience stores in gas station plazas have the floor space of supermarkets before 1965.
Right now the highest demand for both supermarkets and convenience stores is in lower income areas. If they develop an Adams FAMILY MART made like a high-tech fortress, they could make “a killing” so to speak just as long as they sell smokes and booze.
But they better great rid of the crappy name, “Famima,” which sounds like a genetic disorder.

LICK MARIA SHARAPOVA’s . . . Japanese stamp

Ah, lick these.
Maria Sharapova stamps
EXCLUSIVE! Yes, only here on the 3Yen.com is the top-secret exclusive preview of the new stamp, hee, hee.

Tennis glam girl Sharapova back in Japan — on postage stamps TOKYO (AFP) – Russian tennis glamour girl Maria Sharapova, who is busy defending her title at Wimbledon, is at the same time coming back to her beloved Japan — in the form of postage stamps.
Japan Post said Wednesday that it will start receiving advanced orders later this week for stamps of the 18-year-old Sharapova, who has won three of her 10 singles titles in Japan….
Each sheet costs 3,150 yen (29 dollars) and carries 10 stamps of 80 yen each along with a collector’s picture of the starlet.

Still crazy after all these years…poison gas cult leader, Shoko Asahara

Shoko Asahara
Before the Tokyo subway gassing, I remember meeting Shoko from time to time in Ebisu when he would harrange the crowds in front of the train station. His assistents were real cute and “willing”. It turned out to be the cult’s entrapment policy. Yikes, I could have been one of them.

Japan cult leader ‘needs care’
The family of Shoko Asahara, jailed for leading the Japanese cult that gassed the Tokyo subway in 1995, says that he is mentally ill and needs treatment.
…Asahara, who has spent a decade in detention, mumbled unintelligibly and made unexplained gestures during his trial…[where he]… was sentenced to death in February 2004 after he was found guilty of 13 charges of murder and attempted murder.
e is appealing the verdict, but the trial has reportedly been stalled because his lawyer says it is impossible to communicate with him.…more…

15 year old psycho killer

killer kid
Ohhhh, the Japanese press is gonna have field day with this. It has all the elements of a good Japanese story: otaku boy, dead parents, Japanese “lost” youth.
Not much info yet….and it will have hard to get the facts because Japanese law protects the “privacy” of under 20 minors. Stay tuned.

15-year-old boy arrested on suspicion of killing parents

A 15-year-old high school student was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of killing his parents, who were found dead Monday in their living quarters at a dormitory for construction company employees in Tokyo’s Itabashi Ward where the father worked as a caretaker, police said.
The police quoted the boy as saying, ”I killed both parents…I was ridiculed by my father, so I thought of killing him.”…

Kyodo News in English website is redesigned and improved

Kyodo news redesigned
Like all Japan Inc news agencies, Kyodo News is boring to tears. However, the
Kyodo News in English is a good source of breaking news here in Japan.
Unfortunately in the past, the website was hard to navagate and “hid” major news stories from non-paying users. Out of the blue, today the site has been improved wildly on the English side. See http://home.kyodo.co.jp/
Be sure to click on the “ENGLISH” button to get it into the engrish mode.
Now the Kyodo News in English is a hell of a lot better and all the headlines of the last 60 minutes are available. Also the Java-based news ticker is better such as this one reporting the cluster of quakes that Japan has been having since around midnight today.
Java-based news ticker
At 1:18 AM (Sunday) I was having a fun dreamtime. I was halfway asleep during a magnitude 6.1 earthquake when the nubile night nurse came in to check on me. She had her hand under my covers taking my pulse or something comforting when I woke up. Wo0t! I thought I’d scored.
nubile night nurse

Hey Japan and Korea. Just let it go.

Sometimes the Koreas give get their shorts in a knot and themselves a wedgie.
Koreans' self-wedgie

And likewise, Japanese really don’t need to be bringing it up either. I wouldn’t show up to a international game dressed up in my pink Stetson and purple lizzard-skin cowboy boots (which I own), so why would this Japanese guy show up at a game in Greece dressed as a Kabuki actor playing a gay samuri? That just too “greek.”
Kabuki actor playing a gay samuri

Young Luke Skywalker in Japan Star Wars TV Series

Young Luke Skywalker May Be In The Star Wars TV Series!
Insomniac Mania, UK – 19 June 2005
Rick McCallum has shed a little more light on the upcoming “Star Wars” TV series in Japan, and has revealed that it will now feature the adventures of Luke growing up, according to AICN…

DISCLAIMER: I’m a Star Wars fan. I have no existence without Star Wars. My life is meaningless without Star Wars except Jar Jar…

OOPS. Nevermind. The above story is just my poor reading of the phrase “the upcoming “Star Wars” TV series in Japan”, hee, hee, which really was “Rick McCallum in Japan shed a little light on the upcoming “Star Wars” TV series.” More information from Slashdot.
“These aren’t the rumors you’re looking for. Move Along, Move along”


Check out this banner hanging in Tokyo’s Shinagawa Station announcing a “Measures Targeting Illegal Foreign Workers Month”, which I described last June in Gaijin go home!”
Japanese version of AUSLANDER RAUS!

No. of foreign residents in Japan hits record high
TOKYO —Foreign nationals registered as residents in Japan came to 1,973,747 as of the end of last year, setting a new record for the 36th consecutive year, the Immigration Bureau said in a report Friday. The number increased by 58,717 from a year earlier, and accounted for 1.55% of the entire population in Japan….Koreans, including those who were born in Japan, topped the list …

I love the way the Japanese govenment frets out the alien invasion when Japan has negative population growth—>read How a Gray Japan Can Thrive from BusinessWeek. Most of the Japanese “aliens” are Koreans who have lived in generations.
Another large group of aliens in Japan are “returning” Brazilians and Peruvians who were invited to come back to fold by the Japanese government (after their grandparents were coerced into leaving when Japan had overpopulation and food shortages). This has resulted is a small industry in Brazil and Peru for legally changing one’s family name to a Japanese one and the inventing fake Japanese family histories which the Japanese Immigration authorities knowingly avoid noticing. Sheesh.