Tokyo Tsunami

Tokyo Tsunami    sign Tokyo is just a Tsunami waiting to happen

–Time magazine, Sunday, Jan. 02,

Japanese Princess Sayako—the worlds smartest royal who’s taking the money and running

She dug her own grave … so she lay in it all 305 million yen of it, sheesh.
Princess Sayako, the only daughter of Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko, is dohaving a hell of a lot beter time than her sister-in-law, Crown Princess Masako who is in the loony bin under the strain of adapting to Japanese Imperial Court life.

Japanese princess reveals fears of life as a commoner
THE first Japanese princess to marry outside the Royal family in 45 years said yesterday she was anxious about starting life as a commoner, but her husband-to-be said he would help her cope. …
Female members of the Royal family who leave when they marry are entitled to a lump sum of up to 305 million yen (pound;1.5 million). …

Princess Sayako

Concrete torture cage of a native American in Okinawa Japan

Why keep a wolf in poodle cage? Kei is a whitish-grey north American timber wolf Japanese hatred of nature and wildlife rears it’s ugly head yet again
Japanese zoos and pet shops are the worst in the developed world for animal torture …and the Japanese like it that way since human housing is no better, sheesh.

Activists push Okinawa zoo to send aging timber wolf to U.S. sanctuary
Stars and Stripes (Okinawa Edition)
Kei is a whitish-grey north American timber wolf with haunting eyes who has lived all her life in a zoo and all but the first few months of it in the Okinawa Children’s Zoo. Now, where she’ll live the rest of it appears to have has pitted the zoo against an animal rights group led by a U.S. citizen who lives on Okinawa. …
…Kei is kept in a 22-foot by 13-foot enclosure that is mostly concrete, Leisure said, adding her home offers no natural habitat. He said she performs the same routine every day. “All she does is pace back and forth,” he said. “Our main problem is that it’s just too small. She’s a wolf, not a poodle.”

Write letters and email of protest to the Okinawa Prefecture Tourism Office telling them that you were planning a trip to Okinawa when you visit Japan next year but because of being
informed of the horrendous conditions of the animals in Okinawa`s zoo, Kodomo no Kuni — particularly complain about Yoshinobu Nishikawa, executive administrator, and Genwa Higa, zoo director. Let those two take the heat for prefecture revenue loss. Here is the e-mail to that office:
Here is their snail mail address:
Okinawa Prefecture Tourism and Culture Office
Mario Ginama, Executive Administrator
1-2-2 Izumizaki, Naha City, Okinawa 900-8570 Japan

1st Bird Flu hits Japan!

Now is time for Doomwatch Influenza Japan. Japan medial research and disease control measures are very poor because the island nation has been relatively disease free for decades.
Kyoto farm worker had bird flu.
dead chickens

Japan Times–One person caught the bird flu virus while working at a contaminated poultry farm after an outbreak in Japan last February, in the first case of human infection confirmed in Japan, the government said Wednesday.

Yikes! I’m in the Real World snowboarding

Nope I’m not in Japan but in Copper Mountain, Colorado USA for my Christmas-Break-from-Japan.
ski taro
News from Japan will be slow till Jan 4th the Honorable First Day of Work.

SAVE OUR FILIPINAS! (Hookers for Japan picket)

Japan is trying to cut the number of “entertainer” visas issued to Filipinas from 80,000 to 8,000 a year as part of a government action plan against human trafficking. Japan offers six-month visa to “certified” dancers, singers or other entertainers, but this is just a sex trade visa. Even though the US has more than twice the population of Japan, it issues only 3,000 such short-term visas for actual entertainers.
Filipina hookers raise their fists during a visa protest

MANILA, PHILIPPINES: Filipina women raise their fists during a protest outside the Department of Labor and Employment in Manila, 15 December 2004…protested against the Japanese government’s decision to slash ten-fold the number of visas issued to Filipinos as entertainers in a bid to stop sex trafficking, a problem whose scale has put Japan on a US watch list.

“Gross National Cool” as Japan’s only hope for a foreign policy

This “Gross National Cool” policy for Japan is either “cho-kool” (mega-cool) or really pathetic: I can see it both ways. Promoting Kabuki that is less relevant than opera or anime cartoons for kids and perverts does not seem to be a solid stragegy. On the other hand, such a policy is “cool” and Japan’s brand image could use any help it can get. It’s hard to make the Land-of-Concrete(tm) and Home-of-the-Zombie-Salarymen look better than it is in reality—- that is, Japan is like the movie Blade Runner on a Bad-Hair Day.
credit to photo via

Japan advised to promote “Gross National Cool” as foreign policy
AFP via Yahoo! News – Dec 13 9:10 AM
With its films and cartoons drawing strong followings abroad, Japan
should promote its “Gross National Cool” as a tool of foreign policy,
experts advised Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi…more…

Roppongi, Tokyo’s Dead Zone…

This has become an increasing familiar story in one of Tokyo’s dozens of sleaze districts but Vietnamese-American Matthew Littauer, who operates a just plain-old accounting consulting firm was stabbed to death. NOTHING will be done and the police will ignore this because the Japanese police don’t like “getting involved”–it’s disturbs the
“Wa” meh.

A foreign male was found stabbed in Tokyo’s Roppongi district Thursday night and later died, police said early Friday. The police said the man died of multiple stab wounds after being found on the third floor of a building in Minato Ward at around 11:10 p.m. [Thursday, Dec 2]

Bamboo brushes mounted on trains for Japanese snow season

NHK WORLD DAILY NEWS—Snowplow train begins operating in Sapporo
In Sapporo in Japan’s northernmost prefecture of Hokkaidoa, snowplow streetcar equipped with bamboo brushes began work on Monday to clear the city tram’s tracks.
The snowplow has 30-centimeter long bamboo brushes called “Sasara.” They are mounted on both ends of the car and rotate 250 times a minute to remove the snow on the lines…..
—>See video

Japan’s high suicide rate mystifies the rest of the world

IOL: World
…..Japan has the highest suicide rate in the industrialised world, a phenomenon often linked to the lack of cultural taboo about suicide but reluctance to discuss it openly.
Suicide rates have picked up since the economy began to slump in the 1990s, as the once unthinkable idea of economic insecurity has taken hold. Japan registered a record high of 34 427 suicides in 2003……