Dead woman found in a suitcase on *MY* footpath home

silver suitcase
I guess I walked right past the sodai-gomi suitcase on Friday night on the way home. Cre-e-e-e-apy.

Woman found dead in suitcase in Yokohama forest
YOKOHAMA — The body of a woman was found in a suitcase dumped in a forest here, police said.
A manager of the Chigasaki Park in Yokohama’s Tsuzuki-ku discovered a silver suitcase left in a forest on Sunday afternoon and tried to lift it, officers said.…more…

Ok I’ve checked the maps of the news reports. I did not walk past the dead body. It was on the opposite end of my park more than 1.5 km away. The body was dumped near the German School for gaijin kids in the large Chigasaki-Minami park next to that international school. Monday, the German kids would have found the body for sure. Yikes, that was a close one. The map to location is here.
UPDATE: Jan 27…The woman’s body found in suitcase believed to be Thai…
UPDATE: Japan 28: NHK radio says that the Thai women is from Tokyo not Yokohama.


Sgt. Shoichi Yokoi
On this day, Jan 24, 1972, local farmers in Guam discovered Shoichi Yokoi. Sgt. Shoichi Yokoi, a Japanese imperial army straggler who lived in the jungles of Guam for 28 years after World War II ended.
Actually he knew very well the war had ended but he didn’t have a life to go back to Japan and he enjoyed stealing and sniping at Guamanian people so much that could not give him self up.

Japanese Prime Minister Koizumi has a Korean love child

This illegitimate child is being assumed why Koizumi is being pushed out before his tenure ends a year from next September. Here’s the picture via Captain Japan and Using the “ninjashot” techniques, Mr Ninjashot took these to photos of Prime Minister Koizumi’s geisha girlfriend as she shuffled along a street in kimono at around the time that news of their relationship became widely known.
Click for full-size picture…

Japan Today/Shukan Post: Illegitimate child rumors may be part of plot to unseat Koizumi
At the end of last year, a shocking rumors ran through Nagata-cho, according to the tabloids, namely that Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi might have fathered an illegitimate child. According to Shukan Post, about 10 years ago, Koizumi got to know a second-generation Korean woman who owned a Korean hostess club. They subsequently had a son who goes to junior high school now and who lives with his mother at an apartment in Tokyo. Several LDP members recall seeing Koizumi cradling the baby 10 years ago.

Yet another reason to toss out your keitai

Gee, this was the only kind of email I got on my keitai cell phone…until I through it away last month since the damn thing was too small to use anyway. I absolutely refuse to use a cell phone until they offer a screen and keyboard that’s at least the size of paperback and a bluetooth headset with PERFECT voice recognition.

`Friendly’ cellphone messages carry a hefty price

….Cases of “friendly mail” fraud are spreading. It works like this: You receive an instant message on your phone from a name that you recognize, either that of a friend or your phone service provider.
If you respond by clicking on an URL link in the message, you get whisked to a nasty site and whammed with a big service charge. This type of fraud arrives via popular cellphone short message services (SMS, aka instant messaging….

Hokkaido mother pays up for Self-Defense Force son’s tank crash

This woman fell victim to “it’s me, send money” fraudsters with a great sense of imagination. Even though Japanese TV and news warns of ore ore (“it’s me, send money”) frauds, you gotta admire the scammers creativity. To learn more on this: “re ore sagi” scam.
Hokkaido mom's home and business
FNN — A Hokkaido housewife in her forties was defrauded of 1.3 million yen in cash after a caller pretending to be her son in the Self-Defense Force said he had crashed a tank into a gate and needed the money to pay for damages.
See the Japanese < !yawn> news report< !yawn> video here.

Humanoid Soccer League Championships in the heart of Osaka where robots will walk, run and go along shopping with humans

Here’s proof of availablity and heavy use of drugs in Japan.
ENJOY, hee, hee.

Kansai in focus: New Year marks beginning of major changes around Osaka Station
The year 2005 is likely to be called a year that will determine whether Osaka will be able to move forward to take large steps toward becoming an international ‘metropolitan area with a sense of existence.’…the International Humanoid Soccer League Championship RoboCup that has been held since 1997, has been calling in public lectures for the proposed base to be ‘open-type research facilities where all kinds of technologies on robotics will be evolved and that the facilities will conduct experiments and make proposals on symbiosis of robots and humans and their living space of tomorrow.’ If such plans are crystallized, ‘futuristic metropolitan space’ completely different from such developed areas as Tokyo’s Shiodome district will be realized in the heart of Osaka where robots will walk, run and go along shopping with humans. Asada said if Osaka creates the ‘sole facilities and space’ people will come from the rest of the world….

Advanced Robot ArmyAdvanced Robot Army

Japanese dropping from Croaking from nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, cramps and…

As usual, it’s the Japanese health personel causing this problem in nursing houmes and hospitals.
The Japanese concept of Uchi-Soto gets extended to medical environments. Uchi / Soto or inside-our-house vs outside-our-house when xtended to medical environments means med staff gets lax inside their work areas because it’s inside-our-house and everyone knows you can’t get sick inside your own house, ri-i-i-ight.

3,800 people in Japan suspected of “stomach flu” virus infection, 14 die
TOKYO, Jan. 11 (Xinhuanet) — A total of 3,851 people, mainly in homes for the elderly, have shown symptoms of “stomach flu” in …more…

Japanese Muji objects-o-art for sale in NYC

It’s weird to think of Andy Warhol as a provincial and unlearned but is deadpan rumination on the future, ” Someday, all department stores will become museums, and all museums will become department stores” is just damn stupid.
In Japan, department stores have ALWAYS served as museums, sheesh.
muji logomuji store

Museum Quality
How a “no-brand” Japanese retail chain found a home at a MoMA store
NY Times (Magazine) 2AM 9 Jan
….MoMA Design Store: the first North American Muji outlet. A consumer-goods chain with 280 stores in Japan, Muji has managed to stake out space in something so presumably highfalutin as a museum design boutique partly because the 270 or so Muji objects for sale in the SoHo store are (according to store publicity) ”appealing, useful and essential” items for the ”design-savvy consumer.”….more….

Japan’s Child-Sex-for-Food Program for Tsunami Orphans?

Leave it to the Japanese to find a new use for texting on their beloved keitai cellphones.—>Child-Sex-for-Food Relief Program .

Saving Aceh’s Orphans from Traffickers
The government, police, non-government organizations and religious groups have vowed to stop child traffickers from selling children whose parents were among the approximately 100,000 people killed …child traffickers are now preying on some of the estimated 50,000 orphans at refugee camps and hospitals in Aceh and neighboring North Sumatra province. They allege that children are being stolen and then offered for sale or adoption via cellular phone SMS (short message service) text messages… urging people to help out by adopting “tsunami orphans” in need of new homes and families after the December 26 natural disaster…
Child trafficking has for years been rampant in Indonesia, with many children reportedly trafficked to Malaysia, Taiwan and Japan to serve as sex slaves….

Burn in the New Year! American fruitcake torches historic Yokohama church

Here’s a strange one…an American torches an unused church in Japan. I wonder what his problem was? I drive by that church all the time–nice place. However, this is the FOURTH TIME it has bit the dust–Maybe God is telling them something.
Yokohama's Yamate Sei Ko Kai church

American arrested for burning down historic church in Yokohama
…The 23-year-old suspect, Douglas Masaru Miller, a resident of Yokohama’s Naka-ku, was arrested after he turned himself in to police at about 8 p.m. on Tuesday, saying he had set the Yokohama Yamate Sei Ko Kai church in Naka-ku on fire….. designed by American architect J.H. Morgan and completed in 1931, and is well known as a sightseeing spot.

Sei Ko Kai church before the fire