Cthulhu Christmas?

A giant squid was seen just paddling around Toyama Bay in a marina on the morning of 24th. It’s rare that living giant squid to be seen so close the shore and on the surface. The length of the giant was about 4m and its girth was about 1m.

Some of the many other videos of this Cthulhu Christmas in Toyama Prefecture Japan include:
   • https://youtu.be/7Bxj_58_xeY
   • https://youtu.be/bCUMCrUKZsg

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Something fishy about Christmas Eve in Japan

squid-mas tree snow glitteried
No doubt about it, there’s always something fishy about Christmas Eve in Japan.

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HAPPY″ in Fujisawa just south of Yokohama…

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Internet addiction continues to rise in Japan

hikikomori geek
Japanese experts are blaming the the increasing quality of digital content and the plague of smartphone/keitai zombies (3Yen 2014-07-06) for the continuing increase of Net addicts, who often prefer the Internet over other essential activities such as sleeping (or sex).

Internet addiction rising in Japan
NHK WORLD Oct. 15, 2014
A panel of experts in Japan says more than 4.2 million people in the country are addicted to the internet…addiction is up 50 percent from the last survey 6 years ago.
Addiction is suspected when people neglect their work or household chores as a result of spending too much time online.

Click to play. (in Japanese)

The Japanese government needs a crash program to provide all Internet junkies with the “iFeel_IM” — the “Virtual Hugging Vest” has been created at Toyohashi University of Technology.
As shown below, the “iFeel_IM” can simulate the feel of a hug or shrug using the tight vest and electronic sensors and vibrotactile actuators. The iFeel_IM’s website describes that the vest can provide hikomori/socially-isolated geek with: “The quickened thump of an angry heart beat, a spine-tingling chill of fear, or that warm-all-over sensation sparked by true love — all can be felt even as your eyes stay glued to a computer screen.”
iFeel_IM Affective Haptics in Emotional Communication..

For more about this perfect solution, refer to the previous report on the 3Yen (2010-04-10): sad iFeel_IM

Don’t attempt…


There is nothing wrong with your screen. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are controlling transmission. If we wish to make it louder, we will bring up the volume. If we wish to make it softer, we will tune it to a whisper.
For the next 48 hours, sit quietly in your airline seat and we will control all that you see and hear.
We repeat: there is nothing wrong with your screen. You are about to participate in a great adventure. You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the inner mind to — the outer limits of MY VACATION IN THE REAL WORLD

A fair shake … Japan style

akb48 handshake event

Late last May, two members of the megapopular idol group “AKB48″ had to be hospitalized after they were attacked by a crazed fan wielding with a saw during the group’s meet ’n’ greet. Since then there has been much angst about how to safely hold akushukai / “handshaking” events.

Many ideas have been suggested (3Yen / 2014-05-26 ), but the following was the most “Japanese” solution.


Translation: This new video conference system that can shake hands was created by a research group of the University of Osaka. The system allows you to remotely shake hands with a distant person by tele-connecting them using a robot pseudo-hand during an online conversation.

Mission accomplished! icon_thumbsup

‘J-CRAT’ — Japan’s new Geek Police


The exciting name J-CRAT stands for: ‘Cyber Rescue and Advice Team against targeted attack of Japan’ (Note 4: ipa.go.jp/about/press…).

Watch the always-dorky NHK News report (in Japanese but self-explanatory) about the newest Geek Police of Japan.

Click the view the news video at Japan’s public broadcaster, NHK.

Sleepwalking through life in Japan

keitai schoolgirl vlc

As a folllow-up to last week’s report of Smartphone/keitai Zombies of Tokyo (3Yen / 2014-07-06) , check out the following BBC news report on Tokyo’s growing problem with people ‘dumbwalking’ with cellphones.


Japan enters the era of smartphones and ‘dumbwalking’
BBC | July 14, 2014
More than half of all Japanese now own a smartphone and the proportion is rising fast.
But with that rise has grown another phenomenon – the smartphone walk.
It’s that glacial pace people only adopt when they’re staring at a phone screen – their head down, arms outstretched, looking like zombies trying to find human prey
entering the ‘dumbwalking’ era: Will it change Japanese phone etiquette, notably the best in the world?

blowing-the-whistle tokyo metro
Blowing-the-whistle on the dumbwalking boar is July’s poster from the Tokyo Metro’s “WATCHING YOU” campaign for better train manners. See this full-sized poster and all the Tokyo Metro’s manners posters at the official website.