Waka waka waka in Asakusa

Waka waka waka in Tokyo’s Asakusa…


Waka waka waka!
Pac-Man gives tourists a special rickshaw ride in Asakusa.
— The Japan Times (@japantimes) Dec. 29, 2016

puck-man-machineIn case you ever wondered…The name of Pac-Man is pronounced in Japanese pakku-man (パックマン) coming from the fun onomatopoeic phrase, paku-paku taberu (パクパク食べる) meaning to gooble up. When first released in Japan in 1979, the game was written in big roman letters “PUCK MAN” on the arcade machine. However, when the game was brought to the U.S. by Midway, they wisely changed title to Pac-Man so vandals wouldn’t alter the name to ƒUCK MAN. (Wikipedia)puck-man-closeup
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Sony Music Global says Britney’s dead


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Kumamon’s kinky castle expo

Let’s SEXPO 2016 mon~!
Think Kink in the Clink…at Kumamoto Castle, モン~
…sayeth the Kumamon.


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Translated from Japanese by Bing
I went to the Castle EXPO2016, mon! Think of the Castle, Kumamoto Castle…. mon~

How to wrap Japanese Xmas presents

hinky-wrap-japan Thanks to Kotaku.com, here’s the newest way to wrap Japanese XXXmas presents—Otona Maki/おとなまき, lit. “adult wrapping”.
Ok, ok, the claim is that this a Japanese therapeutic method emulates the comfortable feel of a mother’s womb, but it obviously that its just another example of Japa-hinkiness.
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‵‵In Japan, There’s A Freaky-Looking Way To Relax otona-maki

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AIR CHAIR BATTLE of Japanese schoolgirls

goofy Google Translate:
Two high school girls hesitating over the only vacant seat in a train lose it to a woman who sneaks in between them and takes it. Much annoyed, sparks fly as the schoolgirls stare each other down, face off, and an AIR CHAIR BATTLE ensues.


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Penile Party on Pocky Day

November 11 PockyMy buddy @Pubgobilin gave me a heads-up on what he called a “Penis Party” on 11/11—November 11th, which also happens to be the semi-phallic Pocky Day (3Yen / 2010-11-11).


11/11 Phallic Worship Summit
goofy Google Translate of www.loft-prj.co.jp
Genital summit of century is finally being held in Osaka at “Loft Plus One West”! ~
Our Japanese faith in the Sex Gods has been handed down from ancient times. Travelers’ guardian deities in the form of phalli quietly protect on the roadsides … In order to protect the phallic worship that is being be lost with modernization, now is the time the power of our Chi to rise—The Phallic Generation.



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Today is ‘Margarine Day’ in Japan, w00t!

Today, October 24th, is Japan’s official Margarine Day, w0oT?!

fake-butter-day(“10/24 is Margarine Day”)

Why October 24th?

October 24th is the birthday of the French chemist, Hippolyte Mège-Mouriès, who created margarine as a substitute for butter in 1869 as a result of a request by Emperor Napoleon III (Wiki). Therefore, the Japan Margarine Industry Association picked the 24th for Japan’s Margarine Day.
Refer to the association’s official website at:
         margarine-cp.com (goofy Google Translate)logo


Indonesian hero streams ‘Watch Tokyo Hot’ pøяn over a highway billboard


Indonesian streams Þøяn over highway billboard, faces six years in jail
The Japan Times | Oct. 5, 2016
An Indonesian arrested for hacking into a Jakarta electronic billboard and streaming a Þørn film during rush hour could face up to six years in jail, police said Wednesday.
The Japanese film “Watch Tokyo Hot” was broadcast for 10 minutes on the advertising screen on Friday at a major intersection in the capital, leaving motorists variously amusedmore...


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WE’RE BA-a-a-aCK!

Sorry about that gitch that took News.3Yen.com off-line for the past day, but…

Tokyo’s GOMIzilla?

Here’s GOMIzilla, Godzilla’s little-known, blue-collar cousin from Tokyo.

GOMI (ゴミ) means garbage in Japanese.


Quirky heap at a construction site. #Naha #Okinawa #Japan gomizilla-_500xjapans-many-faces
• ッツJapan's many faces (@japansmanyfaces) Sept. 25, 2016


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