‘enjoy immediate f∅reigner’

Everyday I get fun engrish advertisements, but this one from an Indian restaurant and entertainment chain takes the prize.

Club eventscam enjoy immediate freigner from Roppongi Station! Grobal minx…

The names were slightly changed in the above ad to protect the innocent and have it fall under parody laws
… but you get the idea how the native English speaking owners and managers of this entertainment chain are having their chain pulled by their Japanese staff.


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Tokyo’s biggest‑&‑wildest…

Today is Tokyo’s biggest-&-wildest festival, the Sanja Matsuri.

Asakusayakuza-babereporter_bigger— Tokyo Reporter (@tokyoreporter) May 14, 2016 pic.twitter.com/IYU50IPbKE


The Sanja Matsuri (三社祭, literally “Three Shrine Festival”) had heavily tattooed yakuza gangsters out in full force carrying the portable shrines through the endless crowds. Held in the Asakusa temple district, an area 1000 meters by 200 meters, the crowd this year numbers between 1.5 to 2 million people—crushed.

You can see more photos of the masuri/festival parade in the Comments section…



Privacy is back

dazzle-googlesThree years ago, in Anti‑surveillance chic from Japan (2013-01-29)
we covered these Invisibility Glasses″ of Professor Isao Echizen at Tokyo’s National Institute of Informatics. Well, the professor is back with better haircut and mega-funding from Nissey Corp.


For a mere ¥36,000 or about $331 USD, you can buy the new Privacy Visor″ Nissey Corp., Gort_Firing and you too can defeat the forces of evil with style with your own Gort Visor (Wiki).

Learn more about the new visor from the Nissey’s Press Release.

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US Ambassador to Japan, Caroline Kennedy,

US Ambassador to Japan, Caroline Kennedy(Wiki), learns the realities of her true mission here…

Caroline Kennedy presented with a whip at this year's Tokyo Rainbow Pride.
whipMulboyne May 8, 2016


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VibeBar, the Wild One

Many times I think entertainment venues in Tokyo are just trolling us with click bait…

The VibeBar–Wild One (dildo bar) click to view.

Learn more at the official website that is is sort-of-bilingual at: vibebar.jp


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The new, new Tokyo 2020 Olympics logo

After fiasco of the pervious plagiarized logo (L) for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics (3Yen 2015-09-02). the winner of the new, new logo contest is the Olympic Lobster Bib!

This chequered design in the traditional Japanese colour of indigo blue expresses a refined elegance and sophistication that exemplifies Japan.
Composed of three varieties of rectangular shapes, the design represents different countries, cultures and ways of thinking. It incorporates the message of ‘unity in diversity’.

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It has been a week since the Kumamoto Earthquakes (3Yen 2015-Apr-16) and several thousand people are now living in school gyms and town halls with no place to go. So…

*”Box Man” (箱男 – Hako otoko) by Kobo Abe
Abe’s classic novel describes a salaryman who walks away from his stultifying life to live in a large cardboard box he wears over his head

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Reaction to Prince’s death in Japan

“Derpus Maximus,” a frequent contributor to the 3Yen wrote in to ask:

Q: Who is this "Prince" and why give a puce puck about "プリンス" when most that comes up in google japan are crappy cats? angry


A: "プリンス" (Prince-san) is a favorite character in the Nekatosume moblie game app in Japan and the The Artist Formerly Known as the Artist Formerly Known as Prince and Now Known as Prince Again was never big-in-Japan. Likewise, Prince was never is longer big on Japan. (There is no Prince playing on Tokyo radio stations—Japan MTV and the other half dozen music television stations are totally ignoring his death, unlike the big deal made here for the death of David Bowie last January.)
He only came to Japan a few times—the last being in in September of 1996 as shown in the photo of him at Narita Airport.




The vultures gather over the Japan quake(s)

It’s still shaking here—more than 400 aftershocks since the initial quake–In fact the official name for it is the "Kumamoto Earthquakes" (Wiki).

To add to the "fun" are the a zillions scammers sending out fake spam appeals for money for the Kumamoto relief efforts, grrr.

prey-on-kumamoto Kumamon ↑ the official mascot of Kumamoto Prefecture


second-harvest It’s best to trust the established, locally-based charities such as: Second Harvest Japan, JAL’s Kumamoto Earthquake Relief Effort Miles, Japan’s Community Chest Japan, Japanese Red Cross Society

The authorities are wisely pleading for nobody to physically help. Specifically, Kumamoto Prefectural government is saying:

“The kindness of people wanting to volunteer and send goods is much appreciated, but please wait until we are ready to do so.”

In past disasters, volunteers came to help without proper transportation or lodging, and they just added to the mess.