New year…New Japanese girlfriend

For the new year, here’s your new Japanese girlfriend, Ms Kosaka Cocona (高坂ここなちゃん).

Cocona-chan is a creation of Speecys Corporation, which they describe her as a ‵‵life-size large motion figure platform.′′ Here on the 3Yen, first covered a “species” aka Speecys-FC ™ way back in 2005. The goal Cocona-chan is: 『 必要な場所に美しい関節を自由に設置できる 』
‵‵To put beautiful joints easily everywhere you need.′′

In the below video, check out what the company calls: “Cocona and her bones dancing together.”


A summary of the Speecys’ patented technology. Previously on the 3Yen we covered Speecys Corporation’s Robot-son-of-a-bitchaibo.


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Leftover Japanese Christmas cake

After a long and tiring Christmas day, Kumamon the mascot woke up from fitful sleep the next morning on Boxing Day. He was dreaming of eating leftover Japanese Christmas cake*

It was his mattress.


Translated from Japanese by Microsoft
‵‵I’ll do it today! You’re going to be alright, mon 〜☆.′′

180px-Strawberry_shortcake4 *Kurisumasu keki (クリスマスケーキ), Japanese Christmas cake, is an industrial sponge cake made many months before in the late summer and fall and deeply refrigerated. Then the week before Christmas, it’s layered with engineered whipped cream (seroprotein, caseinate, sugar, lecithin, modified starch, etc.), studded with beautiful-but-tasteless hothouse strawberries, and decorated with tiny, plastic, Xmas figurines and gimcrack.



“Duck”? It’s possible, perhaps.

At home, the Japanese Christmas goose should be going in the oven now. It’s a Japanese “goose” that could be large, mislabeled, Muscovy duck rather than a goose because Japanese often confuse the two…鴨しれない。*

*Pun on the word “duck.” Normally, the Japanese word for duck is kamo /鴨. However, in the phrase かもしれない/かも “Kamo shirenai” it means “It’s possible, perhaps.”

Kitanosaurus Khristmas?




kitanosaurus_kita_shi This kracked Khristmas Kitanosaurus statue popped up in my Twitter feed today and it got me wondering what as the meaning of the strange statue in the Osaka subway and if it had a backstory.

I googled “Kitanosaurus” since I’m not not very familiar with Osaka and I discovered that there were plenty of photos of the beastie but no information in English* about the statue except its location in JR Kita-Shinchi Station.
It turns out that the キタノザウルス aka “Kitano Zaurus” was installed in June 23, 1997 by the Osaka Advertising Association with the wish it would become a meeting place. The idea is that the Japanese word “Kitano” means ‘Northside.’

It also turns out there is a “Kitano Zaurus Legend
Long ago and far away, far away in the Jurassic period there lived a monster daughter called “Kitano.” One day she came to the beach in Osaka Kitano, carrying a rice packed in rice straw bundle on her back to meet with her friend. However, the friend not come as promised. Kitanosaurus waited for long time and finally fell asleep.
Finally on June 23, 1997, when someone tickled her, Kitanosaurus woke up for a long, long sleep while saying, “…Has he come yet?”


And that is the secret of Kitanosaurus’ feet.
There is a heart mark on the sole of the right foot and on the sole of the left foot is written the instruction to, “Touch me for good luck.

icon kitasaurus
However, as the last laugh on the Osaka Advertising Association’s promotional efforts, the Kitanosaurus has a reputation of being, “The meeting place nobody knows*.” Even Kunio Sato, the creator of Kitanosaurus says, “There aren’t any people there, so anyone who waits there can be found immediately.”

Idiot = baka = Trump

For some strange reason, if you Google the word ‘idiot’… a picture of Trump comes up, hee, hee. This even happens in a Japanese search of バカ/baka (idiot) or バカ (idiot) + トランプ (Trump).
BAKA-Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 9.33.48


The Kumamon’s Thanksgiving has so much to thank Cthulhu for, モーン☆〜!

Goofy Google Translate:
‵‵Bear〜! I’m going to be fine today!′′




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YELLOW SNOW donuts, only in Japan

There’s a tremendous tittering on twitter about new “Yellow Snow” donuts Christmas promotion from Mr. Donut Japan.

Translating Mr. Donut Japan:
←Available from November 9~ Xmas donuts

リース/Risu fashion
Yellow Snow

↑Banana-flavored chocolate coated with Old Fashioned donut, topped with a golden shower/spray & sparkling sugar —…
This Mr. Donut+Pokemon promo is limited to Christmas. Also note that リース/Risu means ‘squirrel’ but in this context it’s referring to a Pokémon incarnation or a “wreath” (which is the same word in Japanese).

Speaking of yellow snow, gold-colored donuts, be sure not to miss our previous post: Eat me! Japanese Ice Queen Arakawa’s golden doughnuts (3Yen / 2006-02-26)



LINE UP: Tokyo’s favorite

No matter where you go in Tokyo—the trains, the bank, the toilet— you can enjoy queuing in the company of others in the line up fun.

UPDATE: Oops, I forgot about the “Prior Art” that I posted way back in 2010 about the lining up for the Tokyo Metro Human Centipede.


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Tokyo Halloween manners

tokyo metro manners sign
The Tokyo Metro has put up “manners” posters warning everyone not to have Halloween fun (3Yen / 2015-10-01/)

 metro manners sign
The rest-of-the-story
For the past 30 years it has been a Halloween tradition among us gaijin/foreigners to take over one rail car of Tokyo’s main loop, the Yamamote Line, for a party…much to the annoyance of the sad-sack salarymen who hate their gloomy decorum being disrupted.


All I can say about that is