To quote the Beaned video below:

The harvesting the soybeans in the field turn the Prince of Beans mascot crazy!
Happy turn green soya beans taste!



This isn’t the first time the 3Yen has been Toasted! Full of beans. Even McDonald’s Japan is Full of Beans so to speak.


The bride worn goth



錦戸 彩花‏> @dooon_a | 4 June 2017


Gothic-lolita wedding dress — “kawaii” worn by Ayaka Nishikido


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‘Do you know Japanese ______?’

“Do you know Japanese ______?” is a quirky Japanese-English sentence construction you will constantly be asked in Japan:
“Do you know sushi?” “Do you know sumo?” “Do you know Japanese sento (public bath)?” or in this case, “Do you know Viennese coffee?


Damn. I’ve been suckering into a really old, bad Japanese joke—an “oyaji gag” with the above BuzzFeed Japan post of, “Do you know Viennese coffee?
Japanese follows the proper name of the the city Vienna, “Wien” as it is in German by writing it in Japanese phonetically as “Wi~n” (ウィーン) and can be mispronounced Wee-na (wiener) like the sausage. Therefore, Japanese “Viennese coffee” can be “Wiener coffee” which is what Japanese refers to the Austrian style drink with whipped cream on top of coffee. Japanese also has other fun words for ordering coffee such as “American coffee” (アメリカンコーヒー) is a largish weak coffee and a “Dutch coffee” (ダッチ・コーヒー) is cold brew.

“Do you know Japanese jokes?” They are called “oyaji gag” (親父ギャグ) —literally meaning “father’s joke”—Japan’s equivalent of what would be called “dad jokes” in English based on a bad pun or a play on words. Japanese “Viennese coffee” has plenty of this engrish gag

Begets, begets, begets …

Friend of the 3Yen, Mulboyne writes:

For Easter 2017, you don’t just get Kewpie in an Elmo Easter Bunny outfit like 2016 (left). This year you also get him in an egg (right).


The Egg begets the Easter Bunny who begets Elmo who in turn begets Kewpie and thus begetting The Inner True Form??true-colors-true-form

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Hanging out with Japan’s Crown Prince

small_open-fly-closeupHanging out with Crown Prince Naruhito, Speaker of the Ukraine parliament, Andrei Parubii, is pictured with his fly open. | 2017-March-02 (Tip of our hat to our reader “SovietSupreme” for the link.)

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Biker gang rampages because of no dates on Valentine’s Day

An actual Japanese biker/bosozoku gang call to action…

Gang of guys without girls,
let’s run wild!!

A better Japanese biker/bosozoku call to action…

♪~ Soy un perdedor / I’m a loser baby, so why don’t you kill me?

Here’s a TV news report in Japanese showing parts of a police video of the bosozoku “rampage”—They look real scary, don’t they?
( ´_⊃`)

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Goofy signs help Japanese city with foreign tourists

Japan city tackles language barrier with quirky signs
icon_winkBBC News (World) 2015-Feb-09
The signs are in use in the city of Morioka, Iwate Prefecture, where officials hope they will make visitors who don’t speak Japanese feel more welcome…more…

pork-inside_640x-1_spicySee all the goofy signs at:…

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Squid ‘Kaiju’ vs Monbemon Monster

And, the proliferation of loose-character monsters in Hokkaido, the north island of Japan has been remarkable.

Squid kaiju vs Monbemon monster

Google Translate:

Creepy organism that is reflected with a blank expression on one’s face next to the first place of Monbemon. This is just as it is seen, is your local character of Hakodate, Hokkaido, which was the squid in the model. But now that call themselves the “alien”, not just a squid. They are invaders who came from outer space in order to my thing Hakodate, full stomach and crawling, waged attractions us and fight day and night, such as trying to protect the city, “Tawarobo” and “air fortress Goryokaku” of Hakodate … … Well, I’m sorry. The other what is somehow ….



Morning wood

Kumamon gets some massive morning wood, mon~ ☆

Translated from Japanese by Bing

Good morning bear ~ ☆ one day today bear!

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♫~Still crazy after all these years . . . Aum Shinrikyo

Back the ’80s I used to see the “star” of this video game, the doomsday cult leader, Shoko Asahara, at my train station.


Game Based Upon a Real Life Act of Domestic Terrorism, Possibly Produced by the Cult Responsible, Is As Unsettling As It Sounds
Attract Mode / January 25, 2017
Kamikuishiki-mura Monogatari…is a doujin soft [game] published for the PC-88, which according to Tokugawa Corp is “Based on the Aum Shinrikyo cult responsible for the 1995 sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway”
Kamikuishiki-mura Monogatari operates as a resource management sim, with the goal being the successful deployment of the chemical agent to targeted trains

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