Silently judgmental

JUdgemental-life^review^slogan_As the Japanese blithefully went about their business, the trash cans silently questioned a foreigner’s decision for living in Japan.

Would you like
to review
what your life
should be…?


‘Know Drugs’ mascot

The 3Yen’s friend-in-the-real-world of over on Mondo Mascots writes about…


Yokohama City’s drug abuse prevention mascot is Noodora-kun, a syringe with a knot in its needle. No drug, know drug!

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 16.48.09

What he fails to mention is that like most major mascots in Japan, Noodora-kun (Mr. Nodrug) has a companion mascot, Knowdrugs-chan. (L).
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Domo-kun Ver. 2.0?

This is the twentieth birthday of the NHK TV character Domo-kun and there’s speculation here in Japan about:
‵‵Whatever happened to Domo-kun, the furry brown monster with the jagged maw?′′

Could Domo-kun at 20 mean 2.0? | 2018/09/13
Domo-kun has been largely absent from social media. Today’s mascots, on the other hand, use everything at their disposal to win you over it isn’t so much that Domo-kun has disappeared; it’s more that the mascot field he helped push into popularity has become more crowded.


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Oops / Poops

‵‵Please carry away the toilet paper to the
restroom without putting it in the garbage can.

Recently spotted oops-engrish at an upscale Tokyo hotel.



Rude hoards of loud, littering, misbehaved Chinese tourists are the bane of the residents living/commuting/working near the major tourist areas of Tokyo and Kyoto. Typically mainland Chinese tourists are viewed as “pollution” by residents here, both Japanese and foreign (even by fellow “Chinese” from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc.).

Specially, the strange signage about taking, ‵‵away the toilet paper to the restroom without putting it in the garbage can,′′ is caused by the puny plumbing in China (and other Asian countries) that cannot handle flushing toilet paper.
Chinese household sewer pipes are 50mm or less (2 in.) in diameter. Western plumbing is twice as large in diameter at 100mm (4 in.) or larger. In China there will be a basket by the side of the toilet for throw paper, yuck.

Translated from Japanese by Microsoft:
Don’t be surprised! This is the language level of a not-at-all-cheap hotel in the middle of Tokyo in 2018. Luckily I was able to poop and use the restroom correctly because I could read it in Japanese instead of English. Probably.

Hello Kitty beheaded!

They killed Hello Kitty yesterday at the Hello Kitty Island in Jeju Korea!

Beheading in Korea!

Before beheading

Typhoon Soulik swept across Japan and Korea yesterday and its winds-&-rain hit Hello Kitty Island Jeju, Korea hard enough to behead Hello Kitty.

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暗〜い夜でも安心トゥゲザー!Together safe even in a dark night!
—謎の魚 @Nazo_no_Sakana

It’s a travesty but…
Somehow I have failed to report on the mascot of the Japanese pro baseball team, the Chiba Lotte Marines : “The Mysterious Fish” aka Nazo no Sakana (謎の魚).

For more information about The Mysterious Fish, refer to’s Holy Crap, This Japanese Mascot and the Fish’s twitter site, @Nazo_no_Sakana.

Bimbo vs Bluto history of Japan

Just a few days ago on the 15th, it was “Loser Day” celebrating Japan’s surrender to the US. Of course Fox News just had to claim…

Fox New’s Ainsley Earhardt claims US defeated "communist Japan" during World War II…

Bleach-bottle Bimbo history VS Bluto history


Kreepermon©…kinky Kumamon in the creeper mode

‵‵ フッフッフッ・・・ おやくま☆〜☆!!~′′
— sayeth the Kumamon, Aug. 10, 2018

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If only he could really…

It is with guilty pleasure I learned that the only Japanese who has ever tried to kill me*, Shoko Asahara, has been hanged.

(If only he could really fly.)
"Fake news"!
The Master could not be hanged…The great lightened Sonshi could FLY!!

*Back in the late 1980s, Shoko Asahara‘s doomsday cult crazies used to dance/sing/recruit at my train station…and then they killed 13 people with a Sarin poison gas attack on the same Tokyo subway I used to take to work.
I’m not a big fan of the death penalty, but good riddance.


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