Happy roadwork

Balloon floodlight mascots for happy roadwork in Japan…

Obviously, you want to buy the balloon floodlight called, “taru_drunkman” (bellow), the happily wasted salaryman mascot for your road construction company, right?

Of course “Taru_Drunkman” (たるのんべぇ) is a lot more fun than the Lightboy Company‘s sycophantic “Taru_Guardman” (たるガードマン) shown below.


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All look the same

The candy company, Glico, has a soon-to-be-award-winning TV ad featuring 72 all-look-the-same females in, ′′71.8 SECOND LIFE.′′


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‘Gunny-kun’…soon to be Japan’s newest mascot


Poor Tom Jellybean (L), the mascot of the American Embassy* has a new rival: Gunny-kun, the Gun-Toting Gun.


According to Stephen Colbert, Gunny-kun is perfect for the job.
The jellybean was chosen as the embassy’s mascot because the, ‵countless flavors of jellybeans represent the USA’s diversity.‵


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tokyonama-logoshopTokyonama, importer/distributer of original products from Japan–Geneva/Tokyo

Japanese men march in protest the lack of Valentine gift chocolates

Valentine’s Day is when men judge their worth by the number of boxes of chocolate aka “choko” they receive from women at their Japanese workplace.

Pulverize Valentine’s Day Protest!
A Person’s Worth is Not Measured by the Number of Chocolates Received!
Shingetsu News Agency | 12 Feb 2018


Basically, Valentine’s Day is the real measure of your worth in a Japanese company, so CHOKO—Are you gettin’ any?


Japan’s ugliest mascot

Humpback anglerfish.png
Public Domain, Link

The new Japanese monkfish mascot “Ankimo” could be more properly described as “Eat-Me-While-You-Can kun“.
The name “Eat-Me-While-You-Can” is due to the popularity of ankimo liver, is wildly overfished in neither a sustainable or ethical way in Japan (or worse China), grrrr.
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tokyonama-logoshopTokyonama, importer/distributer of original products from Japan–Geneva/Tokyo

Japan’s first mascot?

Here’s maybe the “first” loose character (ゆるキャラ) mascot of Japan, Yukidaruma-chan OG (雪ダルマちゃんOG).
The snowman/girl was made of cotton balls and wears a laid-back hemp headband. The snowgirl mascot was posed on fake snow in a photography studio with five hangyoku/geisha including the celebrity, Sakae (in yellow) from Tokyo’s hinky Shitaya district (circa 1910).

—Idea via @zogu8011 and @TokyoFashion .


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Wood-fired, hi-tech Tokyo

by Chris 73 / Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

My ward of Tokyo, Ota-ku, has as the largest concentration* of sento, Japan’s traditional bathhouses (Wiki).

More interesting is that here in “hi-tech” Tokyo, Ota Ward still has many wood-fired bathhouses.
As you can see below in the photos, my local sento/bathhouse has large smokestack (without any pollution controls).


Shown below (just left of the “KID” graffiti) is the wood-fired boiler for the hot baths. The boiler is fueled by wood scrap from Tokyo’s constant, 20-30 year cycle of demolition of craphousing.


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tokyonama-texitle-logo-2Tokyonama, importer/distributer of original products from Japan–Geneva/Tokyo

Best Korea throws another great parade

The intercontinental missile, the Hwasong 14 on its mobile launcher was the biggest hit at the Best Korea military parade.


But those party animals of the North Korean part elders having tea party while ICBMs roll by is the real “money shot”, hee, hee.

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tokyonama-logoshopTokyonama, importer/distributer of original products from Japan–Geneva/Tokyo

Bukakkei Snow Monsters of Zao Japan

Japan’s Ski Mascot Grand Prix…Last year’s winner was a stalactite named Jukki-kun, one of Zao Onsen Ski Resort

Pedantic alert:

“…a stalactite named Jukki-kun..of Zao Onsen Ski Resort…”

Ok the first problem is that StalacTITES hold tight to the ceiling—Stalagmites might grow to meet them.

But actually, Jukki-kun is a “Juhyo” (樹氷) Snow Monster—a snow formation of built up as snow-&-ice that condensed upon the conifers of Zao Mountain.
Zao snow monsters

mondomascots-logo-twitter I thought it was a stalagmite but it is a snow-covered tree. Or a
used condom.

Definitely he’s a “used condom”…and a bukkake party monster.


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tokyonama-texitle-logo-2Tokyonama, importer/distributer of original products from Japan–Geneva/Tokyo

Japanese tech — Wood knives

Strict Japanese weapon laws sadly force folks to use odd-tech…wood knives, ha, ha.

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