Music Downloads to Phones Dominate Japanese Market

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Music downloads to phones dominate Japanese market
Music downloads via cell phones outpaced those to digital music players by a wide margin in Japan during the first six months of 2005, according to data released last week….
Cell phone downloads including complete songs and ring tone melodies totaled 108.9 million songs during the first half of the year and were worth 13.6 billion yen ($123 million as of June 30, the last day of the period), according to figures from the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ)…
In contrast, legal music downloads from the Internet to devices like portable music players totaled 2.2 million songs and were worth 538.8yen million during the same period, the RIAJ said.
Those figures mean cell phone downloads accounted for 98 percent of the market by song and 96 per cent by value during the first half….

In Get abused by your Japanese cellphone, I mentioned how Japanese consumers were with to pay more than $3 USD per song to download songs to their cellphone (which cannot be saved and played on any other device, computer or media).
Basically Japanese are paying dearly to rent music they cannot save. This is of course the way intellectual property laws now work. You don’t own any of the content, you just own the media and the right to listen to it. Bah.

Also see’s story about Yuki and the bunny cellphone.

Blogs are the favorite consumer item in Japan?????

lunch cat blog
Japanese blogs have two exciting topics:
1) — What-I-ate-for-lunch and,
2) — My-Kitty.
What the possible motivation Japanese have for blogs-that-say-absolutely-nothing escapes me. This report quesses the reason for this popularity is that the blog of Takafumi Horie, president of Livedoor Co., drew national interest during his recent hostile takeover attempts.
Meh, the I-ate-my-cat-for-lunch blog is more interesting than Takafumi Horie’s main blog.

Blogs top list of favorite consumer items in Japan
MSN-Mainichi —-
Weblogs, or personal websites, topped the list of the 10 most popular items selected by consumers in Japan during the first half of 2005, advertising giant Dentsu Inc. has said….”Star Wars Episode III, Revenge of the Sith” ranked second, followed by flat-screen television sets….

Japan plans giant broadband satellite

Japan's giant broadband satellite
Japan plans giant broadband satellite
TOKYO — ….Japan’s Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry said the new satellite will make it possible to send and receive data at a maximum speed of 100 megabits per second in mountainous areas and remote islands, as well as aboard Shinkansen bullet trains, airplanes and ships….research and development funding in its fiscal 2006 budget request and plans to begin services by 2015. The satellite will have a dish antenna measuring 66 feet in diameter. It will be four times larger in diameter and 16 times larger in surface area than a conventional satellite antenna.
The satellite will be able to receive weak signals — even a cell phone with relatively low power output would be able to communicate at a maximum speed of 10 megabits per second, or at least four times faster than existing third generation cell phones.

I don’t know why but reading about the “giant” satellite makes me giggle and think of Super Giants (スーパージャイアンツ), Japan’s first super hero. The plurally-named singular superhero “Supa Jaiantsu“—-as it’s pronounced in Japanese— it about as grand as this government backed plan.
Super Giants (スーパージャイアンツ)

New Japanese stealth technology….for reporters

Report-the-World(tm) trenchcoat
Here it is! The next’s “stealth” video trenchcoat for reporting. I think the pink Report-the-World(tm) trenchcoat really with suit me here in Tokyo.

Fancy Meets Function on Runway
LOS ANGELES —….the fourth annual Siggraph Cyber Fashion Show ever see the light of day….35 exhibitors from 10 countries to display wearable computers, computer-generated jewelry and clothing designs festooned with electronics. … .
… Wearable Environmental Information Networks of Japan, or WIN, showed several notable designs, including Report-the-World, a get-up designed for future stealth journalists. A retro trench coat hides 10 hidden cameras for capturing 360-degree panoramic images ….…more…

Apple Japan opens iTunes Music Store

iTunes Music Store in Japan Apple Opens iTunes Music Store in Japan AP via Yahoo! News, August 3, 2005 TOKYO – Apple Computer Inc. launched its music download service, the iTunes Music Store, in Japan on Thursday with 1 million songs….
…. It could also change the local music business, where people who download music are still accustomed to paying more money for a limited lineup of tunes from sites for PCs and mobile phones that cost about 200 yen (US$1.80; euro1.50) a tune or charge monthly fees. Jobs said iTunes will have 1 million songs in Japan, including Japanese and international, with most costing 150 yen ($1.35) each. Only 10 percent of the songs cost 200 yen ($1.80), he said. Most iPod owners in Japan now either buy or rent CDs. CD rentals, offered at DVD and video rental stores, are very popular in Japan.….more…

Japanese are rather bi-polar about their MP3 collections. On one hand every video rental store in Japan also offers CD rental for 300yen per ENTIRE album — rather than Apple’s 150 yen ($1.35) each song. On the other hand, Japanese strangely willing to spend more than 300yen per song to download to their cellphones (and that music cannot be copied to their home computers, backed up on a CD or saved in an iPod-like device).
For more info on cellphone downloads of music, read – Need Music? – Mobile Phones in Japan …

FOMA girls

Foma girls

Ok, ok, I might foam about these FOMA cellphone girls, but the blizzard of press releases from Japan’s NTT DoCoMo about their newest FOMA 3G cellphones is less substantial than bathtube foam. Hidden under the foam and fluff of their press releases, they are announcing that they now will support GPS. Yikes, GPS has been a standard feature in cellphones for years. DoCoMo also announced it will “launch” an “i-channel” for a news and information, which has been the standard feature of iMode phones for years. Damn, these Docomo bozos need to better explain why I would want their new product/service and its advantages if they want to sell it. Sheesh.

Anyway, read the foam about FOMA here at DoCoMo’s website:
August 2, 2005—NTT DoCoMo Develops New Handsets FOMA DOLCE and SA700iS

August 2, 2005—NTT DoCoMo to Launch i-channel and New FOMA 701i Handsets

Get abused by your Japanese cellphone

giant KDDI employeeTOKYO, JAPAN: Japan’s mobile communication giant KDDI employee displays a mobile handset, produced by Sony Ericcson, “W32S”, equipped with hi-fi 3D stereo speakers to play downloaded music contents [sic]…The new handset, also equipped with Sony’s smartcard IC chip to use as electronic money and prepaid train ticket, will be launched next month…

Let me see now. First you must pay KDDI/au 30,000yen to purchase the “W32S” cellpone. Then you have to buy the “music contents [sic]”. Next you must pay KDDI/au for the online connection fee to download the 3-Gigillion byte music file purchased and store it on your cell phone memory (which you may have to buy addiltionally if you run out). However, you cannot make a backup of the music “contents” onto your home computer, CD, iPod, or any new non-au cellphone you might buy.
Gee, no wonder that KDDI employee looks beat up and abused by her cellphone.

Anyway, for those of you into self abuse, visit KDDI/au’s website for the W325 in Japanese.
Here’s a few of the specs:
— 1.25 megapixel camera
— bright, 2.2 inch QVGA screen
— 45.5MB data storage
— 118g total weight, 98mm L × 48mm W × 23 mm D

Roborior! Roborior! Roborior!

Sanyo's Roborior glows
Yahoo! News Photo, AP – Fri Jul 22, 10:49AM ET….Sanyo’s Roborior glows blue while gurgling with whimsical buzzes and rings during its demonstration …from Sanyo looks like a watermelon-sized eyeball on wheels and glows in hues of purple, blue and orange works as interior decor, but it’s also a virtual guard dog because it has a digital camera, infrared sensors and videophone capability to notify you of intruders while you are away from home….

This jellyfish guard robot from SANYO Corp and Tmsuk, Roborior can link with a 3-G cell phone for security video of your home that you direct the robot to move about to show you different areas. It would be great to tomment the cat at home while I’m very bored at work, hee, hee.
What can I say? It’s wild enough for Japan—especially the machine translated version, of
Also see ROBORIOR, the movie.

Japanese Govn’t declares the an “illegitimate’ domestic website

Sheesh, the Japanese government wants to preserve it’s web trash, not it’s gold…or in the case of, it’s fools gold.
No girl
National library moves to archive `legitimate’ domestic Web sites only
TOKYO—The National Diet Library will be choosy when it adds domestic Web sites to its archives….To weed out controversial sites, the library will only store data from those whose domain names end with:* (central government sources), * (local governments), * (high schools, elementary schools), * (universities) and * (associations)…The library had originally wanted to archive all .jp sites. However, the Justice Ministry as well as industry associations in music, publishing and computer software opposed that……more…