FOMA girls

Foma girls

Ok, ok, I might foam about these FOMA cellphone girls, but the blizzard of press releases from Japan’s NTT DoCoMo about their newest FOMA 3G cellphones is less substantial than bathtube foam. Hidden under the foam and fluff of their press releases, they are announcing that they now will support GPS. Yikes, GPS has been a standard feature in cellphones for years. DoCoMo also announced it will “launch” an “i-channel” for a news and information, which has been the standard feature of iMode phones for years. Damn, these Docomo bozos need to better explain why I would want their new product/service and its advantages if they want to sell it. Sheesh.

Anyway, read the foam about FOMA here at DoCoMo’s website:
August 2, 2005—NTT DoCoMo Develops New Handsets FOMA DOLCE and SA700iS

August 2, 2005—NTT DoCoMo to Launch i-channel and New FOMA 701i Handsets

Get abused by your Japanese cellphone

giant KDDI employeeTOKYO, JAPAN: Japan’s mobile communication giant KDDI employee displays a mobile handset, produced by Sony Ericcson, “W32S”, equipped with hi-fi 3D stereo speakers to play downloaded music contents [sic]…The new handset, also equipped with Sony’s smartcard IC chip to use as electronic money and prepaid train ticket, will be launched next month…

Let me see now. First you must pay KDDI/au 30,000yen to purchase the “W32S” cellpone. Then you have to buy the “music contents [sic]”. Next you must pay KDDI/au for the online connection fee to download the 3-Gigillion byte music file purchased and store it on your cell phone memory (which you may have to buy addiltionally if you run out). However, you cannot make a backup of the music “contents” onto your home computer, CD, iPod, or any new non-au cellphone you might buy.
Gee, no wonder that KDDI employee looks beat up and abused by her cellphone.

Anyway, for those of you into self abuse, visit KDDI/au’s website for the W325 in Japanese.
Here’s a few of the specs:
— 1.25 megapixel camera
— bright, 2.2 inch QVGA screen
— 45.5MB data storage
— 118g total weight, 98mm L × 48mm W × 23 mm D

“Have a enjoy time and reflesh(tm)”

xxxYUIxxx's blog
xxxyuixxx’s refleshing blog

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Roborior! Roborior! Roborior!

Sanyo's Roborior glows
Yahoo! News Photo, AP – Fri Jul 22, 10:49AM ET….Sanyo’s Roborior glows blue while gurgling with whimsical buzzes and rings during its demonstration …from Sanyo looks like a watermelon-sized eyeball on wheels and glows in hues of purple, blue and orange works as interior decor, but it’s also a virtual guard dog because it has a digital camera, infrared sensors and videophone capability to notify you of intruders while you are away from home….

This jellyfish guard robot from SANYO Corp and Tmsuk, Roborior can link with a 3-G cell phone for security video of your home that you direct the robot to move about to show you different areas. It would be great to tomment the cat at home while I’m very bored at work, hee, hee.
What can I say? It’s wild enough for Japan—especially the machine translated version, of
Also see ROBORIOR, the movie.

Japanese Govn’t declares the an “illegitimate’ domestic website

Sheesh, the Japanese government wants to preserve it’s web trash, not it’s gold…or in the case of, it’s fools gold.
No girl
National library moves to archive `legitimate’ domestic Web sites only
TOKYO—The National Diet Library will be choosy when it adds domestic Web sites to its archives….To weed out controversial sites, the library will only store data from those whose domain names end with:* (central government sources), * (local governments), * (high schools, elementary schools), * (universities) and * (associations)…The library had originally wanted to archive all .jp sites. However, the Justice Ministry as well as industry associations in music, publishing and computer software opposed that……more…

Vodafone Japan’s big breakthru: NOTHING

Vodafone Japan only has 17% share of the market here and is losing more and more customers. Aggressive flat-rate pricing of KDDI Corp. (27% market share) has forced spawn-of-satan NTT DoCoMo (57% and growing market share) to drop prices on their broad-&-best cellphone network coverage.
On the other hand, Vodafone Japan offers NO price or netword coverage advantages. They offer “a new way of thinking” without ANY details. In other words, they offer COMEDY!

Struggling Vodafone Japan promises turnaround

…the British mobile company was struggling here but promised a turnaround.
Bill Morrow, who became president of Vodafone K.K. in April, said the company will focus on the niche audience of teens and people in their 20s, and offer new services in mobile messaging, an area seen as the carrier’s strength.
“We’re going to serve a small community of people,” he told reporters at a Tokyo hotel. “We have a new way of thinking.”
But Morrow declined to give details, saying he was worried rivals may imitate his company’s ideas….

KDDI’s Au cellphones to provide message board for disaster in English

With this disaster service, “ET call home.” If the Big One ever happens in Tokyo, I wonder if the cell network will crash before everyone’s battery charge runs out. If Tokyo does bite the Big One, I need a solar-cell version of the ruggedized, waterproof keitai/cellphone, the G’zOne TYPE-R by au which is pictured below.

KDDI’s au phones to accept English disaster-time messages
TOKYO — …disaster-time message transmission services via the au cell phone EZweb email function will accept English messages from July 14….cell phone users to leave messages such as “safe,” “sustained damage,” and “staying at home” or “staying at a shelter” as well as a short comment ….

G'zOne TYPE-Rau’s G’zOne TYPE-R cellphone with an attitude– which according to KDDI’s website it has, “outstandingly water- and impact-resistant series built to bear not only the hard use of daily life, but the rain, rugged outdoor use, and sports use as well.” The cellphone is manufactured by Casio and it has “superior” screen readability, a GPS compass, a stopwatch, a 1.28-megapixel camera, but not a Swiss Army knife. Meh.

Japanese leads the way for worldwide popularity of Voice-over-IP

This report doesn’t explain why Japan leads in Voice-over-IP (VoIP) telephone services and “continues to be the largest VoIP market.” There are two main reasons:
1. The quasi-public NTT phone company as a former monopoly has the world’s highest rates.
2. Softbank’s super-cheap “Yahoo BB” broadband ADSL service has the majority of these VoIP users because it gives VoIP calls away free within their network and very cheaply —70% less— via a regular NTT connection.
This “free” service is also how the American cable networks rank as the second most important “provider” VoIP telephone services in the world.

Chicago (IL) — Voice-over-IP (VoIP) telephone services are reaching beyond early adopters: According to a report released on Wednesday, more than 17 million people around the world already use VoIP…
Analysts had expected VoIP to change its face as a geeky application to a mainstream application sometime this year…..Japan continues to be the largest VoIP market with about 7.2 million retail VoIP users. ….

yahooBB backbone
Be sure to check the other reports on VoIP in Japan: – World’s smallest IP-based phone – News on Japan … – i’m Phone. Are you? – Gadgets in Japan … – Voice over IP on the Nintendo DS and the PSP

Mello Jello TV

With only a 32Kbs PHS cellphone modem here at CLUB DEAD(tm), I have no idea what GelTv is, but it looks fun even if it is all in Japanese. Maybe somebody can tell me since my wireless bandwidth sucks.

Kyodo News in English website is redesigned and improved

Kyodo news redesigned
Like all Japan Inc news agencies, Kyodo News is boring to tears. However, the
Kyodo News in English is a good source of breaking news here in Japan.
Unfortunately in the past, the website was hard to navagate and “hid” major news stories from non-paying users. Out of the blue, today the site has been improved wildly on the English side. See
Be sure to click on the “ENGLISH” button to get it into the engrish mode.
Now the Kyodo News in English is a hell of a lot better and all the headlines of the last 60 minutes are available. Also the Java-based news ticker is better such as this one reporting the cluster of quakes that Japan has been having since around midnight today.
Java-based news ticker
At 1:18 AM (Sunday) I was having a fun dreamtime. I was halfway asleep during a magnitude 6.1 earthquake when the nubile night nurse came in to check on me. She had her hand under my covers taking my pulse or something comforting when I woke up. Wo0t! I thought I’d scored.
nubile night nurse