Did the PENCK cellphone rip off its fonts?

image of PENCK
The PENCK(tm) shown above is Japan’s hotest new cellphone and has won universal acclaim for its unique design.
Gee, I even tried to get one until I learned the price for me was 34,000yen ($318.59 USD) and there was waiting list of weeks, meh.
3yen.com’s Yves has covered in the entire story in au Design project’s Penck as well as Penck me not and in Penck: What?
Now that “unique design” of KDDI’s au Design project is being called into question.

ripoff Machine translated version of www.9O3I.com
Concerning the case of the “Major Kong” font of the 9031.com is being illegally used by the “PENCK” of the au by KDDI
This website 9031.com in 1999 released the font … and it was published in the “DTP font handbook ” (2002 ) and in the ” デザイナーズ * font catalog 692 ” (MDN —2004 year publication) and the like the Major Kong being published….
Maj0r K0ng  font

Penck video

KDDI Designing Studio in Harajuku

See the future as now in uber-trendy Harajuku where you can design your own cellphone!
Watch the broadband-only video via our friends at Wireless Watch Japan (Hi Lars). Now if KDDI could make a cellphone with a big screen and buttons so that I could use it without a magnifying glass and zircon-encrusted nano-tweezers, meh.

KDDI Harajuku Designing Studio: Video Tour
…Harajuku’s ultimate mobile zeitgeist.
Program Run-time 8:50

Lastest hit: Japanese reading porn novels on their cellphones

New Zen koan: What is the sound of one hand reading?
The hit keitai novel DEEP LOVE mentioned in this news story is a real laugh. The keitai cellphone format of short lines and brief ideas allow even a stupid foreigner like me to catch the drift of the manga comic storyline. Read the interviev with the author “YOSHI” here at the DestroyAllMonsters website.

Deep Love
Books on cellphones take off in Japan

TOKYO –obably hurt just thinking about it: Tens of thousands of Japanese cellphone owners are poring over full-length novels on their tiny screens….”You can read whenever you have a spare moment, and you don’t even need to use both hands,” says Taro Matsumura, a 24-year-old graduate student who sometimes reads essays and serial novels on his phone.

Vodafone flops in Japan with a big yawn

1. Although this article barely mentions it, but Japan Inc (sometimes called the Japanese government) effectively banned prepaid phones just as Vodafone started a major prepaid push in Japan…OUCH…Vodafone normally expects 30-40% of its revenue from prepaid phones..
2. This is Japan and they use these funny squiggles called Japanese to write. Vodafone had no idea of the constant heartache of filling their phones with 2-byte characters and crappy-cute cartoon characters that the Japanese need.
3. Vodafone is a yawn in Japan without any compelling attractions to Japanese customers. The market is loaded with cute, ultra-tech keitai phones here and Vodafone has nothing “special” for Japanese customers.

Vodafone a festive flop in Japan
…….Ben Wood, analyst with Gartner, the research group, said that…”It has got to the point already where Japanese people have all they want from their phones—cameras, games, television and so on,” he said. “They have had 3G phones for a couple of years, so it is nothing new to them now.”….more…Voda-girl

Markets for blog tools in USA vs Japan

Via the commentary in the of my friend here in Tokyo, Gen Kanai, here are two great graphs of the blog tools markets of USA and Japan.
“Growth Share Matrix” of blog tools markets
in USA vs Japan.

Elise Bauer’s US weblog tools market is shown on the top. On the bottom is my rough translation of the Japanese graph made by Masahiko Satoh
for the Japan market.
From the graphs above you can see that the Japanese market is very fragmented and great opportunty exists for a company that has a better product and very DEEP pockets.
Read Elise Bauer’s paper here.
Refer to Masahiko Satoh’s explanation in Japanese here.

“Charisma Navigation”

MDN: Special
……”Charisma Navigation”
is a revolutionary handheld personal navigation system that utilizes a pioneering global positioning system-equipped (GPS) cell phone in conjunction with some nifty online mapping technologies to tell people — whether it be in Japanese, English or Korean — exactly where to go. ….”Charisma Navigation is a convenient and easy-to-use system that addresses in a new way the problems foreign tourists face,” …The system includes a rich database of tourist information that can be downloaded simply into the cell phone and browsed on its relatively large (2.4 inch) QVGA screen…
tourist information in all in Japanese< --tourist information in all in Japanese

Right here in the article, without a hint of irony they show the helpful and “rich database of tourist information.” Yes, that is not a misprint—They claim that a postage stamp sized screen with a map in JAPANESE is going the help the “problems foreign tourists face.” Dang. That’s the whole problem. Japanese streets don’t have names, the buildings are numbered randomly, and the locations are written in Japanese. A 2.4 inch screen is cruel joke: Would you buy a 2.4 inch square paper map? Arrrrrg.

Get ‘jiggy’ with the new Sharp cell phone

Ohhhh, I can see the chaos on the Tokyo subway now… At rush hour, the trains are packed at their regular 180% of capacity but all the Japanese keitai addicts are dancing with their cell phones.

New Cell Phone Responds to Shakes, Jiggles
….Japanese handsets slated to hit stores next month are designed to …respond to shakes, tilts and jiggles. The mobile phones manufactured by Japanese electronics maker Sharp Corp. for Vodafone K.K., the Japan unit of the British mobile giant, come equipped with a tiny motion-control-sensor, a computer chip that recognizes and responds to movement…..
…In “The House of the Dead,” the mobile version of the Sega Corp. game, players can actually aim their cell phone in various directions like a gun to shoot the zombies who appear to be coming from all sides in the display….
dancing cell phone

Satellite Broadcast to Mobile Ho’s!

Via my good friends over at Wireless Watch Japan [Hi Lars!] here’s a video of the wild new Moba-Ho’s…and there a some cell phone and devices shown too. Run-time 12:32

booth bimbos for Mobile HosMobaHo mobile device- MobaHo!: Satellite Broadcast to Mobile
In the mobile space, Asia is a huge, innovate-or-die marketplace, and MobaHo! — a joint venture of 88 Japanese and Korean companies — is gambling Big Money that Asians will want satellite TV and radio broadcasts beamed from the sky direct to their handheld receivers, cell phones and car-mounted tuners — and maybe even iPods …

Bagle Virus Makes A Return

Yep. A new one,< !yawn> again. I saw a couple of these in my email filters this morning. Norton says it’s a Level 2 Risk. I rate it a zero risk since I toss all those nasty delivery notification or confirmation messages in the bit-bucket: if an email is important I answer it. Anal retentive folks can send their “confirmation” requests to the same place my Viagra spam and an executable-in-attachment goes.

Beagle virusBagle virus makes a return
Antivirus companies are reporting the spread of a new variant of the mass-mailing PC virus known as “Bagle”….which some experts refer to as an e-mail worm, is rearing its head …. Trend Micro said that the new offshoot, which it calls Bagle.AZ, is distributed as an e-mail attachment that cloaks itself as a delivery notification or confirmation. It uses “spoofed” e-mail addresses to appear to be from a known source, the antivirus software maker said…. it first discovered the virus on Thursday in Japan…..

Any company who isn’t protecting their e-mail gateway should not be in business since it is simple to stop these worms at the gateway. Non-braindead companies establish policies that prohibits users from receiving executable files.

Hopeless Juki-Net free-speech suit filed against Japan

Gee, I can feel the ground below my feet is getting cold. Oh wait, that must be Hell freezing over since this American is expecting to win a “free-speech” lawsuit against Japan Inc and it’s “creative Courts.

Free-speech suit filed against Japan
Tokyo—-A US computer consultant says he has sued the Japanese government for the cancellation of his speech after he uncovered flaws in a controversial database of Japanese citizens’ personal data….
…Nuwere was due to speak about Juki-Net, a computer network launched in 2002 in which municipalities assign identification codes to residents to let government agencies track people by name, gender, address and date of birth…..