Hopeless Juki-Net free-speech suit filed against Japan

Gee, I can feel the ground below my feet is getting cold. Oh wait, that must be Hell freezing over since this American is expecting to win a “free-speech” lawsuit against Japan Inc and it’s “creative Courts.

Free-speech suit filed against Japan
Tokyo—-A US computer consultant says he has sued the Japanese government for the cancellation of his speech after he uncovered flaws in a controversial database of Japanese citizens’ personal data….
…Nuwere was due to speak about Juki-Net, a computer network launched in 2002 in which municipalities assign identification codes to residents to let government agencies track people by name, gender, address and date of birth…..

How does the new Google Video Search see Japan?

Q: So how does the new Google Video Search see Japan?
A: Not very well and only as a techno outpost of America

PBS Network – Mon Jan 24 2005 at 7:00 PM PST – 30 minutes
Nightly Business Report
… as Lucy Craft reports from Tokyo…cellphone addicts, Japan is the closest thing to Paradise….
Wed Jan 12 2005 at 7:00 PM PST – 30 minutes
One, two, three, “insider” Camera crews capturing every single Brad pitt angle in Tokyo….
cellphone addicts, in Japan Brad Pitt  in Tokyo

Asia Pacific Broadband jumbers jumped 50% as Japan lags

Ever the Internet laggard, JAPAN is only tied for No. 3. Someday, when mobile Internet is counted in these numbers Japan will be Number One. However, mobile Internet even on Japan’s 3.5G cell phones sucks—I threw away my 3G cell phone last month since its screen and button are unusably small.

Asia Pacific Broadband Numbers Jumped 50% in 2004, Says Gartner

January 14, 2005 (HONG KONG) — fixed-line broadband connections grew by 50% during 2004, according to provisional estimates from Gartner.
The fastest growing major Asian market in 2004 was Thailand, which Gartner estimates grew by more than 1,000%…
South Korea, the world’s leading broadband market, managed to grow 13%. Its absolute penetration (against population) is 25%, and its household penetration rate is now approaching 80%. Last year also saw Hong Kong narrowing the gap with South Korea. Its absolute penetration rate is now 21.7% and its household penetration rate around 60%. Japan and Taiwan are now running neck and neck behind Hong Kong with around 15% penetration each.

Mickey Mouse rats out his most faithful fans in Tokyo

The odd thing about this that ALL companies leak customer info. Why this is “news” is silly.
Mickey Mouse rats out

Tokyo Disney Resort leaked personal info on annual pass holders

URAYASU, Chiba — Personal information on some 140,000 individuals who have purchased annual admission passes to Tokyo Disney Resort has been leaked to outsiders, their operator said….a man who claimed he had bought an annual admission pass. He claimed that he had a list of personal information on Disney customers, and threatened to reveal to the media that the list had leaked to outsiders unless the company bought the list.


Better than John Waters Smellivision, Japan’s NTT has either developed a new bong or a really ugly lava lamp. Just look at the expression on the computer geek’s face.
NTT new smellivision

A Japanese man sniffs
perfume wafting from a globe-shaped aroma generator, developed by Japanese precision equipment maker Mirapro Co, which created a special scent based on information provided through an Internet website operated by Japan’s NTT Communications…

Yahoo Japan To Start Providing Quick Info On Quakes

It may sound unbelievable in hi-tech Japan, but there is NO fast online resource for earthquake information. The Japanese Weather Service who handles earthquakes has a website that seems to runs on just one dial-up modem line and it has NEVER EVER functioned after a large earthquake. As in all offices in Japan, here in my office we have to find a TV to get earthquake news. Yahoo’s entry will be a great service to the nation.
Thank you Yahoo! Japan.

Yahoo Japan to start providing quick info on quakes
Yahoo Japan, the country’s largest Internet portal site operator, will introduce a system in which the information will be displayed on the top page of the site…. will include what time an earthquake occurred, which area it hit, where its focus was, in addition to the intensity

See also: NTT DoCoMo to prioritise SMS in event of disasters–Geekzone, 08/04/2004 20:17:00 NZ

Gateway’s Return To Japan Is Mosty Symbolic

Gateway’s Return to Japan May Be Symbolic
Gateway Computer is returning to the Japanese computer market, which it abandoned in 2001. But analysts wonder whether the computer manufacturer can make much money there; the market is mature, and it is dominated by local brands…..

Is 3yen.com soon to be Japan’s first Web media sellout?

Wired News: Web Media Buyouts Coming? Kinda
….Whitmore, a former editor and chief of PC Week, believes that established media brands will have no choice but to adopt blog strategies — and acquisitions will be a part of it. He predicts that by this time next year, Nick Denton, founder of Gawker and Wonkette, or Jason Calacanis, who co-founded micropublisher Weblogs, will have sold a couple of their blogs.
In fact, it may have begun. Last week, while MarketWatch attracted most of the headlines, one of the first blog acquisitions took place: Military.com, a unit of Monster, bought Defense Tech, a popular weblog operated by freelance writer and Wired News contributor Noah Shachtman.
I’m sure there will be more blog-to-riches stories.