‘POO Nuggets’ … I’m lovin’ it Japan.

Poor McD’s Japan just can’t get break. China poisons their the exported meat (CNN 2014/07/30) and now the replacement, Tofu fauxChicken Nuggets, is suffering editorializing by Bing Translate
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Tofu POO nuggets期間限定
Tofu POO nuggets made tofu, Edamame, carrots, onions to make a Japan dish from minced white fish, such as the ‘POO’ is introduced. In vivid color, flavor of the material fresh and tender taste. Ginger Sauce and dip, outside Cali., enjoy fluffy texture inside.

Free toilet maps for all!

(gracious welcome)
Free toilet map! Free water!

But no access map* with the locations or addresses of the "Information Space" visitor centers.

*Maybe the moshimoshi-nippon.jp website
can only viewed with Explorer 6 and
Windows Media Player version 6.4.

These places will be open at undisclosed locations in Harajuku and Okinawa as well as a top-secret facility in Akihabara

Tips to boost fading Japan

japan endless discovery slogan
Japanese loooooove slogans: The dorkier/dasai, the better.
For the past few years, the Japan Tourism Agency main slogan is Japan. Endless discovery, which is soooo easy to “improve.1

My tips to boost Japan
FT.com June 6, 2014 by Tyler 💩 Brûlé
Dear Prime Minister Abe,
Greetings While waiting in the immigration queue (you should try flying in and standing in this line sometime—especially if your flight comes in one minute after a packed Korean Air jumbo where no one has filled out their immigration forms)
I’ve noticed that you’ve been on a bit of a media spending spree of latesurely you can do better than the dreadful tourism campaign you’re running? Not only does it look tired and dated (Mt Fuji, sushi and sakura), it does nothing to sell your country’s edgier, more intimate side. Then again, it’s perhaps a good thing that it’s not creating a tourism boom because your immigration system needs a complete overhaul.
We’ll leave aside the issue of residency for foreigners for now, and just deal with the cumbersome immigration and customs forms that need filling out. Why two? And why not adopt a speedier system for regular business visitors (like Hong Kong has implemented) or some kind of fast track? A 40-minute wait in a too-warm immigration hall is a poor welcomemore…

japan endless lines

sad salarymen slog
1 And, improvement is desperately needed as Japan slowly is spirally down the toilet of demographic decline* and Zimbabwe-levels of public debt, (Wiki), (Economist.com).

sad salaryman

‘SMART LIFE — ZERO LIFE’ … in Japan of course

Cool copywriting from ORION BEER BREWERY of Okinawa Japan featuring catchy sloganeering* such as:
Orion “ZERO LIFE” will make your life more happy and active.

smart life zero life
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How do great minds come up with these?? pic.twitter.com/JP2FDPQ5JJ
— Huge Aska Fan (@shilkytouch) May 20, 2014


*In case you were wondering, “ZERO” in Japanese-engrish means zero calories or in this case low-calorie beer.

Japan’s yummy ‘Furball Sand’

Friend of the 3Yen, Mulboyne, just tweeted…faball sand closeup faveur sandwich pasco

The-rest-of-the-story is that these Japanese twinkies are actually named “Faveur Sand,” which is garbled Japanese for Faveur (French for ‘grace’ or ‘favor’) and Sand for sandwich.
When Pasco, the Japanese mega-bakery, went to label their Faveur Sand(wich) in Roman script, this pastry’s name was truncated to “Fa Sand.”

However, you have to say that “Fa Sand” in Roman script is better than the Japanese katakana phonetic pronunciation, “Fur-ball Sand.” fur-ball-sand

white space is good for the soul

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Pasco bakeries’ “Faball Sand” (ファボール サンド)
said-openA Long, delightful soft french bread with mild and flavory cream will change your face into a smile the moment of your first bite.said-closed

faveur sand japan pasco cream sandwitch

More Japanese FUKKIN’

Mo’ betta than our reports on the
1) Japanese Fukking Contest (3Yen | 2012-03-12)

and the

2) “Fuckin’ Sale” (3Yen / 2012-01-05)

in the following “Fukkin’” seat.

*Just a reminder that “Fukkin” is the Japanese word for ‘abs’ and sit-ups fukking.kanji listen.

Go, go, GMO girl!

said-openI can’t help but think of Genetically Modified Organism when I see these posters every morning.said-closed

pic.twitter.com/OBfzwOrE4kJapanBlogList (@JapanBlogList) March 26, 2014

gmo for everyone


Despite what it looks like in these posters, Yuka Nakayama (中山由香) is not advertising genetically modified foods—She’s a genetically‑modified “campaign girl (girl model featured in an advertising campaign)” for a online foreign exchange brokerage, GMO CLICK Securities—“GMO” stands for Global Media Online.

Supposedly, GMO CLICK is Number 1 in the user-friendliness of their trading tools for FX beginners, but their TV commercials stress the value of Yuka Nakayama as GMO’s zombie fighting, go-go girl. (Note the transexual, gaijin zombie at the 56-second point of the video.)


See more videos of GMO’s transexual gaijin zombies and islander cannibals too in the COMMENTS section.