‘enjoy immediate f∅reigner’

Everyday I get fun engrish advertisements, but this one from an Indian restaurant and entertainment chain takes the prize.

Club eventscam enjoy immediate freigner from Roppongi Station! Grobal minx…

The names were slightly changed in the above ad to protect the innocent and have it fall under parody laws
… but you get the idea how the native English speaking owners and managers of this entertainment chain are having their chain pulled by their Japanese staff.


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Would you wanna try out for the ‘BJ League’ of Japan?

Would you wanna try out for the BJ League and Bull Fight″ for the national league of Basketball Japan?

left_long quotebar 24x260pxthe International Basketball Federation (FIBA)…asigned delegates to help with a task force aimed at creating reforms to Japanese basketball. One such reform involves uniting Japan’s two basketball leagues, the National Basketball League and unfortunately named BJ-League (Basketball Japan League)
RocketNews24 2015/06/05:   Japan Basketball Association considering prohibiting zone defense to minors

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‘Built NOT bought’ — a car sticker lost-in-translation

Meaningless automobile stickers—Talk about being dumb.

budding green leaf mark

The Wakaba/green-leaf sticker legally means “Beware-of-new-driver” in Japan. It is a mark of shame that new drivers are happy to be rid of after the probationary period of their driver’s license is over.

leaf-mark car

Outside Japan, folks incorrectly use this “new driver” sticker to signify the owner’s love of “JDM”—Japan Domestic Market cars and car parts (3Yen / 2014-11-21).
Even worse, the wakeba/green-leaf/noob sticker is incorrectly used on “Built NOT bought” stickers in America, grrr.

Built NOT bought: The sticker that has more hype than substance
The Daily Star / May 22, 2015
bewildering concept of ‘Built NOT Bought’ amongst the tuning culture. Standard cars are ripped off their OEM power plants and steroid injected with power and torque juice by performance enthusiasts
these enthusiasts slap on a ‘Built NOT Bought’ decal on their cars boasting the fact that their cars have been built (or rather perfected) by them as opposed to being bought in the current modified conditionmore...

The 3Yen correspondent, the astute and always charming Yuumi-chan, has previously observed:

I remember the first time was in Southern California and I saw many Japanese Shoshinsha mark (初心者マーク) or Wakaba mark (若葉マーク) green leaf stickers. I wondered why so many Californians in their mid 20s were beginner drivers when most learn in high school.
Then I learned the Green Leaf stickers meant the drivers were “JDM” fans but I still couldn’t understand why they wanted to be identified as beginner drivers when they were pros driving tricked-out Japanese cars. Americans are so weird.





The brainiacs at Japan’s MEXT, aka Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology, have released their new advertising campaign for visitors.

For readability I resized the logo and found MEXT’s dedication to truth-in-advertising: “JAPAN HERMITAGE®”


(“Hermitage” as in place of in seclusion from the rest of the world)

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‘POO Nuggets’ … I’m lovin’ it Japan.

Poor McD’s Japan just can’t get break. China poisons their the exported meat (CNN 2014/07/30) and now the replacement, Tofu fauxChicken Nuggets, is suffering editorializing by Bing Translate
left_long quotebar 24x260px

Tofu POO nuggets期間限定
Tofu POO nuggets made tofu, Edamame, carrots, onions to make a Japan dish from minced white fish, such as the ‘POO’ is introduced. In vivid color, flavor of the material fresh and tender taste. Ginger Sauce and dip, outside Cali., enjoy fluffy texture inside.

Free toilet maps for all!

(gracious welcome)
Free toilet map! Free water!

But no access map* with the locations or addresses of the "Information Space" visitor centers.

*Maybe the moshimoshi-nippon.jp website
can only viewed with Explorer 6 and
Windows Media Player version 6.4.

These places will be open at undisclosed locations in Harajuku and Okinawa as well as a top-secret facility in Akihabara

Tips to boost fading Japan

japan endless discovery slogan
Japanese loooooove slogans: The dorkier/dasai, the better.
For the past few years, the Japan Tourism Agency main slogan is Japan. Endless discovery, which is soooo easy to “improve.1

My tips to boost Japan
FT.com June 6, 2014 by Tyler 💩 Brûlé
Dear Prime Minister Abe,
Greetings While waiting in the immigration queue (you should try flying in and standing in this line sometime—especially if your flight comes in one minute after a packed Korean Air jumbo where no one has filled out their immigration forms)
I’ve noticed that you’ve been on a bit of a media spending spree of latesurely you can do better than the dreadful tourism campaign you’re running? Not only does it look tired and dated (Mt Fuji, sushi and sakura), it does nothing to sell your country’s edgier, more intimate side. Then again, it’s perhaps a good thing that it’s not creating a tourism boom because your immigration system needs a complete overhaul.
We’ll leave aside the issue of residency for foreigners for now, and just deal with the cumbersome immigration and customs forms that need filling out. Why two? And why not adopt a speedier system for regular business visitors (like Hong Kong has implemented) or some kind of fast track? A 40-minute wait in a too-warm immigration hall is a poor welcomemore…

japan endless lines

sad salarymen slog
1 And, improvement is desperately needed as Japan slowly is spirally down the toilet of demographic decline* and Zimbabwe-levels of public debt, (Wiki), (Economist.com).

sad salaryman