Getting nosy in Japan

Freaky-fraudulent Japanese nose improvement devices are one of the most commented on topics* here on the 3Yen over the years.
Even though these quack health items are useless, torturous nose clamps like the Hanahana nose reformer attract much interest from the nasally challenged in Japan.

Today I was delighted to stumble across a new torture device marketed to fight the Japanese phobia of having a too small nose, the COPONG™.
copong-ad how-to-use-copong

Aside from the fun of ramming a springy nasal splint up your nose, I was trying to figure out why it is obtrusively colored black. It would seem a black device would be highly noticeable.

It turns out that this black device is from the US where the Nose Secret “Instant Results Reshape Your Nose Kit” was developed for the Afro-American market.

black-beauty nose

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Yatagarasu — the national mutant of Japan

The national bird of Japan is the mutant three-legged crow (3Yen 2009-07-27). Therefore, the crow fashion below is “traditional.”

Crow Cape

Jimmu, Japan’s legendary first emperor…encountered a three-legged crow named Yatagarasu…believed to be a messenger of the gods, or an incarnation of the sun
—via Japan National Tourism Organization: Three-Legged Crows


Japan’s military attacks the catwalk!

Better than the “SEMEN SHIP” TV commercial (3Yen 2005-12-22) for Japan Navy recruitment.

More fun than the Japanese Coast Guard’s seagoing dance routines.

Presenting the 6th annual The Tokyo Boys Collection—a fabulous fashion show and entertainment extravaganza of the Japanese Self-Defense Force (JSDF).

More catwalk details at:
left_super long-quotebar 24x360RocketNews24 | 2015/03/26
Tokyo Boys Collection teams up with Japan Self-Defense Force to parade their fine men in uniform
with the theme of “The Japanese Spirit that Enchants the World” to guide them…The Tokyo Boys Collection is a fashion and music event celebrates male fashion with celebrities who are involved with TV, movies, theater, magazines, and other media...more...



Translated from the Japanese:

left_quoter_14x24 Kansai Yamamoto’s new facial mask — Kabuki makeup Pack ♡ I finally tried it! Funny face!right_quoter_13x24masked-japaneseyumi-text
mask schoolgirlEverywhere you go, Japan is full of surgical masked wonders ( / 2011-01-30/) wandering in packs of public anonymity.
However, the fierce facial mask wearers seeking beauty are even more fun. what-in-hole japan
As I reported before in The WHAT goes in the WHOzits? (3Yen / 2012-07-07) , all the Japanese cosmetics firms heavily promote specially impregnated sheets of skin care masks resulting in silly sights like this… ↓


Hanayuki Moisturizing Facial Mask


Daiso Japan’s Natural Pack Charcoal Peel Off Mask

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faceweaver facial mask animated
Facewaver Exercise Mask Beauty skin sag face stretcher