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Yui on the street in Harajuku wearing a handmade tie dye denim jacket over a "Are We Having Fun Yet" crop top, tie dye denim shorts, painted knee socks, sneakers, a round handbag & colorful accessories #原宿 #Tokyo
— Tokyo Fashion (@TokyoFashion) June 12, 2018


Men’s Elephant Pants with a Suck

Japanese does suck when it comes to guy’s elephant pants, ha, ha.

Language Note: “Suck” and ‘sock’ sound the same in Japanese: And, like in British English “pants” means underpants in Japanese.

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Perfect summer dress for Tokyo

Here’s a perfect summer “dress” for Tokyo’s torrid summer—a seemingly endless five months of more than 30°C (86°F) heat and 90% humidity, arg.

Also, this was on the Japanese news…


“女子陸上のユニフォーム ヤバくないすか?>#何故このデザインにしたのか”@INUIROCKET
“Women’s athletics uniforms, aren’t they?” #WhyDidYouDesignThis


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Mille-feuiille fashion from Japan

Here’s a chic Mille-feuiille (French pastry, see right) from Tokyo’s fashion house, “Comme des Garçons*” that’s being shown now at the Paris Fashion Week 2018.

Click to play youtube.

*The Harajuku fashion house "Comme des Garçons" was the next-door to my former office and I used to hang out with their designers.

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tokyonama-logoshopTokyonama, importer/distributer of original products from Japan–Geneva/Tokyo


Wreck me, plee-e-ease.



解体中の友達の家にお邪魔 — 美岳 (@_MITAKE_) June 16, 2017


quoter leftHomewreckerquoter right   defined.

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Delusional-mapping in Japan

This new “Delusional-mapping” T-shirt is a great solution to the general titlessness of the Japanese.


Delusional-mapping T-shirt
(goofy Google Translate of
[sic] The “Illusion grid” of this T-shirt is a unique delusional mapping technology inflates the grid pattern on the front with a full breast and creates a sense of volume. There is no doubt that people’s attention will be gathered!? The concept of “the wind that looks swollen at the chest” print T-shirt.


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Vegging out on shoes

Shoes of fruits and vegetables adorn the cover of this month’s GINZA magazine—a special art piece by Yoshida UNI.



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The bride worn goth



錦戸 彩花‏> @dooon_a | 4 June 2017


Gothic-lolita wedding dress — “kawaii” worn by Ayaka Nishikido


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Japanese dress codes

As @waterhoader said, I am 100% for gender equality in the workplace… If my female counterparts can wear skirts, I should be able to wear″ skirts too.male-trump-skirt


Kimono vs toilets

How to go to the toilet in a kimono  .  .  .  not.


Premium pooping—“TOYLET ART”[sic}—a toilet finished with traditional Japanese lacquer


Japanese Factoid:
Traditionally, relieving oneself on a Japanese squat toilet while wearing a kimono was never easy. However in the old-days in Japan, panties did not exist and that made everything easier.
Actually, it’s quite the production at a Japanese wedding involving several ladies when the bride is forced to go to the toilet while wearing an uchikake/wedding kimono that can weight up to 20 kilograms (44 lbs.).
To learn more about Japanese premium pooping at the lacquer toilet’s manufacturer at:

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