Is Japanese fashion ‘burnable’ or ‘non-burnable’?



Garbage in Japan is incinerated (not placed in landfills). Before putting it out for collection you have to first separate it into many categories (R) that broadest being ‘burnable’ or ‘non-burnable’ (details).

Looking at this years fall fashions of Comme Des Garcons Aoyama, you gotta ask:
   • Is a bored Japanese fashion model wearing full trashbags a ‘burnable’ or ‘non-burnable’?
   • Is an embarrassed model wearing used adult diapers a ‘burnable’ or ‘non-burnable’?japanese adult diapers fashion model

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Let’s Super Cool Biz!

“Cool Biz” is a campaign of the Japanese Ministry of the Environment to promote a “liberal” summer dress code to reduce electricity consumption needed for air conditioning (Wiki).

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‘Vice Fairy’ stalks the streets of Shibuya

Black-Panther jibei jammies
left_long quotebar 2015/June/04 (Google Translate):
The “Vice Fairy” brand of Shibuya Tokyo has been a hot topic around the Japanese Net since last year. The two brother’s of the fashion brand have become famous wearing their own designs of jibei/jams and yukata/robes. This summer Vice Fairy is back in once again with “transcendent” fashion shots of themselves and their “cool copywriting.”


Stepmother of Hello Kitty

The fashion brand “Stella McCartney” had an opening party on May 20th for their new store in Aoyama (north Harajuku Tokyo). For that opening they managed to scare up the current designer/stepmother of Hello Kitty, Yuko Yamaguchi (Wiki).

As we always say on the 3Yen, left_quoter_14x24You Can Never Have Enough HELLO KITTY.right_quoter_13x24 Right?



Garter garners a leg up on other Harajuku honeys

lifering-TitanicYou know your diet is a success when a micro-size Japanese leg garter fits around your leg like a life-ring/ring buoy from the Titanic.


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Getting nosy in Japan

Freaky-fraudulent Japanese nose improvement devices are one of the most commented on topics* here on the 3Yen over the years.
Even though these quack health items are useless, torturous nose clamps like the Hanahana nose reformer attract much interest from the nasally challenged in Japan.

Today I was delighted to stumble across a new torture device marketed to fight the Japanese phobia of having a too small nose, the COPONG™.
copong-ad how-to-use-copong

Aside from the fun of ramming a springy nasal splint up your nose, I was trying to figure out why it is obtrusively colored black. It would seem a black device would be highly noticeable.

It turns out that this black device is from the US where the Nose Secret “Instant Results Reshape Your Nose Kit” was developed for the Afro-American market.

black-beauty nose

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Yatagarasu — the national mutant of Japan

The national bird of Japan is the mutant three-legged crow (3Yen 2009-07-27). Therefore, the crow fashion below is “traditional.”

Crow Cape

Jimmu, Japan’s legendary first emperor…encountered a three-legged crow named Yatagarasu…believed to be a messenger of the gods, or an incarnation of the sun
—via Japan National Tourism Organization: Three-Legged Crows