Guess the species!

Guess the gender and species—Photos of an alien captured by Tokyo Fashion in Harajuku!



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Bent Xmas in Japan

Hinky Xmas: Japanese “neck corset”…Bear Goro

‘Humanity is error’ in Japan

‘SEX’ and ‘Humanity is error’
Here’s Microsoft’s Blue-Screen-of-Death reinterpreted as a bomber jacket for sale in Tokyo’s fashion-victim district of Harajuku.



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The evils of cultural appropriation: ‘Bearded Hipsters in Silky Kimonos’

Here’s proof of the evils of racist cultural appropriation*…’Bearded Hipsters in Silky Kimonos.’


‘Bearded Men in Silky Kimonos’ is a Pin-Up Calendar For Lovers of Hirsute Men
Broadly | Nov. 16, 2015
Kate Cooper-Owen came up with the idea when staying at a friend’s house. Her friend’s boyfriend sidled into the kitchen in the morning in a silken robe: “It had this beautiful cherry blossom pattern on it,” she remembers. “It wasn’t a kimono in the strictest sense, but it was such a amazing look. I pretty much said on the spot, ‘This should be a calendar.'” Just over a year later, the 2016 calendar is now in the pre-order phase, shot by fashion photographer Woland...more...


Earlier this year, there were noisy protests of kimono wearing events as “cultural appropriation”:
Boston museum cancels ‘Kimono Wednesdays’ after racism protests (AP news | July 7, 2015 )
Full disclosure: I have a very full goatee.

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Is Japanese fashion ‘burnable’ or ‘non-burnable’?



Garbage in Japan is incinerated (not placed in landfills). Before putting it out for collection you have to first separate it into many categories (R) that broadest being ‘burnable’ or ‘non-burnable’ (details).

Looking at this years fall fashions of Comme Des Garcons Aoyama, you gotta ask:
   • Is a bored Japanese fashion model wearing full trashbags a ‘burnable’ or ‘non-burnable’?
   • Is an embarrassed model wearing used adult diapers a ‘burnable’ or ‘non-burnable’?japanese adult diapers fashion model

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