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left_quoter_14x24 Kansai Yamamoto’s new facial mask — Kabuki makeup Pack ♡ I finally tried it! Funny face!right_quoter_13x24masked-japaneseyumi-text
mask schoolgirlEverywhere you go, Japan is full of surgical masked wonders ( / 2011-01-30/) wandering in packs of public anonymity.
However, the fierce facial mask wearers seeking beauty are even more fun. what-in-hole japan
As I reported before in The WHAT goes in the WHOzits? (3Yen / 2012-07-07) , all the Japanese cosmetics firms heavily promote specially impregnated sheets of skin care masks resulting in silly sights like this… ↓


Hanayuki Moisturizing Facial Mask


Daiso Japan’s Natural Pack Charcoal Peel Off Mask

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faceweaver facial mask animated
Facewaver Exercise Mask Beauty skin sag face stretcher



Get the upskirt skirt . . . only in Japan

Den4, the 3Yen correspondent-at-large reports…
Just when they didn’t want to have perverts photographing up skirts in Japan, they come out with this.


New light-emitting, color-changing “hikaru skirt” illuminates your legs for the world to see 2015/Jan/19
Hikaru skirt (hikaru means “shining”) is a skirt with LEDs attached the light created a pleasant illumination effect on the wearer’s thighs…there are miniature gyro sensors (which sense rotational motion) inside the skirt. In other words, every time you move, the pattern of lights and colors in the skirt also changes!


Learn more about the Hikaru skirt on the official Tumblr website of the skirt’s designer/inventor, Kiyoyuki Amano

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In Japan Santa sleeps with the fishes

In Japan Santa sleeps with the fishes…

            …and it’s ok.



What’s more, Santa’s Christmas tree can get a little wet

            …and its lighting might be a bit fishy.


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Sexual harassment for cross-dressing in Nagoya Japan

Japan’s biggest model pantsed in Nagoya Station!
More sexual harassment* for Nana-chan. She was pantsed while she was cross-dressing as Naruto Uzumaki to promote the upcoming movie, The Last: Naruto the Movie [Wiki].


The giant statue typically changes outfits to mark different occasions and is currently being dressed as Naruto. But recently when Nana-chan was standing tall in her Naruto outfit, someone came by and fully pulled down the mannequin's pants | 2014nov21:
Japan’s most famous mannequin gets depantsed

*Poor “Nana-chan,” Japan’s biggest model and symbol of Nagoya Station—When we last mentioned her in, said-openSexual harassment is big in Japansaid-closed (news.3Yen / 2014-07-27), Godizilla was getting grabby with her.

Japanese retro-look is really retro

Harajuku girl w/ RETRO plaid pinafore dress, Gremlins x Converse sneakers…
retro-girl [+]— Tokyo Fashion (@TokyoFashion) November 14, 2014

Q: Why are there so many vintage shops in Tokyo—I was wondering why they are so popular and how it all start?

A: In the postwar years, Japanese have worn America fashions for that “bad boy/girl” image by buying clothes on the black market that were sourced from American GIs stationed here.

Actual vintage clothing shops in Japan have been around since the mid-1960s with the first wave of wannabe hippies. Japan’s first real vintage shops like Chicago (since 1966) have catered to the retro-look for a long, looooong time (think of the greaser/rockabilly look).

By the 1980s, vintage clothing shops were huge with Japanese street fashion and have remained so ever since. For Japanese fashion victims, レトロ–vintage clothing offers the best way to achieve an over-the-top look while wearing actual/functional clothing that has been already vetted fashion-wise.

For more information about the retro/vintage clothing scene in Japan, refer to:…

RETRO! Pleated Maxi Skirt, Varsity Jacket & Sneakers in Harajuku | Tokyo Street Snaps
..Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 12.28.17 AM..

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