Mickey Mouse adulthood in Chiba

Here a sophisticated couple of 20-year-olds in traditional kimonos celebrating their “Coming of Age Day” (成人の日 / Seijin no Hi) today at Tokyo Disneyland in Chiba Prefecture, Japan.

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Gettin’ under the hidden kimono of Japan


The Propaganda Kimonos Japan Kept Hidden From Outsiders
These beautiful garments celebrate military power.
Atlas Obscura | Nov. 16, 2016
Japanese propaganda kimonos, a form of Japanese popular art that flourished from 1900 to 1945 and has only been rediscovered in the past decade. Known as omoshirogara—literally, “interesting” or “amusing” designs—they include kimonos and other traditional Japanese apparelAfter much hesitation, Japan is beginning to show an interest in these kimono designsmore.
gen-matsui-iwane-nanking          Caption: General Matsui Iwane triumphantly entering Nanking (of Massacre fame).

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Merry Christmasween!

Happy Hallowmas? Merry Christmasween?

Here’s a fun Japanese cultural fusion of Halloween ghosts with Charlie Brown’s favorite Christmas tree.



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Merry Christmas Wieners!


Japanese t-shirt sightings

catch-catch-_t-shirt_girl (via)



Other clothing engRish…

JapaJacket engRish: Whose happy “BITCH” are we?

Miss Japan 2016 is half Indian

Priyanka Yoshikawa is this year’s Miss Japan* for the Miss World contest—She is half Indian, which is remarkable in monocultural/monoracial Japan.


Miss World Japan 2016 Final Hot Picks Missosology.org
No. 6. Priyanka Yoshikawa — This half-Indian stunner is our dark horse in the pageant.



*Note: The contests for "Miss World" and the "Miss Universe" are totally different. The Miss Universe Organization is owned by the shithead-of-the-universe, Donald Trump. Miss World is the oldest surviving beauty pageant and from the UK.


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Salaryman SUIT!


Tongue in cheek, the new corporate track “suit” by ASICS is targeting Japan’s salaryman running their rodent race much like the old Regain energy drink TV commercial (see our Comments section).
Watch the rat-race suit in action in the fun ASICS TV commercial with English subtitles below.


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The eyes have it.

eyes-have-it copy

Anime eyes—What could be freakier and more desired by Japanese?
Japanese women often wear contact lenses with extra-wide tinted outer ring to give the look of a bigger, wider iris to make the entire eye look larger. (3Yen / 2008-09-07) eyes-contacts-190x

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Fashion Victims ᴙ Us


nevermind-the-xu ♠MORPH8NE♠からトレンドのロングアームTEE‼️ ブラックでデザインもシンプルのため男性女性、服装のジャンル問わずオススメです✨| 通販>https://t.co/b6SoMpwvfO pic.twitter.com/zc5OVIZQ0g— Nevermind the XU (@nmtxu) August 2, 2016

♠ MORPH8NE ♠ trend long arm TEE!!! Recommended — simple design of black — clothing genderless



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The 2020 Tokyo Olympic BABY BIB is now on sale!

We all can now get the official 2020 Olympic DROOL BIB!
Ok, ok, the rest-of-the-story is the that the emblem of Tokyo’s 202o Olympics was first cursed with an embarrassing withdrawn for plagiarism (3Yen / 2015-07-25) .
Now they have a traditional Japanese design for the Paralympics that unfortunately looks like a drool bib (3Yen / 2016-04-25) for the severely disabled. Oh baby.



‘Mount and ride me!!~’ —Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Cool Japan's official cultural ambassador* and J-pop idol, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (3Yen / 2013-03-06), now wants you to ride her. That is, Kyary aka Carrie wants you to mount and ride <snerk> her KPP Train on the Seibu railroad.


Check out Pamyu Pamyu’s knockknees.
She is not trying to just pose cutely. Many Japanese girls walk pigeon-toed (3Yen / 2013-03-06). This so-called charm point (チャームポイント) is called “O-legs / O-kyaku (脚矯正).


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Kyary Pamyu Pamyu has become the paid poster child for Cool Japan's propaganda blitz. For example:

jpninfo.com Feb 24, 2016 —- In partnership with the government’s movement to promote the tourism industry in Japan under the slogan “Cool Japan,” Universal Studios Japan (USJ) has also come up with “Universal Cool Japan” to attract more tourists with the hottest pop culture trends in the country…more…

“Kyary” is deformed engrish for ‘Carrie’—Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s full name is “Caroline Charonplop Kyary Pamyu Pamyu” (きゃろらいんちゃろんぷろっぷきゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ) {Wikipedia}.