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nevermind-the-xu ♠MORPH8NE♠からトレンドのロングアームTEE‼️ ブラックでデザインもシンプルのため男性女性、服装のジャンル問わずオススメです✨| 通販>— Nevermind the XU (@nmtxu) August 2, 2016

♠ MORPH8NE ♠ trend long arm TEE!!! Recommended — simple design of black — clothing genderless



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The 2020 Tokyo Olympic BABY BIB is now on sale!

We all can now get the official 2020 Olympic DROOL BIB!
Ok, ok, the rest-of-the-story is the that the emblem of Tokyo’s 202o Olympics was first cursed with an embarrassing withdrawn for plagiarism (3Yen / 2015-07-25) .
Now they have a traditional Japanese design for the Paralympics that unfortunately looks like a drool bib (3Yen / 2016-04-25) for the severely disabled. Oh baby.



‘Mount and ride me!!~’ —Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Cool Japan's official cultural ambassador* and J-pop idol, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (3Yen / 2013-03-06), now wants you to ride her. That is, Kyary aka Carrie wants you to mount and ride <snerk> her KPP Train on the Seibu railroad.


Check out Pamyu Pamyu’s knockknees.
She is not trying to just pose cutely. Many Japanese girls walk pigeon-toed (3Yen / 2013-03-06). This so-called charm point (チャームポイント) is called “O-legs / O-kyaku (脚矯正).


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Kyary Pamyu Pamyu has become the paid poster child for Cool Japan's propaganda blitz. For example: Feb 24, 2016 —- In partnership with the government’s movement to promote the tourism industry in Japan under the slogan “Cool Japan,” Universal Studios Japan (USJ) has also come up with “Universal Cool Japan” to attract more tourists with the hottest pop culture trends in the country…more…

“Kyary” is deformed engrish for ‘Carrie’—Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s full name is “Caroline Charonplop Kyary Pamyu Pamyu” (きゃろらいんちゃろんぷろっぷきゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ) {Wikipedia}.


‘Hail Mary: The Formation Book for the Mr. Untouchable’ of Japan

A long-time friend of the 3Yen reports…

So there's now a Japanese fashion magazine called Hail Mary: The Formation Book for Mr. Untouchable.
sublight-monster—The Hopeful Monster (@SublightMonster) 2016-06-08


hail-maryThe official website of “Hail Mary” for mens fashion describes its mission as:

…a Formation book for 'Mr. Untouchable' ... who wants to be the real man with intelligence and wild (sic) like James Bond or Indy Jones.″



Steam punk gynecology for GYNOIDs

Japanese sex doll maker, Orient Industry, is now showing their life-size love dolls in the “Artificial OTOME (girl) Museum” at the Vanilla Gallery in Tokyo.
Orient Industry says that these GYNOID love dolls are for:
not only the collectors who love to live with them, but also others including widowers.″

Watch the video of the GYNOIDS and stream punk gynecology in our Comments section.

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Hinky-chu’s lingerie

Starting Friday, the Japanese apparel company, “Peach John,” will be offering a hinky line of Pikachu lingerie via their YUMMY MART brand…

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Japan hits Peak Lipstick

Not an April Fool’s story…

Japan Lipstick Industry Is Projected to Reach a Significant Height in Its Market Growth as the 2016 Consumer Demands Are Evolving
…a detailed analysis of this industry on the basis of the ongoing market trends, in addition to the market drivers, demand inhibitors, resource utilization, market challenges
SBWIRE — 04/01/2016 blah, blah, blah…

traditional-japanese-makeup-1 The above photo was labled “traditional” Japanese makeup, ha, ha.
pikachu pucker pokemon by viridis somnioOur previous lipstick reports include:

All About the ‘Ben’

It’s All About the Benjamins.*

benjamin-heelstokyo fashion logo

Harajuku monster girl & singer @Asachill065 w/ Joyrich, Galaxxxy, UNIF & HairJanieJones #原宿 — Tokyo Fashion (@TokyoFashion) March 3, 2016shoe-monster-girl-cryptic-triptych


*“Benjamins” or Bens is slang for $100 bills, a reference to Benjamin Franklin’s image on the largest denomination of US currency.

Also note that “ben” (くそ) means poo in Japanese, which can make introducing yourself fun in Japan if you are named Benjamin.

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inflatable cat raincoat

Q: So, Tokyo still winterish and there has been a cold drizzle for past week and half…What do you wear?

A: An inflatable cat raincoat of course.


Michiko Koshino inflatable cat jacket & Yohji Yamamoto x Dr Martens boots in Harajuku #原宿 — Tokyo Fashion (@TokyoFashion) 2016-Mar-13

See an additional cat-lady closeup in the Comments section…


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Fat-shaming is a public policy in Japan

As a matter of public policy, fat-shaming is the law in Japan…and I’m big outlaw*…


Japan doesn't sugar coat clothing sizes.
Turning Japanese (@TurningJapanesa) Feb. 22, 2016



love butt
I’m 210 lbs, 6 foot 1 inch (95 kg / 185 cm) I used to get nagged at work by my bosses about me being sumo size.
(Professional sumo has a size minimum of 173 cm and 75 kg or 5ft 7in / 165 lbs.) .

Japan’s `Metabo law´ (METABOlic syndrome) states that people must stay below a government-mandated waistline of 35.4 inches (90cm) for men and 33.5 inches (85cm) for women, which is policed through an annual mandatory health check up.

Companies with more than a certain percentage of over-the-waist-limit employees are slapped with a fine. Overweight employees must attend “re-education camps” aka counselling sessions, and they are subjected to monitoring. Fatsos can be denied promotion and even be demoted as part of their performance review.

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