Japanese trans love

One of the fun things about Japanese TV are the huge number of poorly-convincing trans-people featured on variety shows. One the least convincing these trans-entertainers, IKKO*, had a wardrobe malfunction recently.

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*Learn more about IKKO, the makeup artist on: wikipedia.org/wiki/Ikko_(makeup_artist)


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Miss International Embarrassment

It’s that time of the year again for the Miss International bimbo-beauty pageant, which this year is being held on November 11th in Tokyo.
See the official photo gallery at: http://miss-international.org/eng/photo-gallery

"Miss Japan Lira Hongo parades during the national costume event…"

At least Miss Japan doesn’t have to wear a "national costume" embarrassment like Miss USA and Miss Nicaragua {snark , snark}.

Let’s ZOOT!

A zoot suit (Wiki) sombreroed prowls the mean streets of Harajuku with his chrome rotary dial handset briefcase mobile (used to phone home to 1940s Alpha Centauri binary star system).


Ah, so Japan.

Japanese—all look the same?

Japanese people often say that Japanese girls look all the same and referred to them as Ryosangata Joshidaisei Ryousangata-Joshidaisei-kanji “mass production female university students” (details).

YuRa_galaxxxy’s tweet:
You think all they’re all the same person or is it just me?all-look-the-same


pic.twitter.com/BKSDJJcySv — ଘ遊月さん(ゆらっぱい)⚤✩‧₊* (@YuRa_galaxxxy) October 19, 2014


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In the sage words of Admiral Ackabar, “IT’S A TRAP!

Sending out Japanese Pop Culture to the world! With live performances from Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and Denpagumi.inc, a fashion show and lots of booths (free hair set!!!), there’s so much to do on Sunday, September 28th, when we see you at the MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON FESTIVAL 2014.

There is even a Special Live Viewing Area Reserved Just for Foreigners!
Checkout the DJ stage and enjoy Japanese festival style “yakisoba” and “takoyaki” from the food area. Enjoy festival style games such as ring tossing and target practice and take photos with your friends in front of the photo panel snap area. There’s so much to do inside and outside the venue. 

It came from outer space, the Harujuku Oort Cloud

Japan’s premier astrophysical research center, TokyoFashion.com, recently captured these images of shironuri* artist Minori —a spherical cloud of predominantly icy planetesimals largely composed of ices, such as water, ammonia, and methane— whose nearly isotropic obit frequents the Harajuku fashion district of Tokyo.

*For more about Japan’s shironuri fashion micro-subculture, refer to its brief Wikipedia entry and my previous report:

A whitewashed artiste (3Yen / 2013-12-22)