Japanese fashion victims

Here are some Japanese fashion victims for you to compare and contrast…

Dangerous–‘Abunai’ Kano Sisters


First there was the popular ’80s TV show, Abunai Deka (Dangerous Detectives), about two Yokohama cops that wanted to be Dirty Harry in Japan, cleaning up the streets in a sometimes humorous manner that could only take place in the earlier carefree days before the bubble collapsed economy…

Now we get the Dangerous Sisters, that is the Abunai Kano Sisters, those two scandal-laced, silicon-pumped, famous-for-being-famous, media celebs, the Kano Sisters, who are now becoming anime characters to showcase their mental prowess….



In Japan they are best known for being known and their over-the-top plastic surgery, but no telling how America will react. The Abunai Kano Sisters must be planning to survive on rich otaku in Japan and the US, because on the engrished version of their site, and they are expecting a lot of sales for the otaku to benefit from their sleazy pre-order, group buying, and “Gathering” pricing schemes.
kano sisters super sleaze

Will the Abunai Kano Sisters be a smash like Puffy AmiYumi and bring bukkake and engrish to America, or if they’ll crash the way Pink Lady did in the States? And will they do their interviews in engrish? Either way, some people just have more money than they know what to do with.
Koko chan Mika chan