Japan beauty: The nose knows!


The LAWeekly warns of yet another fraudulent Japanese nose improvement device:
Japanese Nose Slimmer: Beautiful Nose Making Magical Roller.

Beware of the Nose Crazies if they sniff out this post!
Little does The LAWeekly know that they will attract dozens of demented comments about how this must be wonderful idea. Just wait when they have to answer all the email demanding to know where they can purchase the wonder device, the “Beautiful Nose Making Magical Roller ~ BIBANA. See more photos at: 1, 2, 3, and 4.

The most popular topic of the past five years on here on the 4Yen is a fraudulent industrial-strength clothespin is clipped onto a Japanese nose to make it “tall”—That is, to improve the bridge of the nose by making it more prominent and humped.
HanaHana™Get your big nose beauty!
hana-hana nose enlarger Japanese drugstore

Mo’ betta… I found an even more insane version of the fraudulent nose clip: NOSE ELECTROCUTION (news.3yen.com/2009-10-03)!

Uniqlo is a Mickey Mouse brand

UNIQLO characters mikey mouse star wars

Uniqlo aka J. Front Retailing, Japan’s second-largest retailer of the cheapest clothing on the market is now desperately trying to project an upmarket image to Japanese consumers. Although in the Western markets, Uniqlo (and muji)* claim a upscale mass-market image, in Japan Uniqlo is known as the best place to find a full range of the most inexpensive clothes available.

Therefore, Uniqlo’s is now trying licensing of brands such as the Mickey Mouse and Star Wars brands with boosted prices as well as attempting to kickstart their own premium “UJ” and “UT” brands. Uniqlo is retailer who Japanese still think of as a place selling 500 yen—five buck t-shirts and never having a t-shirt for more than 1,000 yen ($10.75 USD).

Now as you can see below, they are selling manga branded t-shirts for 14.90 Euros or 1,883 yen ($20.20 USD).

See more examples of Uniqlo’s character brand t-shirts at online magazine of Madmoizelle (France).

Lady ‘Little Monster’ lands in Gaga Japan

Why bother with a tattoo when a marking pen is good enough?
lady little monster gaga japan
‘Monster’ Gaga size, 577 X 1696 px.

Lady Gaga has landed in Japan with a marker pen “tattoo” on her arm and a reusable canvas shopping $5,000 Hermes bag that both read, “I love little monster Tokyo Love.”

In theory she’s here for concerts in Kobe and Yokohama but obviously she’s really here to shop for Japanese mutations and industrial waste: via day life/AP Tuesday, April 13, 2010.

Japanese pantyhose on the Space Station

Japanese astronaut with ‘a sense of grace’
Previously in our report Japanese astronaut with ‘a sense of grace’, the 3Yen speculated on glamorous Naoko Yamazaki, Japan’s astronaut now on the International Space Station (ISS) wearing an outfit was made by Japanese fashion designer Jun Ashida (see left). It was a bit odd that they would make her wear shorts when she’s going to be bumping her knees all the time in weightlessness—At least the matching tight cardigan with deep decolletage would not be a hinderance to a Japanese lady.
It turns out my worries were well founded. As you see on the right, JAXA, Japan’s NASA dressed astronaut Yamazaki in a fabulous “smoke-colored” pantyhose paired with her designer hot pants while she is shown floating weightless in some sort of space washing machine (or hatch ;-).
naoko yamazakI floating in washing machine


Japanese astronaut with ‘a sense of grace’

Here’s an illustration* of Japan’s out of this world fashion sense…

astronaut-Naoko-Yamazaki short stumpy legs *

astronaut Naoko-Yamazaki takes off

Naoko Yamazaki, Japan’s female astronaut now on a mission to the International Space Station (ISS) and for the occasion, an outfit was made by Japanese fashion designer Jun Ashida—a slim-cut cardigan in blue with darker navy blue shorts.

“As a female designer, I chose a design and colour with a sense of grace … so that she can feel at ease as she carries out a tough mission in a male-dominated, bleak atmosphere,” Ashida said on Wednesday”
more via bangkokpost.com

Not surprisingly, the BBC News has a totally different take on astronaut Yamazaki, who’s, “husband gave up his job with a software company to look after their seven-year old daughter Yuki, allowing his wife to pursue her ambitions….

According to bios on NASA’s website, besides being a damn handsome woman, astronaut Yamazaki has a Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Tokyo in 1993 and a Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Tokyo in 1996—Not shabby since Japanese people consider University of Tokyo to be Japan’s equivalent of the Sorbonne, Oxford, or Harvard.


* Fair use – Parody: The fashion drawing at the top is a parody of the illustration of the Japanese designer Jun Ashida, which falls under the realm of Fair Use—It’s a Joke.
Come you think of it, giving a lady astronaut a tight cardigan with deep decolletage and make her wear shorts when she’s going to be bumping her knees all the time in weightlessness is the real Joke.

Miss Japan 2010

miss-japan-2010via MainichiPhotospecial
Embiggen to 350×1345 px.

As you can see in the above swimsuit photo, Miss Japan 2010, Maiko Itai, is not as robust as the previous years’ contestants, such as Miss Japan 2009, Emiri Miyasaka.

2009 3YenNo ‘Dog Days’ for Miss Japan

My favorite was Kurara Chibana, Miss Japan 2006, who was the, Ninja in high heels.

Miss Japan Kurara Chibana in ninja

However, if you want to see a better “sack-of-antlers,” check out the sort-ofNSFW photos in the Comments.

You too can be an olympic Pedobear

pedobear with wiener friends
If you have been inspired by “Pedobear” being an official mascot of 2010 Vancouver Olympics, you should love being your own Pedobear as explained by fashion.3yen.com’s Kigurumi: Stuffed animals that you wear!
pedobear costume

Dangerous–‘Abunai’ Kano Sisters


First there was the popular ’80s TV show, Abunai Deka (Dangerous Detectives), about two Yokohama cops that wanted to be Dirty Harry in Japan, cleaning up the streets in a sometimes humorous manner that could only take place in the earlier carefree days before the bubble collapsed economy…

Now we get the Dangerous Sisters, that is the Abunai Kano Sisters, those two scandal-laced, silicon-pumped, famous-for-being-famous, media celebs, the Kano Sisters, who are now becoming anime characters to showcase their mental prowess….



In Japan they are best known for being known and their over-the-top plastic surgery, but no telling how America will react. The Abunai Kano Sisters must be planning to survive on rich otaku in Japan and the US, because on the engrished version of their site, and they are expecting a lot of sales for the otaku to benefit from their sleazy pre-order, group buying, and “Gathering” pricing schemes.
kano sisters super sleaze

Will the Abunai Kano Sisters be a smash like Puffy AmiYumi and bring bukkake and engrish to America, or if they’ll crash the way Pink Lady did in the States? And will they do their interviews in engrish? Either way, some people just have more money than they know what to do with.
Koko chan Mika chan