New Japanese ‘smart hotel’ to offer lower rates with stupid robots

Japanese theme park ‘Huis Ten Bosch’ to open ‘smart hotel’ with low rates — and robots
Nikkei Asian Review / January 28, 2015
at a planned hotel at Huis Ten Bosch, where robots will greet guests, clean up and even serve coffee… as a way to slash personnel costs… equipped with three customer-service robots handling check-ins, at least one “service robot” tasked with serving coffee to customers and other duties, and several cleaning robots. Instead of room keys, guests will use a facial recognitionmore

left_quoter_14x24WELCOME TO THE FUTURE. WE ARE HERE TO REPLACE YOU.right_quoter_13x24
The idea of a robot-assisted hotel is all fine and good. Check-in at an automated kiosk rather than with a clerk at the front desk is perfectly ok. Even a robot bellboy (3Yen / 2006-02-24 to carry my bags to my room would be sort of fun. However, claiming that this amounts to a “robot-run” hotel is just a gimmick.
UPDATE: The name of the hotel is “Henn na Hotel” {Strange Hotel}…a play on words: “Henn” is also part of the Japanese word for change. —The Japan Times.

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“Mc.Danield’s” SALT BURGER…only in Japan

Tokyo GUNDAM handicapped
Tokyo’s famous “Gundam Front” complex that features a full-sized Gundam statue (3Yen / 2012-06-07), now has a Gundam Cafe offering “Mc.Danield’s (sic) Hamburgers” in a special “SALT BURGER” variation shown below.

Tokyo’s Gundam Cafe offers Mc.Danield's Hamburgers + special salty one!
— Rinkya (@rinkya) November 20, 2014

Details on the official Gundam Cafe website:

Gyrating Gynoid Looks Too Good

It’s amazing how hard Japanese engineers have to work to get a date…

Asuna is a hyperreal android built to look just like your average 15 year old girl. Every single detail from her skin to her eyes to her hair are meant to look like something that you would see on a real person. Designed by the robotics masterminds at A-Lab Co. Ltd. she is even capable of talking to people. While some believe her to be a bit eerie in her resemblance to an actual human
RocketNews24 / 2014nov04
: Real life android looks almost too real

android by hongjapan

Asuna-chan, the goofy gynoid might look “a bit eeire” but not as much as this pole dancing Booty Bot recently exhibited by Jordan Wolfson (website).

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Finally, Japan invents *useful* robots . . . NOT

Oh just great—Murata Corporation’s new said-openCheerleader Robotssaid-closed balance on their balls while preparing to suck your soul…

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A fair shake … Japan style

akb48 handshake event

Late last May, two members of the megapopular idol group “AKB48″ had to be hospitalized after they were attacked by a crazed fan wielding with a saw during the group’s meet ’n’ greet. Since then there has been much angst about how to safely hold akushukai / “handshaking” events.

Many ideas have been suggested (3Yen / 2014-05-26 ), but the following was the most “Japanese” solution.


Translation: This new video conference system that can shake hands was created by a research group of the University of Osaka. The system allows you to remotely shake hands with a distant person by tele-connecting them using a robot pseudo-hand during an online conversation.

Mission accomplished! icon_thumbsup


Created for special operations by TOA Heavy Industries Corporation Ltd., this prototype of a male-version of a synthetic human claims to have a self-development type A.I. installed (which is very believable for a fcuking toy that only costs 120 dollars). Initially, TOA Heavy Industries says this male-type synthetic will be stationed at their headquarters as an “Agent.” Ri-i-i-ight. (¬_¬)

東亜重工 – TOA Heavy Industries

According to TOA’s website, their synthetic human can handle a variety of working environments and has exceptional “combat ability.” Toa goes on to, explain: said-openDue to being a prototype, his outer aspects are incomplete, making the facial part just a shell that mimics the human face. said-closed


Ok, ok, these synthetic humans are from the manga comic “Biomega” that has:
sidebar-quote long
AI companions working as agents sent by TOA Heavy Industries to retrieve humans with the ability to resist and transmute the N5S infection, which is spreading across the world, turning humans into “Drones”; disfigured, zombie-like beings [in other words, salarymen].



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Daft Tokyo Punk

As winners at last week’s Grammy Awards, you were sure to notice the stellar appearance of the Daft Punk robots…

In fact the Daft Punk robots are such favorite that most larger Japanese electronics stores you buy your own helmet, plug in, and join The Collective. (^_-)

japanese girl buying robot head mask
Japanese shopping for robot head mask at a Yamada Denki store.

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Truth-in-advertising approach to Japanese corporate hiring

Sumitomo Corporation has decided to go with a truth-in-advertising approach and their recruiting division has decided to show prospective new hires exactly what is in store for them.

The recruiting video for Sumitomo salarymen-bots is by ‘World Order’ aka Genki Sudo (3Yen 2011-03-25) shows more of the true nature of Japanese life than would be expected.