Japanese sextech — 6+ times better than your own hand!

sex machine japan
Sankaku Complex {NSFW website} Nov 11, 2011 06:41 JST

Creepy otaku are rejoicing release… of the USB ONACON, an electronic USB … onanistic technology…The main feature of the Onacon is the “ejaculation button” which “allows you to sync your ejaculation with that of the character!!” Secondary features include “a hole which completely recreates the tightness of virgin p***y” and an internal structure which “recreates her uterus!! You can, “pump liquid into her uterus with your thing and totally knock her up!!”……more…

Now combine this advanced J-sextech of the ONACON (more photos) with the KDDI Japan’s new Mobile App reads your brain waves for “health control.” ! Ri-i-i-ight righteous!

brain-wave app kddi smart phone droidMobile Application Checks Brain Waves for Health Control
Nikkei Electronics — Tech-On!
KDDI R&D Labs Inc showcased “Mobile Phone Brain Wave Measurement Application”…A brain wave sensor and a mobile phone are connected via the Bluetooth interface…that is wrapped around the head. It contains NeuroSky Inc's sensor and a Bluetooth module…
…KDDI demonstrated three kinds of applications: (1) “droid touch,” which determines the user's physical condition by checking the ability to concentrate, (2) “brain sound,” which converts brain waves into sounds from which the users can know their conditions and (3) “psychology view,” which measures the vitality of the brain...more...

Also check out the infamous 3Yen post of 2006-06-07: From the Land of Zen comes SOM, the sound of one hand clapping off

Japan’s NSK unveils a Guide Dog Robot that’s legally blind

Nikkei Tech-On! | Nov 10, 2011 | TOKYO—NSK Ltd exhibited a four-legged guide dog robot at the International Robot Exhibition 2011… When the user stands next to the robot, “NR003,” holds its grip and applies a force to the grip in the direction to which the user wants to go, the robot guides the user to the direction…the robot is that it can go up and down stairs…by the employment of the four legs and the development of a technology to use a range image sensor to recognize stairsmore

Yeah, yeah, the NR003 guide K9 has a “range sensor” that can identify stairs and obstacles right in front of it; but it cannot see speeding cars bearing down on it from a distance. I’d rather have a Labrador Retriever than this blind dog-bot.

Note: The above photo of the NR003 robot guide-bot is “enhanced” and it originally looks like this.

Your Japanese robot clone awaits

Android robot that looks like Professor Ishigurohe Robots on Yahoo! News / Thu Jul 20, 10:47 PM ET….the ATR Intelligent Robotics and Communication Laboratories, Prof. Hiroshi Ishiguro, right, of Osaka University looks at an android robot that looks exactly like him in Kyoto, western Japan…. cost about 30 million yen (US$258,000) to develop, is remote-controlled to speak and can wear carbon copy expressions of Ishiguro…more…

Gr-r-r-at! Now I can be in two places at once.race-queen-osaka-motor-show.jpg
Professor Ishigurohe wants to send his robot clone to travel on long trips to meetings and conferences. He even said that androids ould replace the “race queens” at motor shows and, “Then you don’t need to hire beautiful women.”
Noooooo! Not that!

Watch the videos of the mad professor and robo-clone here at Pink Tentacle.

Robo Bojutsu Badass

humanoid robot 'HRP-2 Promet' of Kawada Industries
Robots on Yahoo! : A humanoid robot ‘HRP-2 Promet’ of Kawada Industries performs a martial art during a demonstration at the 2005 International Robot Exhibition in Tokyo November 30, 2005.

Actually, I cannot tell from the photo whether this is the martial art bojutsu (the Art of the Staff) or the rarer Bonote (the ‘Art the Stick’) and I doubt that the reporter would understand or make the differentiation a fighting technique and a ritual. Bojutsu (棒術) is where Japanese kendo came from, but bonote is a stylized form, like a ritualistic dance. Bonote is part entertainment and part religious ceremony to frighten away evil spirits.

Anyway, visit Kawada Industries’s official website to read the specs and overview of humanoid robot ‘HRP-2 Promet’. Then go an see several videos ‘HRP-2 Promet’ opening a can of whoopass.