Cull or combination! Lose those ‘Loose characters’!

Has Japan hit Peak ‘Loose Character’?
The mascot business has been showing signs a crash for some time we reported last year that Scores of ‘lax characters’ in Osaka Japan put to death in prefectural putsch (3Yen / 2014-05-08/) .

Japan mascots face cull or combination
Yahoo News (AFP) / 2015-April-06
Japan’s swollen ranks of cuddly mascots, once de rigueur for every local government and commercial brand, are coming under increasing threat, with some being culled and others combined.mascot-text    More…


Previous reports of Japan’s yuru-kyara (“loose characters”) on the 3Yen include:
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Captain Hard-on of Hokkaido Captain Hard-on of Hokkaido
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Happy B-day KUMAMON! (March 12)

Kumamon (くまモン), the screwball mascot of Kumamoto Prefecture, was born on March 12, 2010 Kumamon – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

My name is “Kumamon” and I was born in the wake of the Kyushu Shinkansen whole line opening of March 2011.

via (Kumamon self-introduction)

くまモン birthday

Just can’t hide!

…and sometimes the bear eats you.

Black Japanese Christmas Cake from the darkest Sump of…


Eat the penguin mascot of the Suica Card (see left) of Japanese subways and rails—A black Christmas Cake from the darkest Sump of Hades.


For more about the Suica Card, check out the previous 3Yen report:

Suica: the bank card that functions as train ticket and credit-ATM card (3Yen / 2005-03-29)

See the multitude of the Suica Penguin’s “character goods” at:

Japan has all the ‘World mascots’

World Mascot Character Summit with over 450 wacko weirdos representing local governments in Japan (and foreign countries) is now being held in Saitama Prefecture north of Tokyo.

See if you can find the foreign “World Character” in the official poster of the 2014 World Mascot Character Summit that features a picture of every goofy character. As far as I could tell, the poster has plenty of aliens but no “World Characters.” (Embiggen to 1170x1657px)…

You can find all ten of the foreign mascot characters here:

Pisser presser

As I have written before*, according to Japanese law everything must have a cute mascot—a yuru-kyara / yuru-kyara japanese loose character mascot—literally a ‘loose character’ or ‘floppy mascot’. And, the No. 1 in the mascot popularity polls in Japan is “Funassyi,” the official unofficial character Funabashi City, which is next to Tokyo. (

So, imagine my surprise to see that Funassyi suddenly has a brother “Funagoro” who at his first press conference today pissed* all over the reporters(Click to watch the video of the “pisser presser”)

The puerile pissing* action starts at the 6min 20sec point of the video.

*Ok, ok, Funagoro didn’t really piss on the press. He and Funassyi are supposed to be pears and pears can get infested with worms. Funagoro has a green caterpillar up his butt that shoots silk with he gets excited.


Previous puerile reports of Funassyi on the 3Yen include:

Japanese baseball “sekuhara,” again

Brisky-getting-frisky-again Nippon-Ham-Fighters japan baseball
Our report on the mascot Brisky getting frisky at a Nippon Ham Fighters baseball game (3Yen / 2005-08-20) has been an all-time favorite with readers. That is to say, sekuhara/sekuhara—the Japanese-engrish abbreviation for sexual harassment—is the national pastime in Japan like baseball.

Just recently I noticed that Brisky-kun has some real competition in the pervy department.
Move over for the hot babe “Buffalo Bell“— The new bovine kigurimi mascot of the Orix Buffaloes baseball team has proven such a sensation that she has attracted her own up-skirt problems
buff-gal (ÑṠFW):
Buffalo Bell – And You Thought Dollers & Furries Weren’t Hot!

Battle of Japan: unauthorized Funassyi vs fake Funasshii

It’s the law in Japan—everything must have a cute mascot—a yuru-kyara / yuru-kyara japanese loose character mascot {lit. ‘loose character’ or ‘floppy mascot’} (3Yen / 2013-01-31).

Yesterday, Funabashi city’s unauthorized* mascot character, Funassyi (Wiki), who represents that city just next to Tokyo in Chiba Prefecture, got into a bit of trouble. A faux Funasshii (sic) showed up at a major event and started “playing” with children until the police noticed the mascot was behaving oddly and hinky with the kids.


*“Unauthorized” because when the real
Funassyi visited the Funabashi City Office to be
authorized & supported officially, the Funabashi
Municipal Government refused to approve poor
Funassyi as their official character even though
it ranks No. 1 in the mascot popularity polls.

Japan’s genial Green Giant


In the idyllic negi/leek fields of Tottori Prefecture, a green giant emerges from the startled earth.

The giant is 40 m tall Japanese leek-onion—negi—and he is promptly named ‘Negi-Man.’ Local citizens quickly realize that he’s a hero not a kaiju/monster—Negi-Man becomes the popular champion of the people.

But with the popularity of Negi-Man, the evil neighboring Shimane Prefecture (Wiki) becomes jealous. From Shimane Prefecture’s capital city, Matsue, a monster arises—“Mate Joe” (Mate=Matsue Jo=castle) and the battle has begun!  ↓  (Youtube)