WE WANT YOU (to fight Godzilla)

This supposedly is a recruitment poster for the Japan’s Self-Defense Forces who are, Looking for people who can defeat Godzilla.

godzilla sdf poster

I figured the above poster was just a Photoshop—But nope, it’s real. So, I helped Goji-chan make something more over-the-top.

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Alternative employment opportunities for Japanese mascots


JT | 2016Aug13: The Democratic Party is considering selecting its official yuru-kyara (mascot character) in September to coincide with the party’s leadership election, informed sources said. Aiming to give a boost to the main opposition party’s presidential poll, the party plans to hold a public online vote to pick the successor to Minshu-kun, the official mascot of the Democratic Party of Japanmore...


After more than seven years of faithful employment, the Democratic Party’s mascot “Minshu-kun” (民主くん) has been given abrupt notice of termination in September, However, Minshu-kun may have found alternative employment opportunities with TENGA Co., Ltd. as you can see below,

51v4MKoxFWLtenga-lowboytenga twist

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Japan’s Eco Pig Dragon

Eco Pig Dragon seems to be Kumamon Bear's newest buttbuddy.


たくさんのお友達と会えて嬉しいモン!お友達に負けんよう、ボクもPRがんばるモン!みなさん、くまもとの夏の旅も楽しんではいよー☆ — くまモン【公式】 (@55_kumamon) July 3, 2016

Translated-from-Japanese-by-Bing To meet with your friends, I’m happy Mon! PR do my best friends won’t lose so I Mon! Travel to Kumamoto, your summer fun is good!☆

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Everything in Japan needs a special mascot, even angry poles.

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The vultures gather over the Japan quake(s)

It’s still shaking here—more than 400 aftershocks since the initial quake–In fact the official name for it is the "Kumamoto Earthquakes" (Wiki).

To add to the "fun" are the a zillions scammers sending out fake spam appeals for money for the Kumamoto relief efforts, grrr.

prey-on-kumamoto Kumamon ↑ the official mascot of Kumamoto Prefecture


second-harvest It’s best to trust the established, locally-based charities such as: Second Harvest Japan, JAL’s Kumamoto Earthquake Relief Effort Miles, Japan’s Community Chest Japan, Japanese Red Cross Society

The authorities are wisely pleading for nobody to physically help. Specifically, Kumamoto Prefectural government is saying:

“The kindness of people wanting to volunteer and send goods is much appreciated, but please wait until we are ready to do so.”

In past disasters, volunteers came to help without proper transportation or lodging, and they just added to the mess.

Rear view of Japan

Yesterday’s post, reminded everyone to, Check out this Sanio character’s Butthole.
In response our faithful reader “Coligny” observed, “Your obsession with yuru chara bungholes is disturbing…” toyocky drawing kime which refers to our previous exchange (3Yen 2012-12-09) about his local “loose character” (yuru chara) “Toyocky,” the mascot of Toyohashi City.

toyocky triptych

Of course, Sanio character’s and “Toyocky” aren’t the only bungholy mascots in Japan.

There’s “Nagomi Shibakko” character of Kyoto who keeps things tidy and puckered up.

Japan’s “Mr. Bowling” also keeps things tidy, well zipped up, and on-the-down-low (お尻もなかなかプリティです).

Much like Mr. Bowling, the loose character of Ehime Prefecture, buttless “Baryi,” also keeps things tightnright with its bunghole biscuit plug (far right).

Here’s the character “Poo” (ぽぉ) of Iida City. A ripe mango? (“完熟マンゴー?”)

It looks like the above “Poo” character needs the services of the “AssFinger” mascot to hold things in.

Better yet, the “PIAnisiki”(ぴあにしき) mascot has TWO bungholes!
PIAanisiki copy

Mukku, of the children’s TV show “Hirake! Ponkiki(3Yen 2010-08-30) takes it up the p00pchute.

Red Cross Japan‘s mascot, “Red Poop* Boy” (赤フン坊や) has a costume malfunction in his nether regions.

Can anyone else think of Japanese masscot (sic) mischief in the lower regions?



Vlad the Impaler strikes in Tokyo!

left_long quotebar 24x260pxVlad_IIIAwakened from his slumber of centuries, the Vlad III, Prince of Wallachia—sometimes referred to as “Vlad the Impaler(or more commonly Vlad Dracula)—has attacked Sanrio’s character Pom Pom Purin by impaling him on the posts holding up Tokyo’s Shinjuku Station.


ワラキア公ヴラド3世は捕らえたポムポムプリンを串刺しにして晒し、敵の心胆を寒からしめたという。 — Watanabe (@nabe1975) Mar. 7, 2016




Furry fun of the Japanese police

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department has officially joined Furry fandom. hi-from-pipo-kun
They’ve decided that it’s not enough to have Pipo-kun
as a mascot, and they also need the furry, Tewatasana-inu chan.

 inu-chanMulboyne avatar

Police mascot causing a stir online.
https://t.co/LQBh4AMm0p pic.twitter.com/B7m5eSzOts — Mulboyne (@Mulboyne) Jan. 5, 2016

Tewatasana-inu-chan police mascotTewatasana-inu chan(テワタサナイーヌ ちゃん), the furry dog-girl extraordinaire, has only been on the job since last November but already she has been attracting attention (perhaps unwanted) from Yokohama’s police mascot, pigaru-kun_2
Pi-gull kun (ピーガルくん) 
as you can in the photo below of the two of them “yiffing*” in a candid momement.


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KIRIMI-chan Christmas — Japan’s Salmon Steak Xmas

Sanrio, the Japanese company behind Hello Kitty, has new Christmas character: Kirimi-chan.
And Kirimi-chan is a real character—She’s a salmon steak with arms and legs who is coming to your Christmas tree!


pic.twitter.com/9lFd8ux6SL — KIRIMIちゃん.【公式】 (@kirimi_sanrio) December 7, 2015


banner-kirimi-300xName: Kirimi-chan
Birthday: August 31st
A star in the sliced food world. Hello. I’m kirimichan. Your faithful mealtime partner! Be sure to grill me up nicely!
—via Sanrio Timeline



Cat euthanized & gifts cancelled for Christmas

Since September, there was giant black cat in Shinjuku station giving free gifts to passersby. Yesterday, the cat was euthanized with a blue plastic bag over its head and free gifts were cancelled for Christmas. (Rest-of-the-Story)

Below are photos and explanation of the giant black cat…

in the underground labyrinth of passages, shops, and platforms that make up Shinjuku Station, you’ll find a huge black cat…dispensing presents to passers-by…part of an impressive campaign by Japan’s largest delivery company…so well-known for their cute black cat logos imgresthat they’re more commonly referred to as Kuroneko (black cat) Yamato.
—via RocketNews24 | 2015/09/30
Giant black cat appears in Shinjuku Station, gives gifts in exchange for nose rubs



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