My favorite Japanese day

November 10 is my favorite Japanese day:

Good Toilet Day / ii to(ire) no hi / いいトイレの日!!~

japan-toilet-ecstasy_500xoz-Nipon “It me” (@ozAntinnippon)


The Japan Toilet Association celebrates Toilet Day on November 10, because in Japanese the numbers 11/10 (for the month and the day) can be read as ii-to(ire) meaning “Good Toilet.”

Of course Japan’s “Toilet Day” should not be confused with World Toilet Day on November 19. World Toilet Day has an amazing Japanesque mascot Mr. Poo—who can poop with his trousers on!



Namakoro, the new mascot for Japan’s Maritime Self Defense Force seems to be too real/separated-at-birth from actual pink sea cucumbers (and other things) that can be pinkish in nature.


Namakoro, a pink sea cucumber in a sailor suit, is the new mascot for Japan’s Maritime Self Defence Force in the Sasebo region. mono-mascots-logo

— Mondo Mascots (@mondomascots) October 25, 2018

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‘Here kitty, kitty, kitty…’

This time of the year, the bear mascot, Kumamon (Wiki), always gets very hungry as hibernation time is just around the the corner.



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my-tokyo-gas1In the 1980s, Tokyo Gas slapped the slogan on the side of thousands of their company’s trucks proclaiming, MY CITY–MY GAS®” (マイシティ—マイガス)

paccho-farting-5kb Now the company’s slogan is just myTOKYOGAS® and has a blue flame farting bear, Paccho-kun.
That’s a BIG improvement, right?

It’s true GAS LOVE (3Yen / 2018-09-02), isn’t it?



Kumamon’s corporate crisis

At the end of Kumamon’s disastrous corporate board meeting…
…and all he wanted to do was hide until the start of the upcoming holiday weekend — 3-days of countryside farting around.


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Kumamon’s vacation is a blast

At his first chance, Kumamon, Japan’s cheekiest mascot “crop dusts” the countryside during his Silver Week (Japan’s vacation period of two, consecutive, 3-day holidays).

kumamon-fart-closeup His Supreme Fatulence, Kumamon, declareth:
‵‵Bear!!〜☆ I’m going to be fine today!′′


おはくま〜☆!今日も元気にいってくまーす!kumamon-face — くまモン【公式】 (@55_kumamon) September 18, 2018


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Is there a rest home for retired Japanese mascots?

Hmmm, I wonder if there is a rest home for retired Japanese mascots?

“BANNYAI” the mascot retires
New DIE CITY Kitty!!~
die-city-kitty :
The Rainbow Tower has been closed since 2011 due to the Great East Japan Earthquake. An investigation of the tower’s earthquake resistance found the base to be…

‘Know Drugs’ mascot

The 3Yen’s friend-in-the-real-world of over on Mondo Mascots writes about…


Yokohama City’s drug abuse prevention mascot is Noodora-kun, a syringe with a knot in its needle. No drug, know drug!

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 16.48.09

What he fails to mention is that like most major mascots in Japan, Noodora-kun (Mr. Nodrug) has a companion mascot, Knowdrugs-chan. (L).
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Domo-kun Ver. 2.0?

This is the twentieth birthday of the NHK TV character Domo-kun and there’s speculation here in Japan about:
‵‵Whatever happened to Domo-kun, the furry brown monster with the jagged maw?′′

Could Domo-kun at 20 mean 2.0? | 2018/09/13
Domo-kun has been largely absent from social media. Today’s mascots, on the other hand, use everything at their disposal to win you over it isn’t so much that Domo-kun has disappeared; it’s more that the mascot field he helped push into popularity has become more crowded.


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Japanese enema mascot sayeth: ‘No, no, no.’

enema mascot sayeth, No, no, no
Just say “No” to pink poo.

Pink poo is typically caused by undigested dyes and additives — such as with Oreo Peeps, it’s the food dye called FD&C Red Number 3.