Kumamon’s kinky castle expo

Let’s SEXPO 2016 mon~!
Think Kink in the Clink…at Kumamoto Castle, モン~
…sayeth the Kumamon.


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Just for reference, this was Kumamon’s original post:

Translated from Japanese by Bing
I went to the Castle EXPO2016, mon! Think of the Castle, Kumamoto Castle…. mon~

Xmas ads from Japan, of course

Christmas greetings from Nagoya Sweets Salami Co.



Cheesus Good Cheese (Fake Japanese Ad Characters Set)
You can find this and a bunch of other great faux-Japanese ads on reymisterio‘s flickr.

–Tip of the hat to the 3Yen’s
correspondent-at-large, Den4,
for this artsy-fartsy post.



BoobooMan—a mascot indicative of 2016 Japan


Can you remember the Japanese WTF Goods (3Yen 2012-02-01)—the infamous mouth exerciser?

Well, our friends at “Mondo Mascots” found the perfect boyfriend for Miss Mouth on the left, BoobooMan!
    ) ゜o゜(


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Akita Prefecture was so desperate to show the charms″ of their northern backwater of Japan they bought out their MOFU MOFU☆DOGS.

Actual lyrics…
♫~ I’ll be waiting for you at MOFU MOFU
full throttle…


urbandictionary: mofu: How "mofo" should be said as it
is supposed to be short-form for mother fuckerr..

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Most Majestic Minister-for-Life, Kumamon, welcomes all at the seat of power!!~

Taking a hint from the current populist wave of world “leaders” like Donald Trump and Rodrigo Duterte of The Philippines, Kumamoto Prefecture’s Most Majestic Minister-for-Life, Kumamon, welcomes all to take a seat at his desk at the Office of World Expansion, モン!!~


(Above photo taken at: Kumamoto Sales Office, 8 Hancho-machi, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture, 860-0808 JAPAN)



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Best bear—better days

The ever adventurous mascot bear, Kumamon, discovers a Stargate to a better time—the booming Bubble Era* of the late 1980s when Japan was №1, モン☆ !!~


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A bit less boring and bellicose than Uncle Sam’s “I WANT YOU!” here is the recruiting poster I found in my Tokyo subway for Japan’s “I ☆ P’s” [sic] idols of the country’s ‘Self-Defense Forces’ who want you!


goofy Google Translate of a Self-Defense Force recruiting site:
This is the new design for Japan’s Self-Defense Forces recruiting posters …. the refreshing image of the new design will bring a bright and positive frame of mind…in a fresh illustration such that wants to continue to challenge something. The new recruiting slogan will be, “The shining me!


The fearsome “I ☆ P’s” military recruiting characters pictured are:
i-shiining-p• Miss Lark of the Air Self-Defense Force dressed in air force blue.
• Miss Rose of the Maritime Self-Defense Force dressed in navy whites.
• Miss Plum of the Ground Self-Defense Force dressed army green.


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Free luxury hotel in Hokkaido opens!


Asahikawa Prison completed — all private rooms
goofy Google Translate of Hokkaido Shimbun Press
Rebuilding of the aging facility of Asahikawa Prison, which has been underway since 2011, has been finished. With the health of its increasing number elderly inmates in mind, all cells are now private rooms.
With a capacity of 500 inmates, the rebuilt prison building is three floors of reinforced concrete with a total area of 31,535 square meters (339,440 sqft). Each private cell is about seven square meters (75 sqft) and has a bed, desk, chair, TV, sink and toilet. Rather than traditional tatami mats and futon, all the cells have beds to reduce the burden to the older inmate population, whose average age has been increasing dramatically in recent years.


prison mascot
Asahikawa Prison is best known for its fun(?) prison mascot, Katakkuri-chan, as we reported in:
A new cute mascot for a Japanese prison (3Yen / 2013-09-10)

For the rest-of-the-story of this luxury hotel prison (it’s really more like nursing home for elderly criminals) refer to:
New Japanese prison is better than typical Japanese living conditions (3Yen / 2014-11-10)



Today is Japan’s ‘Sewerage Day’ ~w00t!!

Yep, Sewerage Day (下水道の日 is today—“9-10″—September 10th.

Sewerage Day even has a crap character mascot, “SuiSui” (スイスイ) kun.

Talk about a crappy job dressing up as sewer fish….

sewer-kunGoofy Google Translate of:
Dissemination activities of sewer

◆ Every year on September 10th, we have a “Sewer of a Day.”
Since 1961, The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport has promoted a national sewer day on September 10. Various events by local governments who are sewer operators will hold a “Lively Sewer Festival” across the country.


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Bearing the days

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 11.40.34 PMkumamon-summer_500x_ani

Like Kumamon, this is my pattern every four days for the six month long Tokyo death-summer, grrr.


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