Creepiest mascots of Japan

In the previous post Japan’s Miss Condom is a real character (3Yen 2006-03-13), features “Com-chan” (R), who the friends of the 3Yen, the Rinkya blog, ranks as only the 5th Creepiest mascot of Japan.

in bed with a creepy character
rinkya tweet
A Rinkya Blog (2013 July 02)
Creepiest Town Mascots of Japan That Would Make Kids Cry

Rinkya ranked is our old friend, Noodle Brains (3Yen 2012-07-10), as 7th in creepiness. Following that, 6th in creepitude on the Rinkya ranking is the loose-character “Marimokkori,” Captain Hard-on of Hokkaido (3Yen 2006-03-13).
Obviously the 1st in creepiness is Melon Guma/bear (2012-10-18).
melon-guma-snarl bear mascotmelon-guma bear mascot..

Japan’s Miss Condom is a real character

As I have reported here on the 3Yen many times, Japan is in the throes of a mascot boom—of Yuru-kyara (yuru-kyara japanese loose character mascot), which literally translates as “loose characters.”
Dressed in a Furry costume, we now we have the best “loose character” mascot of all time thanks to the wacky Hamster subgroup of Japan’s largest Net forum, 2-channel (24 June 2013).
condom-chan textbook
According to 2-channel hamsters (Google Translate), said-open“Com-chan” is in the motif of a condom who is the official loose-character mascot of Kanagawa Prefecture.”

Com-chan represents the home prefecture of Yokohama in their anti-AIDS public health campaigns. What could be more fitting than Scumbag-chan representing Japan’s second largest city?

Japan has two competing condom mascots. There is another non-furry one in Sapporo. Read more…

Japan is losing its world domination in creepy mascots!

Noppon mascot Tokyo Tower japan pink-penis-tokyo-tower
Japan has been the longtime winner of the title of having the World’s Creepiest Mascots with characters like Tokyo Tower’s pink penis, “Noppon” (3Yen/2009-04-05).

However, Japan’s domination of having the creepiest mascots is being challenged by a Brazil’s cancer association, Associação de Assistência às Pessoas com Câncer with their Señor Testiculo aka “Mr. Balls“—the world’s happiest scrotum character ↓ …more...

Mr Balls mascot Brazil ..
See more at


Of course, the whole, quoter leftmascot fixation in Japan is turning into something of a cult,quoter right with young people worshipping Pedobear* according to the friend-of-the-3Yen, Mulboyne…

We're not worthy
quoter leftWe’re not worthy. We’re not worthy.*quoter right


I just found the official website of Señor Testiculo aka Mr. Balls. In addition, I also uncovered the personal blog of Tokyo Tower’s “Noppon-kun“…continues

Japan’s ‘loose character’ overload

This GIF of manic-looking Loose Characters*/loose-character_yuruchara/Yuru-Chara invading Tokyo were sent in to us by the 3Yen correspondent, MARKed TRAIL.

loose character overload in japan

With some digging around, I discovered that the very animated GIF was from the KAWAii!! MATSURi—literally, the Cuteness Festival—held last April 20 and 21 (The Japan Times / 2013Apr30).

Of course all of this makes complete Japanese sense since everything here needs a cute Yuru-Chara, that is a yurui-character (lit. loose character)—the mascots that populate Japan the land of HAPPY (3Yen / 2010-10-20).

*Yuru-Chara is a Japanese abbreviation of yurui-characters
with yurui meaning “loose,” “B-list,” or “unsophisticated.”

Some of the many 3Yen reports of Japan’s loose character overload include:
   • Japan’s sets Guinness record for synchronized dork dancing
      (3Yen / 2013-01-31)
   • Panic disordered characters in the kitchen (3Yen / 2012-11-04)
   • Horny Buddha boy (3Yen / 2008-09-25) .

Japan sets Guinness record for synchronized dork dancing

In Japan everything has to have a mascot.
And, Japan’s #1 mascot, “Kumamon,” a bear who represents Kumamoto prefecture* and all his yuru-kyara† butt-buddies set a Guinness world record for synchronized dork dancing.

{lit. ‘loose character’ or ‘floppy mascot’}

Japan sets Guinness record for synchronized mascot dancing
This week, 141 “yuru-kyara” from 25 prefectures across the country gathered in Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture, to make their mark on history by becoming the largest group of mascots ever to do the same dance together
[slacker] Kumamon, the bear-like mascot for Kumamoto, was heard to say, “I’m a little tired, monmore

And for fun, here is Kyodo News’ description of the above video thanks to goofy Google Translate…
loose characters beard dance
141 Characters in loose body do the Beard Dance to challenge the Guinness Record — YouTube
Kyodo News – Jan 27, 2013
One hundred and one “loose characters’ went for a Guinness record at the Huis Ten Bosch Resort in Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan on January 27th. Attaining the record, these 141 mascot characters from across Japan continued to dance in perfect in unison for five minutes doing the “Beard Dance.”

EDIT: The “Beard Dance” is really the ‘Mustache Dance” but since the Japanese word for mustache and beard are both hige (髭) the name gets misreported in English.

Japanese panic disordered characters in the kitchen

panic disordered character in the kitchen
left-quote 44x68Don’t you hate it when you have panic disordered characters in the kitchen?right-quote 44x68   writes the 3Yen’s correspondent-at-large, Den4.

‘Iron Chef’ Returns to Japan
Wall Street Journal Scene Asia | Nov. 2, 2012
After 13 years off the air, “Iron Chef” in Japan…is back…[and] stays largely faithful to the original. The most obvious change is the adoption of the overseas title “Iron Chef” — a clear recognition of the strong brand the original show has built internationallymore

Halloween or not, now this a Japanese mascot!

Japan is famous for its frighteningly expensive $100 Melons (3Yen/2007-05-15), but this green-veined, ravenous looking, melon-bear mascot with bugging-out, bloodshot eyes in Hokkaido Japan is perfect for the kiddies (to have nightmares).


Japanese scumballs threaten New Zealand!

It’s weird to think that these Marimo balls are an endangered species in the Japanese wild, but they may become a threat in New Zealand.
Green balls of marimo algae

Student sentenced for importing fish tank algae
TVNZ | October 03, 2012
Jasmine Maxwell, 20, appeared at the Christchurch District Court today for illegally importing marimo moss balls, a type of fish tank algae, last year.
The moss balls are prohibited here as authorities say the algae could wipe out entire species of New Zealand native fish…the Ministry of Primary Industries said because marimo is a green algae, it could interrupt the whole ecological system...more

marimokkori scum ball japan hokkaido

Shown above is, Marimokkori, the scumball character based on marimo lake algae balls of Hokkaido Japan.
This little, green, yuru-kyara character mascot japaneseyuru-chara/loose character is well known for his smirk and big bulge as the 3Yen previously reported about in:
  • Goodness gracious great green balls of scum! (3Yen / 2005-9-1)
  • Buddha’s big bulging balls busted (3Yen / 2009-06-25)
  • Captain Hard-on of Hokkaido (3Yen / 2006-03-13)
  • Scumball Soda — now without balls! (3Yen / 2009-07-09)
mr scumball scum ball characters of Japan

‘Kajukansa’ the mysterious Orangeman of Japan

kajukansa orange-man character

Over on reddit the question was what could be this character (R) that was spotted in Kagoshima, Japan’s deep south, at the southwestern tip of the island of Kyushu. (Wiki).

Kagoshima is famous for its oranges, in particular Satsuma/mandarin oranges. The fruity, yuru-chara “lose character” (3Yen / 2010-10-20 ) is “Kajukansa” and its made up the four types of oranges of the area.

Kajukansa is part of a local TV show for kids called “Hayato Satsuma Swordsman*” that is filmed in various places in Kagoshima to show off the tourist spots: “Eat, drink, sleep, and take a bath, or enjoy the specialties*.” Ri-i-ight.

Click to watch the Orangeman in action!
yeah-sour orangeman

EAT BRAINS! … Japan’s Kagawa noodle brains

noodle passion What could be a cuter as a Yuru-Chara (lit. loose character) perfectual mascot than an Eat-Brains cheerleader?

Kagawa's new mascot has noodles on the brain
The Japan Times | July 10, 2012
Udon no “debuted last week as the mascot of Kagawa, which has been billing itself as “Udon Prefecture” since last fall. The noodle-brained mascot will be used to help promote Kagawa as the kingdom of the wheat-flour noodlemore


udon looks like brains noodles

Previous 3Yen reports of loose character mascots who plague Japan include:
white space is good for the soul
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