Fishhead mascot, from Japan of course

Cuddly Severed Fish Head
Kochi Prefecture's katsuo [skipjack tuna] PR mascot—yuru-chara.
fishhead mascot

More interesting than the recent photos of “Bonito Man” in this weekend’s issue of Tokyo Walker magazine (Aug. 21) were the hidden engrish captions I found buried in the photos’ JPEG file tags…

“Lean and bone was exposed [photo], grotesque little (!) And occipital.” (upper photo)
“Bonito Man looks at a unique reputation, came to Tokyo!” (lower photo)

Barnes & Barnes Fishheads lyrics..
Fish heads fish heads / Roly poly fish heads / fish heads fish heads / eat them up, yum!
Ask a fish head anything you want to / they won’t answer they can’t talk

Fast forward to 1:41 to get the hot fishhead action.

Who is ‘Maruyaman’?

who is maruyaman
maruyaman splash logo

‘Maruyaman’ is yet another Yuru-Chara, that is a yurui-character (lit. loose character)—the tacky furry mascots that populate the Japan with the HAPPY (3Yen / 2010-10-20).
maruyaman on stage

Via the mega-funky Google Translation of Japan’s Sapporo Maruyama Zoo’s “Maruyaman”—The “mascot” zoo-keeper Sapporo Maruyama Zoo
■Born : Enya Minoru (Big round and Mitsuru)
■Age : 50 years
■Date of Birth: May 5th
■Occupation: Maruyama Zoo-keeper
■Specialty: Observation of animals so will not lose to any to escapes!
Mr. Enya Minoru (Rotund and Mitsuru) is just an average 50 year old man—a typical onjisan. He’s usually a quiet and handsome, but does love sequins and animals…And by the way he’s addicted to Japanese canned coffee after work.

Just watch the video
maruyaman-video Click to view.

Tokyo Stock Exchange’s new ‘loose character’

Everything in Japan needs a cute Yuru-Chara, that is a yurui-character (lit. loose character)—the mascots that populate the land with the HAPPY (3Yen / 2010-10-20).


Tokyo Stock Exchange unveils new mascot
The Japan Times Online (Kyodo) | Feb. 23, 2011—The Tokyo Stock Exchange has unveiled its new mascot, Arrows-kun, to attract more young people and women to stock trading.
Arrows-kun (Arrows boy) is based on TSE Arrows, a TSE facility housing a revolving, ring-shaped electric bulletin board that shows current stock prices more
arrows-kun character mascot tse tokyo stock exchange

In this case, Arrows-kun, the Tokyo Stock Exchange’s new ‘loose character’ even has his own Twitter at as shown above.
keitai strap arrow-kun tseじゃーーん‼ボクのグッズの試作品です。でも、これは事情によりボツになってしまいました。。だからプレミアものですよ☆
Arrow-kunis only a day old and he already has his own “character goods” in the form of a keitai/cellphone strap shown on the right.
The whole idea of “Loose characters” was first promoted by the Japanese illustrator Jun Miura as masots having the following three aspects [Wikipedia Japan]:
. . . —Conveys a strong message of love of the locally.
. . . —Has a unique and lulzy posture of amateurism.
. . . —Combines much warmth, love, and looseness.

Superhero to save failed Kobe Airport

From Kobe in Hyogo Prefecture of western Japan, our faithful reader MARKed TRAIL asks us to check out…

Kobe airport to marks its fifth anniversary
Spacehero Ultraman and dorky yuru-chara/mascots from local areas celebrate the fifth anniversary of the failed Kobe airport
—Feb. 13, 2011 | KyodoNewsPhotos
Kobe Airport anniversary

The rest-of-the-story is that Kobe Airport is built on an artificial island in the flight path of bankrupt Kansai International airport (KIX). Appartly the city fathers in Kobe were jealous of seeing neighboring Osaka’s KIX airport and decided they needed something bigger, more costly, and more useless. With landing fees three times higher than any place in Japan (Japan already has the world’s highest fees), there no hope the Kobe airport will ever turn a profit without the superheroes, sheesh.

Duel of dorky mascots! Tokyo Sky Tree’s Sorakara-chan vs Oshinari-kun

Sorakara-chan Oshinari-kun



Mascots battle for supremacy over Tokyo’s new “Sky Tree” tower!

As reported before*, everything in Japan, has to have its own tacky-cutesy mascot. In this case, Tokyo’s new TV tower, the “Sky Tree, the highest structure in the city (3Yen /2010-04-15) first had a mascot, “Oshinari-kun” (3Yen / 2010-10-20) created by the neighborhood mechant’s association.
Now the “Sky Tree” TV tower’s owner has come up with competing cutesy mascot, “Sorakara-chan.”

Tokyo Sky Tree’s mascot Sorakara-chan unveiled to media
- The Mainichi Daily News
Sorakara-chan is said to be a curious girl who has descended upon the tower from a planet called “Tongari.” She always carries a telescope in hopes of making new discoveries and wants to meet people from all over the world at the Tokyo Sky Treemore...

According to the president of Tobu Tower Sky Tree Co., Michiaki Suzuki, “We hope people will love our mascot.” The parent company Tobu Corporation is one of the top 20 corporations of Japan and the Sky Tree’s mechant’s association represents the poorest neighborhood of Tokyo (which includes the San’ya district, Tokyo’s skidrow Wiki).
Deathmatch Ver2
I would put my bet the blond, blue-eyed, rich girl, Sorakara-chan, to win duel of dorky

Don’t take my word for it. Check out the official websites of Sorakara-chan and Oshinari-kun.
. . .
. . .

The two mascots have kissed and made up! More….

Tokyo Sky Tree’s new ‘Yuru-chara’

Tokyo Sky-Tree logo..

In Japan, everything has to have its own dorky Yuru-chara/mascot. Therefore of course Tokyo’s new TV tower, the Sky Tree(3Yen /2010-04-15) now has its own retarded mascot, “Oshinari-kun.” Wo0t!

oshinari-kun mascot - おしなりくん squeals of delight from the gathering crowd…Oshinari-kun is one of the mascots that have been created throughout Japan for local revitalization and other purposes… His appearance is loosely based on Ariwara no Narihira, a poet from the Heian Period (794-1185) whom the Narihirabashi area was named after. Oshinari-kun wears a tower-shaped hat.

via Tokyo Sky Tree attracting crowds and change | 2010/10/18

Well, at least Oshinari-kun is not as bad as the old Tokyo Tower’s Tokyo’s Pink Penis mascot, Noppon (3Yen / 2009-04-05) shown on the left.

–Visit the official website of Oshinari-kun at:
–And don’t miss the 360 ° panorama VR projection of the new Sky Tree tower and surrounding area. (Google Translate).
–View a video of the new Sky Tree in the Comments.

Alternatively, you could think at the Sky Tree in a different way: It’s Japan’s tallest free-standing structure and the world’s second tallest free-standing broadcast tower—Yeah, we’re No. 2! As 3Yen contributor, “Catoneinutica” quipped: “Japan: we can build really tall hideous radio towers just like the East Germans.“

East Berlin TV Tower . . . . . . . vs . . . . . . . . . . . Tokyo Sky Tree. . . . . . . . . . . . .
east german tv vs japan toky sky tree tower

Nara Japan’s antlered police leader

does this look like a japanese cop

In this video from‘s Japanese Police Mascots, ” there are at least 42 different [tacky] police mascot characters in Japan” (more info).

According to the video the antlered mascot is “Napo-kun”—“Na” is short for Nara the ancient capital of Japan, “Po” is short for police and “kun” is the honorific for boy like the archaic use of Master in English as the opposite of Miss. sento-kun-sento-cop
Napo-kun’s unfortunate antlers come from his “boss,” the the Horny Buddha Boy ( 2008-09-25) on the far left named “Sento-kun.” He’s the official mascot of the 1,300th Anniversary of the Nara that is supposed to be Buddhist child monk with a rack of deer antlers sprouting from his head that, “evokes Nara’s rich Buddhist history.” Mostly folks mock Sento-kun as Japan’s dorkest “Yuru-kyara” mascots.
sento-kun sexy
Yuru-kyara yuru-kyara character mascot japanese—“Yuru” means “loose” or “weak” and “kyara” is short for “character”— and these weak-ass characters are the loveably crappy mascots employed by most governments and local PR campaigns.

It’s not easy being green…

Right now is the height of the athletic championships and often the 35C/95F heat can overwhelm even the most dedicated mascot.
japanese high-school baseball frog mascot dies on the field

In the J-League soccer, “Ippei-kun” the popular frog mascot suffered severe heat stoke and is carried off on a stretcher during the game on August ninth in Fukuoka city.


According to Wikipedia Japan, this is the third time Ippei-kun has collapsed and had to be carried off on a stretcher during a footrace against the other mascots. He has become a celebrity for being a wimp and he has a promotion deal with 7-11 as well as his own PR pages on the J-League website. I don’t know about you, but Ippei-kun may be following the soccer tradition of taking a dive.
J_s GOAL | Ippei Kun

dead frog mascot-1
“Oh, no! Heat stroke! What will become the Gaso frogs’ team? No, Omoro Ide like this.”)

Buddha’s big bulging balls busted…

Todaiji temple in Nara Japan busts Buddha’s big bulging balls.

nara buddha big bulging balls marimokkori

Japan firm recalls Buddha figure ‘with bulge’
AFP News, June 25, 2009 …
A Japanese company has reportedly agreed with an ancient temple that it would withdraw a controversial plastic figurine — a seated, grinning Buddha with a bulge between its legs… made and sold the golden-robed “Marimokkori” character around Todaiji with a tag that carried a drawing of the temple’s World Heritage-listed Great Buddha Hall.more

The banned balls bite the dust as the “Marimokkori” character after a request from the World Heritage temple. As you might remember, the 3Yen has previously covered the popular Marimo balls in our report, Captain Hard-on of Hokkaidolake balls boy.

It’s hard to understand why in the first place they gave a big bulbous bulge to the Buddha statue. The Marimokkori character originated in far north of Japan on Hokkaido island and the Todaiji temple is in the middle of Japan on the main island.
The distance and relationship is like the National Cathedral in Washington DC selling nude versions of New York’s Statue of Liberty in its souvenir gift shop.

Horny Buddha Boy

sento-kun dance sento-kun sexy
“Sento-kun” is the horny Buddha spokesboy for the ancient capital of Nara, Japan.
The horny Buddha Boy is the mascot character of the 1300th anniversary and his Welcome Hand symbolizes a, ” relief of people’s fears.”

Hey, I just report it: I don’t explain it. – 2008/09/24
“Sento kun,” the official mascot of the 1300th anniversary festival…[he] resembles a young Buddha, but who has the antlers of a deer