Buddha’s big bulging balls busted…

Todaiji temple in Nara Japan busts Buddha’s big bulging balls.

nara buddha big bulging balls marimokkori

Japan firm recalls Buddha figure ‘with bulge’
AFP News, June 25, 2009 …
A Japanese company has reportedly agreed with an ancient temple that it would withdraw a controversial plastic figurine — a seated, grinning Buddha with a bulge between its legs… made and sold the golden-robed “Marimokkori” character around Todaiji with a tag that carried a drawing of the temple’s World Heritage-listed Great Buddha Hall.more

The banned balls bite the dust as the “Marimokkori” character after a request from the World Heritage temple. As you might remember, the 3Yen has previously covered the popular Marimo balls in our report, Captain Hard-on of Hokkaidolake balls boy.

It’s hard to understand why in the first place they gave a big bulbous bulge to the Buddha statue. The Marimokkori character originated in far north of Japan on Hokkaido island and the Todaiji temple is in the middle of Japan on the main island.
The distance and relationship is like the National Cathedral in Washington DC selling nude versions of New York’s Statue of Liberty in its souvenir gift shop.

Horny Buddha Boy

sento-kun dance sento-kun sexy
“Sento-kun” is the horny Buddha spokesboy for the ancient capital of Nara, Japan.
The horny Buddha Boy is the mascot character of the 1300th anniversary and his Welcome Hand symbolizes a, ” relief of people’s fears.”

Hey, I just report it: I don’t explain it.

Mainichi.co.jp – 2008/09/24
“Sento kun,” the official mascot of the 1300th anniversary festival…[he] resembles a young Buddha, but who has the antlers of a deer

Captain Hard-on of Hokkaido

Via Weekly Teinou/Woman

lake balls  are a kind of algae ---cladophora aegagropila
Machine translated version of Rakuten’s “Kita-no-mori” shopping site
Attention brief
Aegagropila being disgusted —“Captain Compilation” 380 yen

The Captain represents a the great compilations of “marimo” balls. These balls found in only a few lakes in the world are a kind of algae —cladophora aegagropila —that grows into a circular balls.

The marimo are shown below are in Akan Lake in Hokkaido, the north island of Japan.
Akan Lake in Hokkaido, the north island of Japan

As the Rakuten shopping site says: “These products are gathered with taste…when we sell this commodity, the store manager rejoices. It is rapture. Consider the mental welfare of our employees and please buy this commodity.”

And, the infamous Lord Pongi of RobPongi.com reminded me that of the fact that Japan has a postage stamp commemorating Goodness Gracious Great Balls of Scum!
Marimo Stamp