Kool Kumamon

Ever the forward-thinking Japanese mascot, kool Kumanon stakes out the best cherry tree for his hanami party…

Of course, the cherry blossoms for the hanami season don’t come out until April.

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tokyonama-logoshopTokyonama, importer/distributer of original products from Japan–Geneva/Tokyo

Twin Peaks secret revealed in Japan!

Twin Peaks 2017EXCLUSIVE reveal in Japan!

Behind the curtains of the Black Lodge’s Red Room* is….
KUMAMON, モン〜!!


今日もはりきっていくモン☆, モン〜!!


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Japan’s Gunma Prefecture awaits you

The Gates of Hell are open for all in Gunma Prefecture…especially the young and tasty.




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Japan’s Kumamon finds his True Calling




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To quote the Beaned video below:

The harvesting the soybeans in the field turn the Prince of Beans mascot crazy!
Happy turn green soya beans taste!



This isn’t the first time the 3Yen has been Toasted! Full of beans. Even McDonald’s Japan is Full of Beans so to speak.


Kumamon seeks clarity

Kumamon seeks clarity and enlightenment, mon~☆!

After the Kumamoto Prefecture’s tourist board finished their Amanita magic mushrooms and their monthly mascot strategy meeting, they let prefectural mascot Kumamon drink their urine to share in their “creativity.”icon_shroom



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Over the years here I have posted a lot of poo about Pikachu but this photo of an abandoned Pikachu—PIKAchewed on the streets of the Mysterious Orient© captures the true essence of Pokémon Being…

pika cheweed


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Yokohama’s mascot is as dumb as a brick

Yokohama’s mainstream mascot, the garbage gull (L) is being put to shame by the city’s dumb-as-a-brick mascot.


Q. Why have a dumb brick mascot?
A. One of the city’s main tourist spots on the waterfront is Yokohama Red Brink Warehouse. The complex’s 120 year old brick buildings house cafes, restaurants and shops as well as serving as a venue all kinds of seasonal events and cultural performances.


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Akibear: Just what Japan needs?

Is another bear mascot just what Japan needs? Akibear (アキベア), w00t!!~


Akibear is the new official character Akihabara Electric Street Festival 2017.
Refert to the official website: akiba.or.jp
Or, check out the news report in Japanese: sankeibiz.jp
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Kooky KUMAMON’s birthday!!~

Today is Kumamon’s seventh birthday, and here’s the birthday bad-boy slyly disguising himself as a king-size bed to get in on the hot action of the Japanese government’s increase-the-birth-rate campaign, モン☆!!~

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