暗〜い夜でも安心トゥゲザー!Together safe even in a dark night!
—謎の魚 @Nazo_no_Sakana

It’s a travesty but…
Somehow I have failed to report on the mascot of the Japanese pro baseball team, the Chiba Lotte Marines : “The Mysterious Fish” aka Nazo no Sakana (謎の魚).

For more information about The Mysterious Fish, refer to’s Holy Crap, This Japanese Mascot and the Fish’s twitter site, @Nazo_no_Sakana.


Kreepermon©…kinky Kumamon in the creeper mode

‵‵ フッフッフッ・・・ おやくま☆〜☆!!~′′
— sayeth the Kumamon, Aug. 10, 2018

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Peach-butt boy

Friend of the 3Yen, Mondo Mascots, reports that…

Deflating mascot mistaken for giant breast in New Chitose Airport, Hokkaido, Japan.
@mondomascots August 15, 2018

The actual Hokkaido mascot is the character “Kakure momojiri” (Momojiri means “peach butt”) from the Kobito-Zukan children’s book series (

Tokyo today…TAXI DAY!

Tokyo Taxi Association’s
“TAKKUN” mascot ⬇


Yes, today is TAXI DAY.
Way, way back on August 5, 1919, Japan’s first taxis started operation in Tokyo. The taxi company, Jidosha Kabushikigaisha began with six cars operating from where Yurakucho Mullion is located in present-day Ginza in downtown Tokyo.

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tokyonama-logoshopTokyonama, importer/distributer of original products from Japan–Geneva/Tokyo

Nara’s horny deer-monk mascot

Sento-kun manga
Nara’s horny half-deer/half-monk mascot, Sento-kun, was caught out on the street with his antlers’ fully erect rather than their normal horizontal orientation .

antler angle WHAT?! Street happening
Mainichi Newspaper | 2018 June 01 (Google Translate)


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Squid named ‘Happy’

Squid have two arms and eight tentacles.
So.. “Happy,” the eleven-tentacled squid, is aptly named.
Happy’s 11th appendage is an example a squid penile elongation, which has been observed to be as long as the mantle, head, and arms combined.

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TRUE LOVE (pillow)

Japan’s goofiest mascot, Kumamon, has found his true love. That is, his true love-pillow/dakimakura (抱き枕).



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Pole dancing mascot?

The mascot Kumamon’s attempt to broaden his appeal by pole dancing at a nursing home may have been misguided, mon〜☆!! ᶘ ᵒᴥᵒᶅ


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Happy roadwork

Balloon floodlight mascots for happy roadwork in Japan…

Obviously, you want to buy the balloon floodlight called, “taru_drunkman” (bellow), the happily wasted salaryman mascot for your road construction company, right?

Of course “Taru_Drunkman” (たるのんべぇ) is a lot more fun than the Lightboy Company‘s sycophantic “Taru_Guardman” (たるガードマン) shown below.


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‘Gunny-kun’…soon to be Japan’s newest mascot


Poor Tom Jellybean (L), the mascot of the American Embassy* has a new rival: Gunny-kun, the Gun-Toting Gun.


According to Stephen Colbert, Gunny-kun is perfect for the job.
The jellybean was chosen as the embassy’s mascot because the, ‵countless flavors of jellybeans represent the USA’s diversity.‵


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tokyonama-logoshopTokyonama, importer/distributer of original products from Japan–Geneva/Tokyo