Japan’s first mascot?

Here’s maybe the “first” loose character (ゆるキャラ) mascot of Japan, Yukidaruma-chan OG (雪ダルマちゃんOG).
The snowman/girl was made of cotton balls and wears a laid-back hemp headband. The snowgirl mascot was posed on fake snow in a photography studio with five hangyoku/geisha including the celebrity, Sakae (in yellow) from Tokyo’s hinky Shitaya district (circa 1910).

—Idea via @zogu8011 and @TokyoFashion .


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Bukakkei Snow Monsters of Zao Japan

Japan’s Ski Mascot Grand Prix…Last year’s winner was a stalactite named Jukki-kun, one of Zao Onsen Ski Resort

Pedantic alert:

“…a stalactite named Jukki-kun..of Zao Onsen Ski Resort…”

Ok the first problem is that StalacTITES hold tight to the ceiling—Stalagmites might grow to meet them.

But actually, Jukki-kun is a “Juhyo” (樹氷) Snow Monster—a snow formation of built up as snow-&-ice that condensed upon the conifers of Zao Mountain.
Zao snow monsters

mondomascots-logo-twitter I thought it was a stalagmite but it is a snow-covered tree. Or a
used condom.

Definitely he’s a “used condom”…and a bukkake party monster.


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tokyonama-texitle-logo-2Tokyonama, importer/distributer of original products from Japan–Geneva/Tokyo

Japan’s new ‘Watery Taste’ potato chips

Yesterday, Japan’s snack food brand, Calbee, announced the release of the taste of Fukui Prefecture:
“Watery Taste(ha, ha)” potato chips.


Fukui Prefecture’s dinosaur mascot, “Hiryuu” and Calbee officials show off their “Watery Taste*” potato chips

According to fukui.keizai.biz (in Japanese), Fukui prefectural Governor Nishikawa, “Watery Taste*” potato chips had, “the elegant taste by a combination of wet water potato and dry potato chips.”

NOTE (pun alert):
“Watery Taste potato chips” (水ようかん味 ポテトチップス) is direct (mis)translation of the term for the Japanese jellied dessert, mizu-yokan (水ようかん) shown below.

Youkan 001.jpg
By Ocdp投稿者自身による作品, CC0, Link

In case you were wondering, Hiryuu/Happy Ryuu is one of the many dinosaur mascots of Fukui Prefecture, which is known for its many dinosaur digs and its Dinosaur Museum.


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tokyonama-logoshopTokyonama, importer/distributer of original products from Japan–Geneva/Tokyo

Jimmy Hattori, mascot extraordinaire

Jimmy Hattori, the ninja condom mascot…

The best comment about safe-sex mascot extraordinaire was by @10TimesOne writing: “Who the hell WEARS A BOW TIE AROUND THEIR WAIST?”

Of course, that’s not a bowtie or a waist—It’s a big bow ribbon at the base of Jimmy Hattori’s shaft—A special gift just for you!

tokyonama-logoshopTokyonama, importer/distributer of original products from Japan–Geneva/Tokyo

Kool Kumamon

Ever the forward-thinking Japanese mascot, kool Kumanon stakes out the best cherry tree for his hanami party…

Of course, the cherry blossoms for the hanami season don’t come out until April.

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tokyonama-logoshopTokyonama, importer/distributer of original products from Japan–Geneva/Tokyo

Twin Peaks secret revealed in Japan!

Twin Peaks 2017EXCLUSIVE reveal in Japan!

Behind the curtains of the Black Lodge’s Red Room* is….
KUMAMON, モン〜!!


今日もはりきっていくモン☆, モン〜!!


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Japan’s Gunma Prefecture awaits you

The Gates of Hell are open for all in Gunma Prefecture…especially the young and tasty.




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Japan’s Kumamon finds his True Calling




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To quote the Beaned video below:

The harvesting the soybeans in the field turn the Prince of Beans mascot crazy!
Happy turn green soya beans taste!



This isn’t the first time the 3Yen has been Toasted! Full of beans. Even McDonald’s Japan is Full of Beans so to speak.


Kumamon seeks clarity

Kumamon seeks clarity and enlightenment, mon~☆!

After the Kumamoto Prefecture’s tourist board finished their Amanita magic mushrooms and their monthly mascot strategy meeting, they let prefectural mascot Kumamon drink their urine to share in their “creativity.”icon_shroom



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