Hello Mecha Kitty?

One badass Kitty…

mecha-kitty hello

How does one make Hello Kitty more awesome?

Simple. Give her a giant robot!

Bandai Toys is offering a mecha version of Hello Kitty is inspired by classic robot anime like Mazinger Z and UFO Robo Grendizer. The Mecha Hello Kitty is piloted from her head to provide a clear view for her pilot and just like the Mazingers it comes with air, land, and water modalities. Mecha Hello Kitty also comes with a tiny pilot Hello Kitty and display pedestal.

   •Available via jlist.com: Mecha Hello Kitty — preorder* price: $58.00

*Scheduled for release in June 2014.

Robo rim job at REMM Hotel in Akihabara

Here’s a real Pacific Rim job—the robot reception at the REMM Hotel in the high-tech, otaku district of Tokyo’s Akihabara…


said-openGreetings from REMM Hotel Akihabara!said-closed according to the wonders of goofy Google robo-Translate, which goes not to say that:
said-openWith these twin “Gemini” robots, the REEM Hotel is planning many robots visiting the hotel as part of an experiment lasting into the Spring.said-closed
The Hankyu-Hanshin-Daiichi Hotel Group further explains:
said-openThis new edition to the is based on the idea of better, more comfortable sleep—Come and visit us!!said-closed

Check out the hotel’s English website at: REMM Akihabara.

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EMIEW robot

M0aR!~ Japanese brainwave-reading cat ears

Last year we wrote about the early versions of Brainwave reading robotic cat ears, from Japan of course (3Yen / 5-6-2011) when they were first coming onto the Japanese market.
Now PeterPayne.net writes…
necomimi logo brainwave cat ears
necomimi girl brainwave cat ears

We Love Necomimi
J-List side blog: July 20, 2012

Necomimi brain-activated cat ears… constantly move this way and that as you wear them, sensing changes in your brain patterns and blood flow.

They really work too: when customers wearing them would come up to the oppai/breast (NSFW) mouse pads…[the customers’] electronic cat ears perk up sharply.

—Via J-List side blog: We Love Necomimi

Since the world’s economy is in the toilet..

This is what the world in these times of “austerity”…a better cat box.

Choken-Bako cat coin box piggy bank buy

In Japanese a piggy bank is called a Choken-Bako—savings box—and this one was labeled in the online catalog of a J-List as an Orange Tabby Cat coin Box, which is apropos since Japan along with the rest of the world’s economy is in the toilet.

Japan is Number 1 in Inflatable Water Sports!!

WIth Japan’s primacy in love doll technologies (3Yen/2010-12-26), it was only a matter of time before Japan would be No. 1 in inflatable sports* events such as this year’s inflatable rafting championship being held in Costa Rica …

Japan's team rafts the rapids in the down-river competition to win the 2011 World Rafting Championships east of San Jose Costa Rica on the 10th of October—daylifeREUTERSpictures

* Buy your own inflatable racy racing raft-cum-companion at Jlist.com

Lucky Japanese shite

As I have mentioned several times before, the great Golden Turd of Tokyo (3Yen / 2007-05-19) , is a must-see for anyone’s visit to Japan.

The Most Famous Poop in Japan
J-List side blog: 2010/12/30
A source of good luck in Japan is…poop, due to the similarity of the word for the bodily function (unko) to the word for “good luck” (unki). That's why when a seagull happened to release an unpleasant package squarely on my daughter's head one day, my wife exclaimed, “That's great, Rina! I always knew you were lucky!” The most famous poop in Japan is the Asahi Super Dry Building near Asakusa. While the company insists the “golden flame” represents the frothy head on a glass of Asahi beer, everyone knows it's a talisman to bring good luck and money to the company. It's common for people to improve their personal luck by carrying a good luck charm in the shape of a poop, and we've got a golden poop phone strap on the site for you today, to help you get more money in 2011!
golden poop building tokyo asahi hq
Asahi Beer Headquarters in Asakusa
More …

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turds made of brownish soybean paste from Japan The Flusher King

*Asahi Brewing Headquarters
photo via
pureandapplied’s flickr

Bladerunner brolly

The rain still hasn’t stopped falling since I posted this morning about the badass brolly—the samurai sword umbrella (left).

Now, while Tokyo’s apocalyptic air outside is thick, rainy and dark, I just stumbled across an even badder badass brolly– a Bladerunner-eque Electric Umbrella.

bladerunner brolly..
Electric Rainbow Umbrella Blade Runner Style 
Price: $35.00
For those who looking for a cool umbrella, especially during the nights while raining, this electric rainbow umbrella is just what youre looking for. Its your typical umbrella, but has transparent stem that lights up by the power supply that’s encased in the handle. Simply press a button to light up the umbrella and turn off. Each time it lights up, youll get a different color or it will “rotate” through the colors automaticallymore.

bladerunner scene umbrella..

Eat Pussy!

sushi maker machine
A few days ago I posted about the rather creepy looking Anpanman sushi machine (news.3yen.com/2010-05-24).

It turns out the the same place also sells a way to “Eat Pussy” as mentioned in the title—that is, a machine for homemade sushi aptly named the…
Hello Kitty Waku Waku(happy-happy) Die-cut Rolled SUSHI
Making Set…

hello kitty press for sushi eat pussy

Have a Waku Waku/happy-happy Hello Kitty Apocalypse!

Anpanman sushi machine

Although I cannot say I am found of eating dayglow-colored food, I am sure this Bandai toy would be a fun way to introduce sushi to kids at home.
sushi maker machine

Anpanman bento machine lets you really play with your food
Bandai’s new Anpanman sushi maker toy lets you crank out edible nori maki faces of characters from the famous Japanese kids’ anime series. The process is reminiscent of one of those Play-Doh machines you used to play with when you were a kid, extruding rolls of colorful food through templates of facesmore
Anpanman sushi

Actually, Japan has a bajillion bento devices to fill your lunchbox with cute faces that you can use to make “bent” bento and onigiri art such as this
Niko Niko Punch…
niko niko punch jlist..
Deco Onigiri and Chirashi for Beginners ~ Hajimeteno Kazari Makizushi..
Also there’s Deco Onigiri and Chirashi for Beginners by Hajimeteno Kazari Makizushi that shows you how to make “deco” (decoration) onigiri in cute shapes, using ingredients like rice, nori and vegetables to create cute pandas, trains, airplanes, and cute animals.

Better than high-heel sneakers or cloven hooves, Japanese Jika-tabi

Here’s a pair of of high-heel Jika-tabi jika-tabi japanese kanji that look like cloven hooves thanks to a regular New York street photo of Sarah Jessica Parker running errands.
cloven-hooves of Sarah Jessica Parker

Jika-tabi jika-tabi japanese kanji —often referred to as ‘Ninja Shoes’— the type worn by the ninja of long ago, and are still used today by Japanese workers who need more agility, safety and grip than regular construction boots. Jikatabi navy Japanese prefer Jika-tabi for their split toes and softness of their soles that gives tactile contact with the ground, as well as their gripping ability that allows workman to use their feet more agilely than rigid-soled shoes allow.
For example, Japanese iron workers who traverse steel girders on construction sites like to know what is under their feet, and Japanese craftsmen such as carpenters and gardeners additionally use their feet as if they were an extra pair of hands to hold objects in place.
ninja tabi shoes
(Jika-tabi are available via J-List.com.)