What are these Japanese things?

utility obi
“Buskila” on Reddit/japan asked…

Q: said-openAnybody knows what these things are for?said-closed
A: It’s a festive obi/sash used to dress up the National Tree of Japan, the sacred Concrete Utility Pole.
Although the yellow one shown on the right is plastic, the steel obi (see below left) are more common and they are there to protect the sacred Poles from damage since the nature-loving Japanese are very fond planting the National Tree in their roadways (below right).

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Japan in WWII was ‘just like North Korea’


Author Probes Oddities of World War II Life in Japan
Wall Street Journal blog, 2014/05/13
When author Tadanori Hayakawa looks at life in Japan during World War II, his eye is drawn to the bizarre.
Take the case of nudism: At some schools, both the pupils and teachers wore only underpants or trousers to become physically stronger. A photo from 1943 shows that even a principal was working almost naked at his desk.
A magazine for homemakers gave advice on how to grow opium poppies for use as anesthetics during a medicine shortage. Readers were told to go to government health offices for free seeds
Hayakawa said he was genuinely interested in the ideas and ways of life shown in his unique collection of materials. “Most readers enjoy them. Many have said, ‘Oh, this is just like North Korea,’ ” he said.

Japanese links (Bing Translate) to Tadanori Hayakawa’s books are:

Show Your Love for the Nation
“Show Your Love for the Nation”

“Gods’ Japan battle life”

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Japan’s Super Prince of the Flaming Flocculent Fecal Plume

Thanks the otaku on 2chan.net (Bing Translator)
What is Kamen Rider BLACK RX* doing in the toilet?
Kamen Rider BLACK RX_500
*Black RX is the evolved form of Kamen Rider Black and is the first Kamen Rider to switch into different forms—in this case the BioToilet Rider, the Super Prince of the Flaming Flocculent Fecal Plume (Wikipedia.org).


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Cold rain falls on dinosaurs in a Tokyo back alley

In a cold rain falls on dinosaurs shivering under blue tarps in a Tokyo back alley…

Kabukicho pic.twitter.com/TVHdvEjNZF
Tokyo Reporter (@tokyoreporter) April 3, 2014

For some reason Tokyo seems to attract all sorts of kaiju/monsters such as this dino-turtle with tusks that I spotted in the Ginza district in 2006…

1930s ‘prior art’ for Japanese Bukkake

Straight from the late 1930s, the comic “Nancy” (Wiki) offers American ‘prior art*‘ for hinky Japanese Bukkake.


      cute bukkake animated gif

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M.I.A. — ‘Awesome’ Japanese science fiction postage stamps

Yesterday, io9.com featured Awesome science fiction postage stamps from around the world claiming that: single-left-quotersingle-left-quoterart on all these stamps is so bizarro.single-right-quotersingle-right-quoter
Obviously, io9.com doesn’t have as clue about what’s really “bizarro” …
They didn’t include any Japanese science fiction postage stamps in their so-called single-left-quoterawesomesingle-right-quoter stamps from single-left-quoteraround the world,single-right-quoter sheesh.


♬ Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas…

2011 10 25 もうそんなコスチュームの時期か。
*dapple dapple
‘s flickr

Thanks to ‎Colonel Santa …
Soon long lines will be forming outside branches of Kentucky Fried Chicken and Japanese salarymen will be dragging a greasy bucket home as a proper Christmas feast for the family. The traditional Japanese custom of eating KFC on Christmas is so popular that stores take reservations months in advance (Wikipedia).

Pooping Christmas—from Japan of course

A festive, green, alien, rice-ball head pooping out a golden Christmas tree makes perfect Japanese sense for this holiday season, doesn’t it?
pooping out christmas tree japan
This pooping Xmas wish came from the official TENGA blog (goofy Google Translate): “TENGA is a supporter of the Makoto Aida exhibition—Multiple work limitation for ‘people who do not think’ has arrived!