They want to suck your soul!

Peko-chan* vs Hello Kitty:

There can BE ONLY one.


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“There can BE ONLY one.” is the motto among the immortals in the Highlander film series (Wiki).

Gigantor spotted in Tokyo’s version of Beverly Hills

Today I spotted Gigantor aka Tetsujin 28-go lurking in my neighborhood in Tokyo’s tony Denenchofu (Wiki) district as shown on right side of the photo below.


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Best way to move books and stuff out of Japan

“Can anyone recommend a moving service in Tokyo to mover from Japan to the US? ….books, but not a lot of stuff.”

For books–the “M-BAG

The cheapest method for shipping books and “media” is the “M-bag”— Printed Materials Postage, Surface Mail. Go to the counter of a Japanese district post office and ask for the the biggest capacity “M-Bag.” If they look at you like you’re from another planet, use the Japanese name for M-Bag, Tokubetsu Yutai/特別郵袋, or just go to a larger post office.


An M-Bag is a fairly big, heavy duty canvas bag with a drawstring. You can stuff it absolutely full of books, printer-created material, media such as CDs/DVDs/BR and software counts as “printed matter” also. The bag is big enough to put a dead spouse into, if need be. :)

Learn more about the cost of shipping of “Printed Matter (Books / Magazines), Mailing large quantity, printed matter in special mailbags) at the official Japan Post website:

I recommend putting materials in a longish box, then putting the box inside the official M-Bag. The M-Bag will take about 4-6 weeks to get to Western part of the US, and the rate is significantly lower than shipping the books by any other means…less than 5,000yen.

M-Bag Shipment: When shipped in an M-Bag, first pack the books in a box with an address label. The box is then placed in a separate mail bag addressed to the addressee on a tag attached to the bag. The postage is the same if the box weights anywhere between 4 and 11 pounds and then increases with weights beyond 11 pounds. M-Bags may be either standard (surface mail) or Air Mail M-Bags.

What are these Japanese things?

utility obi
“Buskila” on Reddit/japan asked…

Q: said-openAnybody knows what these things are for?said-closed
A: It’s a festive obi/sash used to dress up the National Tree of Japan, the sacred Concrete Utility Pole.
Although the yellow one shown on the right is plastic, the steel obi (see below left) are more common and they are there to protect the sacred Poles from damage since the nature-loving Japanese are very fond planting the National Tree in their roadways (below right).

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Japan in WWII was ‘just like North Korea’


Author Probes Oddities of World War II Life in Japan
Wall Street Journal blog, 2014/05/13
When author Tadanori Hayakawa looks at life in Japan during World War II, his eye is drawn to the bizarre.
Take the case of nudism: At some schools, both the pupils and teachers wore only underpants or trousers to become physically stronger. A photo from 1943 shows that even a principal was working almost naked at his desk.
A magazine for homemakers gave advice on how to grow opium poppies for use as anesthetics during a medicine shortage. Readers were told to go to government health offices for free seeds
Hayakawa said he was genuinely interested in the ideas and ways of life shown in his unique collection of materials. “Most readers enjoy them. Many have said, ‘Oh, this is just like North Korea,’ ” he said.

Japanese links (Bing Translate) to Tadanori Hayakawa’s books are:

Show Your Love for the Nation
“Show Your Love for the Nation”

“Gods’ Japan battle life”

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Japan’s Super Prince of the Flaming Flocculent Fecal Plume

Thanks the otaku on (Bing Translator)
What is Kamen Rider BLACK RX* doing in the toilet?
Kamen Rider BLACK RX_500
*Black RX is the evolved form of Kamen Rider Black and is the first Kamen Rider to switch into different forms—in this case the BioToilet Rider, the Super Prince of the Flaming Flocculent Fecal Plume (


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Cold rain falls on dinosaurs in a Tokyo back alley

In a cold rain falls on dinosaurs shivering under blue tarps in a Tokyo back alley…

Tokyo Reporter (@tokyoreporter) April 3, 2014

For some reason Tokyo seems to attract all sorts of kaiju/monsters such as this dino-turtle with tusks that I spotted in the Ginza district in 2006…

1930s ‘prior art’ for Japanese Bukkake

Straight from the late 1930s, the comic “Nancy” (Wiki) offers American ‘prior art*‘ for hinky Japanese Bukkake.


      cute bukkake animated gif

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