July 20th is Japanese Burger Day!

Le divin burger
Le divin burger
Le divin burger. Gasparccio de saumon. Sainte Marinade de Nazaneth. Pointe de crèche fraîche. Roimage rappé. Huile d’olive extra vierge. Vinaigre Balthazarmique. Josephte de citron. Feuilles de Jesus-crine. Sirop d’étable. Christaux de sel.
Prenez, mangez, ceci est mon burger. —Via the art tumblr: fatandfuriousburger.com

Eat’em up, yum!


Would you wanna try out for the ‘BJ League’ of Japan?

Would you wanna try out for the BJ League and Bull Fight″ for the national league of Basketball Japan?

left_long quotebar 24x260pxthe International Basketball Federation (FIBA)…asigned delegates to help with a task force aimed at creating reforms to Japanese basketball. One such reform involves uniting Japan’s two basketball leagues, the National Basketball League and unfortunately named BJ-League (Basketball Japan League)
RocketNews24 2015/06/05:   Japan Basketball Association considering prohibiting zone defense to minors

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Tokyo train zen wisdom

The black bag on the far left of the photo reads:

left_long quotebar 24x260pxAny small part of a curve is almost a straight line.



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Choices… Japan style

Choices, in Harajuku style…


Note the compromise on her eye color.

Hello Shoes(tm)

You Can Never Have Enough HELLO-KITTY!



The ‘real’ Tokyo

All the rest of my fellow aliens/gaijin are all a tither about Flashbak.com‘s Tokyo, Japan 1917-1950: Rare Images Of Love, Loathing And Life

I love to eat Japanese crap

Q: left_quoter_14x24What goes into those karinto* snacks?right_quoter_13x24

A: POODLE POOP, deep fried.

Slogan: left_quoter_14x24Once you get past the smell, you have it licked™.right_quoter_13x24

is a traditional, sweet and deep-fried, Japanese snack food that is made primarily of flour, yeast, and brown sugar. It has a deep brown and pitted appearance, and takes the form of a short cylinder…aka Poodle Poop (Wiki).Karintos2CC BY 2.0; by DFTDER



Gingerbread of the Season from Japan

quoter leftI see your gingerbread house, and I raise you a [gaijin-made] Gundam Optimus Prime! quoter right   (@jamieism)

gingerbread house gundam japan
pic.twitter.com/LUPEnRGcNY Via Jamie Lynn Lano (@jamieism)’s twitter December 21, 2013

Ahh, now this is JAPAN!

This dekovan (“decoration” van ) leaves me speechless and a little sad*.

Via http://kinzoupro.com/archives/3536

Japanese lemon wieners?

Perfect for your next Japanese lemon party


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