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Ho, ho, hoes

Give yourself something Japanese for Christmas.
give yourself japanese girl for xmas

(No, no, no, that is not a photo of me dressed as Santa in the above advertisement.)
Japanese girls really get into the spirit of Christmas such as these postings I found on a Japanese social-networking website today:

Lonely Christmas :-( Lets have fun – 22 (tokyo)
Date: 2009-Dec-23, 11:18PM JT
hey what u doing on ur Christmas day?
well looks like im alone lonely Christmas this time….sucks
im looking for a gentle man who can have fun with me
im japanese 22 maybe shy when i first see u, but im always ready too see new ppl
lets have fun with me
ur pic gets mine

Boring – 27 (tokyo)
Date: 2009-Dec-24, 2:33PM JT
My boyfriend is married and can not see him this holiday season.
Looking for SWM or MWM.
I am boring now. I need a fun time.
Love xxx

Scumball Soda from Japan–now without balls!


balless and balled soda

This year’s new pink guarana soda on the left features the ball-free character “Mokorin” which is said to be cuter than the tradional “Marimokkori,” the lake scumball character that is based on marimo lake algae balls of Hokkaido Japan. Green balls of marimo algae

The Marimokkori character is found in souvenir stores throughout Japan. This green little character is best known for his impish grin and famous bulging balls as the 3Yen reported about in:
Buddha’s big bulging balls busted,
Captain Hard-on of Hokkaido
, and
Goodness gracious great green balls of Japanese scum!.

mr scumball scum ball characters of Japan

Heavy Airplay

I was ordering some books on Amazon today and I thought I would dump the links to them here…

And for real fun try out…
WFMU’s Beware of the Blog: WFMU Heavy Airplay List
WFMU Heavy Airplay List

WFMU Top 30 compiled by Music and Program Director Brian Turner
(click on artist name or compilation title to hear a sample tune in Real Audio)

Potato Paradise . . . or Perdition, Japan

Meiji Hokkaido Choco Potato Chocolate Covered Potato SticksIn Japan you never know what you might find masquerading as a potato chip. You might be served mayonnaise’n’fish egg chips or it might be Choco Potato® , chocolate-covered potato sticks, yuck.

Frankly, the best way to assure that seaweed is not the main ingredient of your potato chips is to make your own with the amazing Japanese MICROWAVE POTATO CHIP MAKER from our sponsor
potato chips in a microwave oven
Yes, you can make your own potato chips in a microwave oven the Japanese way. If you’re trying to live a healthier lifestyle, you know that avoiding oily foods are the way to go. But sometimes, there’s always that craving to snack on a few chips now and again. Thankfully, this is where the microwave potato chip maker comes in handy, satisfying both the need to be healthy, while satisfying the munchies. Measuring at 13 cm (5 inches) in diameter with 11 cm (4 inches) in height, it comes with all the accessories you need – an easy to use vegetable slicer, bowl to hold the slices, holder, and the microwave tray that is the secret to keeping these vegetables nice and crisp. Simply slice the vegetables, place in the tray, and then microwave. Within minutes you’ll have delicious fresh low calorie potato chips that utilizes absolutely no oil! Use this for other vegetables as well— Easy to clean and a great way to keep healthy. Buy it now from
microwave potato-chip cooker

Let’s Moguri!

Sadly, Santa (or anybody else for that matter) gave me one these sicko mole-bats, aka ” Moguri,” from the 3Yen’s sponsor, J-List , meh.

moogle aka Moguri the Japanese words for mole and bat)
Moogle Plush — Final Fantasy
Moogles (aka Moguri, a combination of the Japanese words for mole and bat) are commonly appearing creatures that appear throughout many Square Enix games (including the Final Fantasy, Chocobo, and Kingdom Hearts games), a cute little companion with bat wings. This official Square Enix product measures 10 inches tall. Buy the fun Moogle plush now.

moogle plushie toy

J-ListYou’ve got a friend in Japan!

Merry Wankermas for otaku in Japan

Merry Wankermas for Japanese otaku

In Japan, Christmas Eve is considered the more romantic than Valentines Day and day most likely for couplings. Of course for Japanese otaku /geeks this means a romantic night with their computers and favorite Dakimakura/ hugging pillow.

See an otaku photo collection called  Tanosii Kurisumsu aka ‘Fun/Enjoyable Christmas.
wankermas_300x289.jpg –Click to view the entire photo collection of otaku Christmas dates.

Although Wankermas has past, there’s still time for New Years to get your dream date dakimakura from our sponsor, JLIST–you’ve got a friend in Japan.

hug-pillows form JLIST Order your New Years date now!

Monkey Mayo, oh my!

Last October I reported on, Party horror: Mayonnaise Margarita drink for the power “mayoraa”–Japanese mayonnaise freaks who like mayo ice cream.
Now here’s a handy item to show your true Japanophilia from our sponsor monkey-mayo-case

Lunch Monkey Mayo Cup with Banana Spoon

Use it for porting your dipping sauces and spreads for your Bento/ lunch box. monkey bento cupShaped into slightly odd his and her monkey shapes, this mayonnaise cup measures 2×3 cm (0.78×1 inch) and even comes with a banana spoon, used to scoop up the sauces and apply on sandwiches, making this a cute and useful dispenser for your on-the-go needs. An odd lunch accessory from Japan that’s wacky enough to make a great conversation starter. Comes in a pack of 2 to make you doubly Monkey-esque. Buy it now!

And remember:
“The nature of Monkey was ….. IRREPRESSIBLE!”
The nature of Monkey was ..... IRREPRESSIBLE!
(‘Saru mo ki kara ochiru’ [猿も木から落ちる])

Domo-kun, ‘Regular’ and ‘Rasta’

domo-kun collection - Click to find over 2000 rare products from Japan at J-List
domo-kun dancing
Domo-kun [どーもくん on Wiki] is the coolest thing the Internet has discovered in years, a brown monster who is the official mascot of NHK, Japan’s public broadcasting system. And of curse, the 3Yen’s sponsor J-List and Domo-kun go together like peanut butter and jelly, milk and cookies, or sushi and wasabi (or better yet like peanut butter and wasabi).

Domo-kun USB flash drive - normal Domokun Mimobot USB 2.0 Flash Drive ~ Normal
If you want a flash drive with style, look no further! This fun flash drive from mimobot, comes to you ready for use at a moment’s notice. This sleek design features Domo-kun with an easy pop open cover to protect your USB connector, all the while still remaining cute for all the girls to swoon over.
Actually I sort of prefer the weirdo version, the so-called Domokun ~ “Rasta” Domo-kun USB flash drive Rasta, which you see below with the funky multicolor reggae tam that serves as its USB connector cover.

Both the “Regular and “Rasta” flash drives measure approximately 2 inches tall and is both Windows and Mac compatible. As a special welcome to all of you not in Japan, this USB 2.0 flash drive comes pre-loaded with exclusive Domo-kun content such as domo videos, screensavers, wallpapers and more. The “Normal” version comes in a 1 G-byte, 2 G-byte, or 4 G-byte sizes—Buy Domo-kun now!
Domo-kun USB flash drive

Elephant poop to pass exams

poop pen from J-listPuni Puni Pencil Top Mascot,  Unchi-kun
Just like the Puni Puni Pencil Top Mascot, “Unchi-kun” (うんち君 —Mr. Poop) character from the Dr. Slump anime series, the Japanese will try using anything as a good luck omomori/charm….even elephant poop… to pass exams.

Asian elephant poop

Utsunomiya Zoo makes elephant dung charms for students sitting exams
Utsunomiya Zoo makes elephant dung charms for students sitting exams – Mainichi Daily News, December 9, 2007 UTSUNOMIYA — A zoo here has started making lucky charms for students out of elephant dung….created the charms by extracting fiber from the dung of a 36-year-old Asian elephant, then sterilizing it and processing it into paper. The charms contain the word “pass” in red charactersmore

And if elephant poop ain’t big enough for you, try the famous Japanese plush poop hat from our sponsor
poo fashion trend as a hatPlush poop hat for parties!