Y.A.M.H. in Japan

Today is Y.A.M.H. (Yet Another Mysterious Holiday) in Japan—Foundation Day, aka Kenkoku Kinen no Hi, née Empire Day*.

right-wing-crazies fun-daySince the Japanese year of Kouki 2600, Kigensetsu (February 11) is a special day of Japan revelry—“Kawaraban” (Nanao, Ishikawa Prefecture)

*Foundation Day was previously known as Kigen-setsu (Empire Day) commemorates the day on which—according to the Nihon Shoki—Emperor Jimmu is said to have acceded the throne in 660 BCE.

The national holiday was declared by the supporters of Meiji Emperor (1852 – 1912) to make him the one, true ruler of Japan.in the pre-WWII years who wanted to focusing national attention on the emperor and linking his rule with the mythical first emperor, Jimmu, and thus Japan’s goddess Amaterasu.

Given its reliance on Shintoism and its reinforcement of the Japanese nobility, Kigensetsu was abolished following World War II. Ironically, February 11 was also the day when General MacArthur approved the draft version of the model Constitution in 1946.

The commemorative holiday was re-established as National Foundation Day in 1966. Though stripped of most of its overt references to the Emperor, National Foundation Day was still a day for expressing patriotism and love of the nation in the 1950s. The holiday is still relatively controversial howevermore
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Japan’s ex-Prime Minister is a drag queen

Former Japanese Prime Minister Hatoyama has always been very entertaining…especially his wife, Miyuki, who has written in her book how she has been on, left_quoter_14x24a triangular-shaped UFO and went to Venus.right_quoter_13x24 (3Yen 2009-09-03).
Japan’s ex-PM debuts as a drag queen…
          could Gordon Brown be next?
PinkNews | 16th January 2015


The Asahi News (in Japanese) reported on Thursday that:
sidebar-quote long Former Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama (67) in his first transvestite stage appearance looked ‘quite similar to his wife.’

For added fun, Prime Minister Hatoyama has a kissing scene with the male president of the Japanese Red Cross Society in the musical.


Japanese Seasons Greetings at 120 decibels!

Japanese, right-wing, neo-nazi soundtrucks are driving by blasting at 120 decibels said-openSeasons Greetingssaid-closed of warmth and joy wishing all foreigners to enjoy the Holidays at home (leave Japan).


Previous reports of Japanese sound truck on the 3Yen include:

Today is Japanese pre-Christmas

Today is Japanese pre-Christmas. December 23 is Japanese national holiday of the birthday of the current Emperor called Tenno Tanjobi {Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 10.34.25 AM} (Wiki).


Emperor Akihito prepares to greet the flag-waving crowd at the Imperial Palace on his birthday. (Wiki).
Japanemperorbirthday “Japanemperorbirthday” by Philbert Ono – Originally uploaded by en:User:Photojpn.org. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Butt-ugly Buddha bust


Four South Koreans held over theft of Tsushima Buddhist statue
The Japan Times | Nov. 25, 2014

Ok, ok, what’s the-rest-of-the-story?
Was this butt-ugly statuette really a “gift” from Silla Korean kingdom?
Or, was the statuette of Buddha “presented” to Nagasaki Prefecture’s Bairinji temple in the 9th century as forced tribute?
The previous times Koreans stole Buddha statues from Japanese temples the statues were tribute or war prizes that were being repatriated—Stealing back stolen stuff.

Hot date with dolls at Japan’s war-criminal shrine

Japan’s loves tweaking the nose of the rest of Asia with their official visits of their cabinet ministers and diet members to the controversial Yasukuni Jinja—the national war shrine that commemorates those who have died in service of the Empire of Japan including 1,068 war criminals (Wiki).


Guy brought a doll out to #Yasukuni

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I can’t say the Yasukuni Shrine would be a great place to take a date but at least the love doll above cannot complain very much.
And speaking of dolls, yesterday Japan’s Prime Minister Abe sent his so-called “harem” of utsukushii cabinet ministers to Yasukuni Shrine to assuage the souls of Japan’s dead war criminals*.

      japantimes.co.jp/news/2014/10/18/ …
Cabinet Ministers Visit Yasukuni Shrine’s Fall Festival

Loser Day parade for 69th anniversary of Japan’s surrender in World War II

I love how Japan’s loony right-wing celebrates Loser Day (Surrender of Japan) with a giant cosplay parade.

Right-wing cosplayers visit Tokyo’s controversial Yasukuni shrine to commemorate Japan’s surrender in World War II on August 15, 2014 on the 69th anniversary of Japan’s surrender in World War II.


Japan’s new political ‘Party for Future Generations’

Check out these hot party boys ‘for Future Generations': Takeo Hiranuma, age 74 and Shintaro Ishihara, age 82.
Party for Future Generations?

Party for Future Generations established!
Ky0d0 Press | 2014/July/30japan-party-boys

Other 3Yen reports of the always charming Ishihara include:

Oh the Horror! The ‘Cool Japan’ Expo in Paris is full of K-pop!

The quickest way to insult a Japanese is to say they’re Korean and vice versa. The two groups despise each other. So, you can imagine how horrified the the Japanese reporter in this news segment was to find K-pop being promoted at the Japanese government sponsored “Cool Japan” Expo in Paris.
Of course, how could the French know the difference between K-poop and J-poop?

left_long quotebar 24x260pxThe Japan Expoo has Korea content
fnn-news.com | 07 / 24 / 2014 (in Japanese)
Japan Expo was held in France Paris at the beginning of July. The Japan Expo of Japanese culture of Europe’s largest but at some of the venues there was a surprising sight—Some booths at the Japan Expo Hall had "K-pop" products on display more…

K-pop at Japan-Expo Paris

‘J-CRAT’ — Japan’s new Geek Police


The exciting name J-CRAT stands for: ‘Cyber Rescue and Advice Team against targeted attack of Japan’ (Note 4: ipa.go.jp/about/press…).

Watch the always-dorky NHK News report (in Japanese but self-explanatory) about the newest Geek Police of Japan.

Click the view the news video at Japan’s public broadcaster, NHK.