Shi-i-i-it! Lil’ Kim hit us finally

After a decade of Best Korea trying*, the lil’ Kim finally hit us!


Wreckage likely of North Korea rocket found in western Japan
Kyodo News | 2016/06/18
metallic wreckage (top) found June 16, 2016, on a beach in Tottori Prefecture, western Japan, and wreckage (bottom) recovered by South Korea after the Feb. 7 launch of a long-range rocket by North Korea.
(Photos via Tottori Prefecture/South Korean Ministry of National Defense)

cool_story__broWhile I was on vacation in Tohoku in north of Japan back in August 1998, “Best Korea” shot a missile that passed overhead and missed landing in Japan by only 150km.
I know, I know: Cool story bro.

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Cool Coal Japan?

The government’s Cool Japan* program has taken a new odd twist with the land of of the Kyoto Protocol is now making a big push to become Coal Japan.

cool-coal-japan-smokestack powerplant

Coal is the new cool, because it’s a little known fact that unlike its G7 partners, Japan is in the process of building 49 new coal-fired power stations — whilst also being by far and away the largest financial backer of coal infrastructure in the region. From 2007 to 2014, Japan provided over US$20 billion in coal financing abroad
Japan is the odd one out as only country in the G7 building new coal-fired power stations, despite promising the rest of the world to do the opposite | 2016-May-23
Cool Japan or Coal Japan?


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*Cool Japan (クールジャパン), along with “Gross National Cool” are propaganda concepts coined in 2002 as an expression of Japan hyping its status as a cultural superpower. First gaining broad exposure in the media and academia, the government of Japan adopted the national brand of “Cool Japan” to exploit the commercial capital of the country’s culture-vulture industry. It has been described as a form of soft power, “the ability to indirectly influence behavior or interests through cultural or ideological means.”



Japan to double the refugees it accepts!

Japan has become infamous for rejecting refugees.
The new plan is accept "30 Syrian students" per yer, which added to last year’s acceptance rate of 27 refugees equals a GRAND total of 57 refugees per year—A massive double the number of refuges!

Japan to take in 150 Syrians as exchange students after criticism of harsh refugee policy | 2016/05/20
Every year, 30 Syrian students who are either in Syria or who have fled to other countries will be selected to attend Japanese universities in the five-year period. Japan will receive them students through the government-sponsored exchange program and a program of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), the nation’s aid agency

—In 2015, Japan rejected 99 per cent of asylum applications, accepting only 27 refugees—


When you figure that many Japanese universities are running at half capacity because of Japan’s negative population growth, accepting more refugee foreign students on academic scholarship might be a good way of killing two birds with one stone.syrian-coed

That Japan could solve two problems at once.
   1) Filling Japan’s half empty universities, and
   2) Increasing the educated and fertile population base.


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Japan’s New Democratic kancho Party

In yet another political reorganization, Japan’s “New Democratic Party”—formerly known as the Democratic Party Japan (DPJ)—has a new logo celebrating the grand Japanese tradition of kancho.New~Kancho-Democratic-PartykanchoThat is, Kancho (カンチョー) is a Japanese prank performed by clasping the hands together in the shape of an imaginary gun and attempting to poke an unsuspecting person in the butt*.

Japan’s Democratic Party reveals new logo to cries of plagiarism and indecency
The Japan Times | 2016-May-19
The new logo features the letter M, the initial of the party’s Japanese name, Minshinto, in a way that resembles two people — one in blue and the other in red — standing arm in arm…After the logo chosen Thursday advanced to a shortlist of four candidates earlier this month, many people online noted a striking resemblance to that of Mie Prefecture-based confectionery company Imuraya Co…new_democratic-party
…The online controversy, however, didn’t end there. Some joked that the logo looks as though a man in blue is groping the posterior of a woman in red.

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US Ambassador to Japan, Caroline Kennedy,

US Ambassador to Japan, Caroline Kennedy(Wiki), learns the realities of her true mission here…

Caroline Kennedy presented with a whip at this year's Tokyo Rainbow Pride.
whipMulboyne May 8, 2016


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Japan is the best Communist nation

“SovietSupreme,” a frequent contributor to writes:
japan-communist-flag_4Greetings Comrades!
We all should be gladdened by Japan’s striving to achieve the ultimate goal of the communist society—the common ownership of the means of production.

The Tokyo Whale Is Quietly Buying Up Huge Stakes in Japan Inc
bourgeois-Bloomberg | April 24, 2016
They may not realize it yet, but Japan Inc.’s executives are increasingly working for a shareholder unlike any other: the nation’s money-printing central bank. While the Bank of Japan’s name is nowhere to be found in regulatory filings on major stock investors, the monetary authority’s exchange-traded fund purchases have made it a top 10 shareholder in about 90 percent of the Nikkei 225 Stock Average, according to estimates compiled by Bloomberg from public data. It’s now a major owner of more Japanese blue-chipsmore...


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‘We use silk cloth imported from Japan’ for toilet paper


Democrats say Republicans are stiffing them on toilet paper
New York Post | 2016/04/10
[New York legislatures’] favored brand, Tork Universal’s scratchy, single-ply bath tissue, made from “100 percent recycled fibers.”
Assembly members, unlike the Senate, get as much toilet paper as they want — as long as it fits into their annual office-supply budgets of $2,750.bow-tie-for-butts
“We use silk cloth imported from Japan,” laughed Staten Island Democratic Assemblyman Matthew Titone …more…


Well, la-di-da.
Even as a joke, New York legislators should not make light of such crappy subject.


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Oops, Japan forgot to include the Olympic flame in their new stadium for the 2020 Olympics


The Japan Times | March 4, 2016
The designers of the new National Stadium apparently forgot to include a cauldron for the Olympic flame.
And they cannot just stick it anywhere: The interior is largely lined with wood.
Officials are blaming a “lack of communications” between the government and other parties, but say they will fix the problem…more…



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Japan’s Prime Minister Abe wants a robot replacement



PM Abe wants a ‘robot speaker’ to stand in for him during Diet debates
Mainichi Japan | March 2, 2016
at a dinner at the prime minister’s official residence on March 1, Abe apparently said he wanted the robotic proxy as he looked back on the budget deliberations, after the recent test run of a self-driving taxi came up in conversation...more


Interestingly back in July of 2015 (, China anticipated this robot need and already offered a robo-replacement Prime Minister Abe as you can see on the left and below in this youtube news video…robot-abe-youtube
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Best Korea launches their Blob at Japan!

I’ve had two emergency alerts on my cellphone and couple of community announcements about North Korea launching a blob at Japan (

Japan’s public broadcaster, NHK, is all in a tither about this image highlighting this blob-cum-missile flying over Japan’s southern Okinawan island chain.

 North Korea shoots missiles ssm 1 Pongi

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