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Ever since the arrest and torture of Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn, I have been waiting for a better public response like the following:

A bit more grassroots-cum-crassroots is this giving the finger to the Japanese faux-legal system approach.




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Idiot = baka = Trump

For some strange reason, if you Google the word ‘idiot’… a picture of Trump comes up, hee, hee. This even happens in a Japanese search of バカ/baka (idiot) or バカ (idiot) + トランプ (Trump).
BAKA-Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 9.33.48

Japan’s Land Ministry warns of Atlantean woes

tsunami-danger-logo Mulboyne twitter iconMulboyne @Mulboyne writes:
Japan’s Land Ministry has come up with a symbol to designate buildings and places which have been hit by a tsunami.…

The early Greek temple on that logo does not look like a Japanese building (3Yen / 2008-06-29) at all. The Land Ministry must using the symbol to make the woes of the great tsunami of Atlantis a teachable point.



Halloween surprise for Japan

icon_pumpkin It’s the Great Pumpkin’s special Halloween surprise for Japan!

Japanese journalist Jumpei Yasuda believed released with aid from Qatar and Turkey after three years held in Syria
The Japan Times | 2018-Oct-24
Japanese journalist Jumpei Yasuda, who was captured by an armed group in Syria three years ago, is believed to have been released and was now in Turkey…more…

For comparison, this is file photo of Japanese journalist Jumpei Yasuda in 2016. Yasuda-file-photo
(Photo of missing Japanese journalist emerges May 30, 2016 |

H’weeners, don’t get too carried away!

My friend Mulboyne spotted this warning to Shibuya H’weenersh-is-for-hentai

Shibuya mayor, Ken Hasebe, has asked Halloween revellers to enjoy themselves but also to not get too carried away (節度を持って楽しんで) . Halloween is now a big event for the ward, so they don’t want any bad press.

Halloween crowds in Shibuya Tokyo

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Bellicose biplanes of Best Korea

AN-2-biplane-graphicNorth Korea showed off a massive force of Soviet-era biplanes——Their fearful flying fleet of old An-2 “Colts” were on display at today’s 9/9 military parade.


NK NEWS @nknewsorg
North Korea’s 9/9 Foundation Day military parade in Pyongyang this morning.


Photos by @chadocl


The Rest-of-the-Story…

According to the ancient An-2 biplanes are a clever strategy to fly super low over the ground at slow garbage-truck like speed, penetrating deep into South Korean on one-way, suicide mission to deliver their hardest shock troops deep behind enemy lines. It is thought that North Korea has more than 300 of these lumbering, flying trucks to could overwhelm South Korean air defenses with their shear numbers coming in at tree-top level—basically invisible/undetectable.

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♪ Let’s start WW3 ♫~

‵Let’s start WW3‵ by the Japanese group WORLD ORDER


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It’s official: In Japan Green is Blue

Japan’s National Police Agency’s official Japan’s official “Rules of the Road” manual defines the color “Blue” as “Green.”

The problem is, in Japanese green and blue are both referred to as Ao/. Therefore in Japanese traffic lights are called a Ao shingo/青信号, which literally translates to “Blue Signal.”

Consequently, there is a confusion especially in older parking garages in the proper color of green lights as shown just above and below.

Since most street traffic lights in Japan have been replaced with LEDs in the past five years, most green lights—but not all—now conform to the international green standard.
Refer to The Japan Times of 2013/02/25: The Japanese traffic light blues: Stop on red, go on what?
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