The Japanese government’s official ninja kancho team

Prime Minister Abe (R) and the government’s “Cool Japan” initiative is sponsoring a huge, official NINJA KANCHO ATTACK.
The purpose of this poking kancho anus attack is to promote tourism by using “ninja culture as a magnet (Japan Today / 2018-Dec-12)” with the approach of the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan and 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

kancho suprise buttsecs


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Japan’s Miss Universe is a Ninja Sailor Moon

Miss Japan Kurara Chibana in ninja
Who can forget Miss Universe Japan—a ninja high heels—Kurara Chibana? She won the contest’s national costume competition in her ninja bikini (3Yen / 2006-07-19). miss-japan-in-armor
Again in 2015 Miss Japan, Keiko Tsuji (3Yen / 2015-01-26), wore Ashigaru armor as her national costume in the preliminaries for Miss Universe.
Now in this year’s competition…

Miss Universe Japan debuts Sailor Moon ninja transformation dress as national costume for 2018 | by Oona McGee | 2018-Nov-23
Yuumi Kato thrills audience at pre-broadcast event by transforming from sexy ninja to magical warrior Sailor Moon in secondsmore...

Where is Sailor Bubba (3Yen / 2010-02-16) when we need him to save us?

tokyonama-texitle-logo-2Tokyonama, importer/distributer of original products from Japan–Geneva/Tokyo

Squid drought of Japan


Japanese towns that thrive on once-abundant squid suffer as numbers decline at alarming rate
The Japan Times | Nov 1, 2018
fluctuations in ocean temperatures, years of overfishing and lax regulatory oversight have drastically depleted populations of the translucent squid in waters around Japan
[it’s] the lowest harvest since the national fisheries cooperative started keeping records more than 30 years ago.



Well, spank my daddy…


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Godzilla’s 64th birthday!


Godzilla doesn’t have a real birthday, but the original film was released on November 3, 1954, so fans like to think of November 3 as his birthday.

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H’weeners, don’t get too carried away!

My friend Mulboyne spotted this warning to Shibuya H’weenersh-is-for-hentai

Shibuya mayor, Ken Hasebe, has asked Halloween revellers to enjoy themselves but also to not get too carried away (節度を持って楽しんで) . Halloween is now a big event for the ward, so they don’t want any bad press.

Halloween crowds in Shibuya Tokyo

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Is there a rest home for retired Japanese mascots?

Hmmm, I wonder if there is a rest home for retired Japanese mascots?

“BANNYAI” the mascot retires
New DIE CITY Kitty!!~
die-city-kitty :
The Rainbow Tower has been closed since 2011 due to the Great East Japan Earthquake. An investigation of the tower’s earthquake resistance found the base to be…


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And how can anybody forget the (in)famous Tokyo ad campaign: MY CITY — MY GAS® (3Yen / 2008-09-24)
my city my gas

‘Let’s f⌾ck!’

指原莉乃、外国人を落とすテクに「勉強になりそう!」『恋するサイテー男総選挙』6・12放送|TVLIFE web – テレビがもっと楽しくなる! . {"AbemaTV" (internet TV station) broadcast on Tuesday June 12 about a “f⌾cking” program by Rihara Shihara, “「I’m going to study!」 Technique to (f⌾ck and) dump foreigner lovers!”}
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