X-mas in August?

Santa brings her hot gifts in mid-August mega-heat at the massive Comiket 90’s cosplay event, which always Japan’s biggest of the year.


Sankaku Complex | 2016-Aug-14
Comiket 90, Day 2 “The Epitome of Cosplay!”




Eat my Pokéballs!

McDonald’s Japan has been in a death spiral having to eat seven straight quarterly losses and it has been forced to close 30% of its stores in the past four years… until now.


Pokémon Go spurs sales growth for McDonald’s Japan
AdNews 2016-Aug-11
McDonald’s Japan has seen sales jump 27% in July, following its tie-up with Pokémon Go saw McDonald’s stores becomes PokéStops and PokéGyms, has led to increased store traffic and demand of children’s meals which include Pokémon toys, pushing July salesmore...


pokeman pokeball
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♫~Pikapika pikachu pikkachu (Pikapika pikkachu pikkachu)♫~

♫~Pikkachu pikkachu pikkacchu (Pikkachu pikkachu pikkacchu)
Pikapika pikachu pikkachu (Pikapika pikkachu pikkachu)
Pikapikapikapika (Pikapikapikapika)
Pikapikapikapika (Pikapikapikapika)
Pikapika (Pikapika)
Pikapika (Pikapika)
Pika (Pika)Pika (Pika)
pikachu puckerRocketNews24 | 2016/08/08
Pikachu makes vocalist debut with brand-new “Pikachu’s Song” 


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Two new Pokémon revealed in Japan…

Two New Pokemon Announced; New Japanese Trailer Airs
info-europa | July 13, 2016
A new trailer and this month’s edition of Japan’s CoroCoro magazine have revealed two more Pokémon to debut in Sun and Moon this November

The two new Pokémon revealed are:

TITTYtesties™, the unbreakable

CTHULHUmon™, the unbeatable
Two New Pokemon revealed

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Getting inked — Japanese electrophilia


KOM_I, aka Kyoko Koizumi inked herself for the August issue of the Rolling Stone Japan, which features the Japanese electronic music–cum–electrophilia* group “Wednesday Campanella” (水曜日のカンパネラ).

*Watch this music video if you think I’m joking about electrophilia.


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Hinky-chu’s lingerie

Starting Friday, the Japanese apparel company, “Peach John,” will be offering a hinky line of Pikachu lingerie via their YUMMY MART brand…

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Hot new Japanese TV commerical featuring a foreign male chauvinist pig

Hey, did you see the new Japanese TV commerical featuring me[1] as a foreign, big-snouted, male chauvinist pig?
I’m especially proud of my big kabe-don[2] scene where the young housewife working as an abused supermarket stock clerk eats me!

Also check out the second commerial with the same “Iberian pig” (イベリコ豚) playing a foreign exercise instructor who gets eaten by a housewife.

Ok, ok, the commerical does not star me. I look much more pig-like. I have a much more pink piggy complexion, I sport a bigger snout, and I am more sparsely bristled than the Japanese actor just pretending to be a foreign pig.

Kabe-don (壁ドン)—loosely meaning, “hitting a wall”—is a “romantic” way Japanese in manga/comics proclaim their affection (and is a form of Japanese sexual harrassment). You can learn more details about kabe-don at:
Kotaku.com: Manga trope appears–confuses some


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Easter in Japan

Several years after Usagi‘s mysterious disappearance around Easter, this washes up in Tokyo Bay…


#gloomy #tokyo #bunny ears pic.twitter.com/DPBO39yJXd 
&larr Chris Carlier (@Pubgoblin) 2015-08-30



Nova's USAGI
Ah, Tokyo life…and continual Resurrection of the cheeky NOVA Usagi/Bunny


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Mayo Terrace or Mayo Terrorist?

kewpienaked-kewpie_50xJapan is the Land of Mayonnaise and Kewpie is king.
That is, most Japanese food comes slathered with mayo snot, and most use Kewpie brand mayonnaise (which has become a fetish item for mayonnaise-for-brains weeaboos*).
Worst case: Japanese Mayo & corn pizza.

To a mayo hater like me, I have to really wonder if whether the following is Kewpie’s “Mayo Terrace” or “Mayo Terrorist”?

MAYO TERRACE is a, Museum meets factory tour and a whole lot more. You would need a full day for this truly unique and educational learning experience.


You can learn more details about the museum’s location and times of operation at:


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Good TGIF in Japan

Today is Good Friday in Japan, but Shinto-Buddhist Japanese are a bit confused on how to celebrate.


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