“Mc.Danield’s” SALT BURGER…only in Japan

Tokyo GUNDAM handicapped
Tokyo’s famous “Gundam Front” complex that features a full-sized Gundam statue (3Yen / 2012-06-07), now has a Gundam Cafe offering “Mc.Danield’s (sic) Hamburgers” in a special “SALT BURGER” variation shown below.

Tokyo’s Gundam Cafe offers Mc.Danield's Hamburgers + special salty one!
— Rinkya (@rinkya) November 20, 2014

Details on the official Gundam Cafe website: g-cafe.jp

Sal A. Mander’s slimy Christmas Tree in Japan

Check out Mr. Sal A. Mander’s slimy Christmas tree below as well our previous warnings including:

  • Super Salamander Sex Center—from Japan (3Yen / 2010-07-20)
  • Look out Godzilla for the Giant Japanese salamander, “Osanshouo”! (3Yen / 2010-07-20)
    giant japanese salamander
    (Giant Japanese salamander’s length 2 m. or 6.5 ft.)

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, how amphibian-like are thy branches
RocketNews24 | 2014/11/14
The Kyoto Aquarium has one of the biggest exhibits of Japanese giant salamanders in the world and they, of course, sell an adorable and cuddly stuffed toy salamander…the controversial Christmas tree is made up of hundreds of the adorable, beige and peppered-black, giant salamander stuffed animals crammed together in the shape of a pine tree..more

Selling Japanese schoolgirl stink?

Japan’s Tamatoys’ JK* stool perfume of schoolgirl stink promises, said-openhuge excitement thanks to its realistic naturesaid-closed

JK Fecal Odour Recreated Perfectly
Sankaku Complex | Oct 23, 2014 (Warning: ÑṠFW banner ads)
latest onanistic accessory in the form of a scented accent for clothing or underwear based on a perfect recreation of the scent of female high school girl excrementmore shit
japanese schoolgirl stool scent

* JK stands for Joshi Kousei (女子高生 ), which is Japanese slang meaning female high school student.

FEMM’s Tokyo Takeover

MTV Japan has a real winner wiener here…

F.E.M.M.Far East Mention Mannequins’ Tokyo Takeover, an alternative guide to the Japan’s capital…MTV 81femm-tokyo-takeover_crop

Japan’s MTV has always been the wildly unsuccessful, bastard child of the MTV’s localized channels worldwide. As a whole, MTV doesn’t translate well into Japanese and saccharine J-Pop doesn’t present well in the MTV format.


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