Selling Japanese schoolgirl stink?

Japan’s Tamatoys’ JK* stool perfume of schoolgirl stink promises, said-openhuge excitement thanks to its realistic naturesaid-closed

JK Fecal Odour Recreated Perfectly
Sankaku Complex | Oct 23, 2014 (Warning: ÑṠFW banner ads)
latest onanistic accessory in the form of a scented accent for clothing or underwear based on a perfect recreation of the scent of female high school girl excrementmore shit
japanese schoolgirl stool scent

* JK stands for Joshi Kousei (女子高生 ), which is Japanese slang meaning female high school student.

FEMM’s Tokyo Takeover

MTV Japan has a real winner wiener here…

F.E.M.M.Far East Mention Mannequins’ Tokyo Takeover, an alternative guide to the Japan’s capital…MTV 81femm-tokyo-takeover_crop

Japan’s MTV has always been the wildly unsuccessful, bastard child of the MTV’s localized channels worldwide. As a whole, MTV doesn’t translate well into Japanese and saccharine J-Pop doesn’t present well in the MTV format.


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Sanrio has started their new men’s Hello Kitty line of fashion for those not said-openbound by such stereotypessaid-closed as spelling and grammar.

HELLO KITTY MEN Project Start!
Sanrio Company | Press Release, 2014 Sept 08, Tokyo
Kitty-chan, because it was something of a girl.
For men and humorous afford to be able to without being bound by such stereotypes, while having a sense of fun, and dress in fashionable Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty for men's, its name is also the birth of the “HELLO KITTY MEN” more...



In the sage words of Admiral Ackabar, “IT’S A TRAP!
Sending out Japanese Pop Culture to the world! With live performances from Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and, a fashion show and lots of booths (free hair set!!!), there’s so much to do on Sunday, September 28th, when we see you at the MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON FESTIVAL 2014.

There is even a Special Live Viewing Area Reserved Just for Foreigners!
Checkout the DJ stage and enjoy Japanese festival style “yakisoba” and “takoyaki” from the food area. Enjoy festival style games such as ring tossing and target practice and take photos with your friends in front of the photo panel snap area. There’s so much to do inside and outside the venue.