Dr. NakaMats’ silly claim of ‘inventing’ the floppy disk


Dr. Nakamatsu aka NakaMats makes many bold claims to fame but he prefers to be known as the inventor of the floppy disk and the CD.

What he invented was a phonograph record of fine wood could be read poorly by light sensors. IBM owns the patent for the floppy disk after it had to agree to a number of computer-related patents that Nakamatsu wildly claimed in the 1970s.

Many people have really get suckered on that floppy disk claim just like Nakamatsu’s assertion that he “invented” the fuel cell. Sheesh.

Dr. NakaMats filed a floppy disk patent claim in JAPAN only because IBM Japan farked up and forgot. Both IBM and Dictaphone companies had floppy-like disks years before the good Dr. As part of the patent settlement, IBM had to pay off old NakaMats just token ammount of yen and agree to never publically contradict Dr Fraud’s claim (since Dr. NakaMats’ ONLY real money maker is selling fraudulant “creativity” self-help kits).

Via ABC News’ “The Wolf Files”With the floppy now standing as one of the century’s great contributions, IBM claims its scientists invented the disk in the late 1960s using in-house technology.
Inventor Soaks His Head Big Blue admitted in the past that it has licensing agreements with the doctor but downplayed his contributions. Now, spokeswoman Laura Croker says the company line is “No comment” on Dr. NakaMats’ claim. “I signed a non-disclosure agreement,” says NakaMats. “I can’t talk about it. But I invented it.”