The stinkiest musical in Tokyo

Pee-chan and Poo-kun are opening in ‘ELIMINATION’, a new Broadway-type musical in Tokyo’s Ginza and guaranteed to be a stinker.

pee-poo-ginza-theater-poster Via @Durf

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♪It’s beginning to look a lot like …♫

Damn, it ain’t Columbus Day yet but in Tokyo

Christmas arrived in 7-Eleven already.″

— JapanBlogList (@JapanBlogList) October 12, 2015



It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Not.

The rest-of-the-story is that the above photo of the sign is for preordering these 7-11 Christmas Cakes for Christmas Eve delivery/pickup. However, the industrial bakeries have been baking the Angel food, sponge cake, and gingerbread for these Christmas treats since last August. Yum, freezer burnt cake for Christmas!



HAPPY″ in Fujisawa just south of Yokohama…

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‘Fungus Rice Sands’ (only in Japan)

Fungus.Rice.SandsIt’s the little details that make living in Japan so entertaining. In this case “Sands” is an abbreviation of the possessive “Sandwich’s” rather than “Sandwiches,” the plural of all the fun “Fungus Rice” between slices of bread they’re selling.

I’m sure that John Montagu, Fourth Earl Sandwich*, would have approved.


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Heil mein Führer Abe!

defaced-abeTokyo cops arrest man for adding Hitler moustaches to Abe posters
Tokyo Reporter | 2015-Sep-27
Tokyo Metropolitan Police on Friday announced the arrest of a 71-year-old manTakeshi Muto is alleged to have used an oil-based pen to draw a narrow moustache, very similar to that made famous by Adolf Hitler, on an image of Abe appearing on a poster hanging on a fence inside a parking lot inMachida City


The elderly vandal admitted to police his guilt saying that, in considering the current government, it was unavoidable.″
The rest-of-the-story is that Japan’s current Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, has undemocratically rammed through changes to the Japanese Constitution in the past weeks and supports “revisionist” histories of WWII in school textbooks and the press (the Japanese equivalent of Holocaust denying).


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Eel bread for the Dog Days

Last week was Eel Eating Day, Doyo-no-ushinohi, when folks here celebrate with the custom of eating grilled eel to gain stamina to beat the horrid heat of Japan. Only problem is the Japanese have eaten most of their endangered eels and now have resorted to substitutes…
eel-bread_500sidebar-quote (Google Translate)
Eel bread of Dog Days … Anything goes …
(as seen at the Nikke Colton Plaza in Chiba Prefecture)

Eating eel on Ox Day (ushi-no-hi) was on July 24 and again on August 2-ish thanks the vagaries of the old and new Japanese calendar.

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