Beware of the holiday rush of horny riders on the Tokyo Metro!

tokyo metro manners
The Tokyo Metro manners poster for December warns of the holiday rush of horny reindeer and rhino salarymen.

Previous 3Yen reports of the dangers of December’s holiday rush on the Tokyo’s subway system include:

24/7 softball tournament … only in Japan

With Japan’s problem of negative population growth along with the aging and depopulation of rural areas, has resulted in empty school districts and a lot of excess equipment.
However, Japan’s tradition of imaginative scarecrows* still is going strong. The Japanese sign and tents shown below proclaim that this is a, said-open24-hour Softball Tournament.said-closed
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昨日の夜はBBQをやってるのかなーと、今日の昼はこんなとこでソフトボールやってるのかなーと、昼2回目に通ったときはカカシがまじっとるなーと、3回目通ったときに全部カカシやないかい!!!と — がっちゃん ‏@gattyann21 16 Nov 2013


近所の畑のカカシがすごいことになってた。深夜にたまたま見つけたんで死ぬほどビックリした。これは怖い。怖すぎる。カラスとか来ねえ。もっというと人間ですら近づきたくねえ。なんだこのセンス。すごいぞマイタウン — 青木潤太朗 (@aokijuntarou) 2014, 11月 23


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Don’t play with your nuts on the Tokyo Metro

Don’t play with your nuts on the subway.

Check out the original Tokyo Metro manners poster.

Better yet are the posters in the northernmost big city of Japan, Sapporo. Way up in pseudo-Siberia, Sapporo’s subway system has posters that are better than the banal banners for Tokyo’s Metro Manners.


“Subway posters are better in Sapporo”

dame-yo-Man— Justin Norrie (@JustinNorrie) June 21, 2014

The above poster is from Sapporo’s Tozai Line.

Poster in the subway in

Danger, Japanese grannies!

Right now out in the boondocks of Japan, there are a lot of bear warning signs as the bears are gorging on their final meals before their winter hibernation.

However just down the road in the same area, dangerous obaa-chan/grannies are the biggest problem.

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Japan: ‘good poo is born in a comfy place’


As the 2020 Olympics approach, Japan is preparing for its big Olympic poo push…with signage reminding everyone of their toilet manners.

Toilet wants us to, said-openthink compassion is to clean the toilets in Japan.said-closed They also remind us that the Toilet Spirits—Shinto’s Benjo-gami, Suijin, Mawaya-no-kami, et al (Wiki) are waiting with retribution for poor manners.

View all the poo posters at Toilet Japan’s website:

Blacker ‘Black Ships’ for Japan

Blacker than the “Black Ships” (3Yen / 2005-03-31), is President Obama as Commodore Perry and the TPP—Trans-Pacific Partnership—the proposed regional free-trade agreement*.
Here Obama is shown facing off the sacred cows of the JA–Japan Agriculture Group.