Nude Trump . . . only in Japan

Something nobody wants to see!

nude-trumpchris-carlierr— Chris Carlier (@Pubgoblin) Feb. 8, 2016

But wait, it gets worse.
Japanese in Ishikawa Kanazawa pay to get coifed at Trump Hair.

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Japan’s alien abduction problem grows

Way back in 2009, I first warned of Japan’s Alien abduction zones (3Yen 2009-04-18).
And, now the problem has intensified with the increased targeting of Japanese school children by UFOs.


alienszogu06228帰るね!ニヤリ( ̄ー ̄) — sasa××(Θ≪)∈ (@zogu06228) February 4, 2016


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Christmas Day’s night in Japan

The night after Christmas day in Nippon…


xmas-day-nightDec. 25, 2015 18:33 — ジロー(ジュークロック)不知撮人 (@juke69rock) December 26, 2015


The early hours of Boxing Day in a regular Japanese neighborhood. Our previous reports the hell-on-earth aesthetics of the Japan landscape include:


Get on Tokyo’s Happy Hanukkah bus!

Tonight is the first night of Hanukkah. However, the last thing I expect to see when I am stuck in traffic behind a Tokyo bus was a menorah to celebrate the Jewish holiday (Wiki)



The bus advertisement featuring the menorah also has hinkiness throughout such as a fisting, Hitleresque* “schoolgirl” spokesperson for the ad’s sponsor, Toshin, the huge private high school group with more than 120,000 students.

*The Hitleresque mustache on the schoolgirl is actually a handle to one of the fuel compartments of the bus.

*Ok, ok, I know that the Hanukkah menorah
drawings above are not a proper menorah since
they do not have one taller candle, the shamash.

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‘Humanity is error’ in Japan

‘SEX’ and ‘Humanity is error’
Here’s Microsoft’s Blue-Screen-of-Death reinterpreted as a bomber jacket for sale in Tokyo’s fashion-victim district of Harajuku.



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