My hovercraft is NOT full of eels

Mai hobaakurafuto izu nato furu obu iiruzu” My hovercraft is full of eels 私のホバークラフトは鰻が一杯です {Wiki}

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One of the amusing things about living in Japan, is seeing the endless variety of totally bogus health items being promoted. From fraudulent nose-altering clips (3Yen / 2010-08-03) to goofy “O” leg (3Yen / 2006-02-06) and
hinky Japanese school nurses offering ‘Ball Relief’ (3Yen / 2010-09-15), Japan is awash with medical quackery. So you can imagine my surprise with the release of the following research study supporting the claims of Japan’s super-silly facial rollers.


Ready for a close-up:
The science behind face massage rollers

Tokyo Institute Of Technology | 9-Nov-2018
Facial massaging using a roller can increase skin blood flow for more than ten minutes after the massage. It can also improve vasodilation — the widening of blood vessels
One surprising outcome was the duration of the effect immediately after the five-minute massage. “The increase in skin blood flow after applying the massage roller persisted much longer than we had expected,” the researchers say in their study published in Complementary Therapies in Medicine. “Short-term mechanical stimulation by a facial massage roller increased skin blood flow for more than ten minutes solely in the massaged cheek.”
In the long-term experiment, the researchers examined the effects of daily massage on the right cheek over a five-week period. They also examined the reactivity of facial blood vessels to a heat stimulus, involving application of a heating probe set at 40°C, in order to test whether there were any changes in vascular dilation response.


The problem is that this research study found a temporary “increase in skin blood flow” but that does not equate to better looking skin any most than gettin slapped in the face. This typically vague Japanese “scientific” research does not really make/support/claim any benefit.


Squid drought of Japan


Japanese towns that thrive on once-abundant squid suffer as numbers decline at alarming rate
The Japan Times | Nov 1, 2018
fluctuations in ocean temperatures, years of overfishing and lax regulatory oversight have drastically depleted populations of the translucent squid in waters around Japan
[it’s] the lowest harvest since the national fisheries cooperative started keeping records more than 30 years ago.



Well, spank my daddy…


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Daleks demonstrate Diarrhea Death Ray in Japan!


Japan’s Daleks demonstrate their Diarrhea Death Ray dominance in preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics!


Robot security guard to be tested at Tokyo station in bid to boost security ahead of 2020 Gamesn-robot-a-20181026-200x200
The Japan Times | Oct. 25, 2018
A robot developed to serve as a security guard at train stations was shown to the press Thursday amid a growing need to boost safety in the run-up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics[as shown on the right photo] the robot is equipped with an AI-powered security camera, reports on a sick person in a demonstration in Tokyo on Thursday…more…

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Free WiFi in Tokyo, meh




Via @sxexnxa


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Sushi for sharks—seagrass belted with squid?

Sushi for sharks?
According to this research paper’s illustrations (L), these newly-discovered omnivores, Bonnethead sharks, seeming snack on sushi: seagrass belted with squid—Sort of the reverse of traditional nigiri: sushi having fish and rice belted with seaweed.nigiri-selection_300x


Bonnethead shark (Sphyrna tiburo)


Scientists find the first plant-eating shark — but it still likes to hunt | 2018-Sept-6
Bonnethead sharks are not only consuming copious amount of seagrass but they are actually capable of digesting and assimilating seagrass nutrients, making them clear omnivores,” the researchers {Leigh et al.} wrote in their study.


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Squid named ‘Happy’

Squid have two arms and eight tentacles.
So.. “Happy,” the eleven-tentacled squid, is aptly named.
Happy’s 11th appendage is an example a squid penile elongation, which has been observed to be as long as the mantle, head, and arms combined.

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Let’s NUKE China happy!!~

We need to NUKE China happy!!~


Right now Tokyo is being attacked by Chinese toxic waste—We’re having an air pollution Red Alert only because of China, grrr. That is, I have TWO air purifiers running full blast, and even that can’t clean the that damn Chinese toxic-waste “Yellow Dust” aka koza/コザ/黄砂/Aeolian-Gobi Desert dust full of industrial poisons out of the foul air, ahchoo!

chinese bio-war, kola

Japan’s ugliest mascot

Humpback anglerfish.png
Public Domain, Link

The new Japanese monkfish mascot “Ankimo” could be more properly described as “Eat-Me-While-You-Can kun“.
The name “Eat-Me-While-You-Can” is due to the popularity of ankimo liver, is wildly overfished in neither a sustainable or ethical way in Japan (or worse China), grrrr.
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Japan Railways to debut the duck-billed ‘AFFAIR-X’

It may look like a Duck-billed Dildo and its real name ought to be the “AFFAIR-X” (Advanced labs For Frontline Activity In Rail eXperimentation)—JR East is going for a new look shinkansen/bullet train.


JR East looks to debut new shinkansen test model capable of running at 360 kph in 2019
KYODO | July 5, 2017
East Japan Railway Co. said Tuesday that it will introduce in spring 2019 a 10-car test train, dubbed ALFA-X, with the aim of developing a next-generation shinkansen model.
The company hopes to achieve a maximum operating speed of 360 kph for the new shinkansen.
ALFA-X stands for “Advanced Labs for Frontline Activity in rail eXperimentation”
the test train is expected to have two different front cars as JR East will check technologies for reducing air pressure when the train enters a tunnel. More…

new-shinkansen-500xAnas-capped agmen japonica is scientific latin for “Japanese duck-billed train.”

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