Happy Helmets for sadsack salarymen

I stumbled across these happy helmets, dubbed the Mask of Soul, that the Japanese designer Tomomi Sayuda created to help relieve stress of office workers.


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Rocking Rock Lobster!

This morning our Tropical Rock Lobster molted.
Hooray!! *\(^o^)/*
It’s been about 10 months from its last molting and it has grown even larger (^^).
Here’s the lobster shown next to me (I’m 157 cm tall).
@gogo7188sakana lobster-comparison

The dead-looking guy in the photo, Mr. Gogo7188sakana, works at aquarium “Marine World — Uminonakamichi,” which is located in Kyushu’s Fukuoka City in the deep south of Japan.250px-Panulirus_ornatus

The aquarium’s Tropical Rock Lobster (aka Ornate Rock Lobster, Ornate Spiny Lobster or Ornate Tropical Rock Lobster is the Panulirus ornatus (Wiki, see right)) is quite the monster of the deep, isn’t it?
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Lunarly probing, Japan


Japan plans to land rover on moon in 2018
SentinelSource.com / April 26, 2015
JAXA Japan’s space agency announced this week that the country would put an unmanned rover on the surface of the moon by 2018, joining an elite club of nations that have explored Earth’s satellite
“This is an initial step and a lot of procedures are still ahead before the plan is formally approved,” a JAXA spokesperson told reporters. If it is approved, the agency will reportedly use its Epsilon solid-fuel rocket technology to carry and deploy a SLIM probe — the acronym stands for “Smart Lander for Investigating Moon”


snark-openThe JAXA spokesperson went on to explain that, left_quoter_14x24upon landing on the moon the SLIM moon probe will send and receive by fax* all of its data.right_quoter_13x24snark-closed

*The joke being that all Japanese companies, large and small, still rely fax machines even though they have advanced email and cloud services at their disposal.
japan marvin invades the moon


Keio Uni. researchers want you to grow an artificial tail

Researchers from the Keio Institute of Pure and Applied Sciences (KiPAS) want to stick an artificial tail on you to study how you would adapt to brain-machine interface and become a better/cuter cyborg.
Researchers use artificial tail to study how we adapt to brain-machine interfaces
Robohub | 2015-Apr-13tail-tale-textThe method used in this research is to observe, in the laboratory, a group of about ten people who have an artificial tail, which can drive a brain-machine interface, attached to their body…learn(ing) how to move the artificial tail, and …us(ing) it skillfully, like their own body, through trial and errormore...

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shippo tail


Japetella but not Japanese

Japetella prismatica from the Report on the Cephalapoda of the H.M.S. Challenger, one of the earliest worldwide oceanographic expeditions
From the Report on the Cephalapoda H.M.S. Challenger during the Years 1873-76 (online complete collection)

I was all jazzed that this Japetella prismatica was Japanese octopus.
Sadly on page 108 of the Report, I learned it was named after “Japetus Steenstrup,” an early weeaboo wannabe.


Japan’s newest Bullet Train doesn’t need tracks or maglev

Japan’s newest Bullet Train at the “Banpaku Testudou” doesn’t need expensive tracks, hyper-expensive maglev guideway, or even a right-of-way!


Trolling with Frog Burgers on a charcoal black bun

Sometimes you gotta think that the Japanese are just trolling us with things like these new Frog Burgers on a bun blackened with ground charcoal*, yum.

frog burger japan METRO 2015/03/05
Ok, it’s official, burgers have now officially reached peak weirda black bun frog burger is the latest offering from the Orbi Yokohama museum in Japanmore…

blue-earfh-burger Other menu items like their blue “Earth Burger” Orbi Cafe (Google Translate) are “creative” also.

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whale burger
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Raise the Space-Battleship Musashi!

The Japanese battleship Musashi was the sister ship to the battleship Yamato and

sidebar-quote long Microsoft co-founder @PaulGAllen reports discovering WWII battleship "Musashi" near Philippines.
pic.twitter.com/8pEEAfJlhL— Nippon.com (@nippon_en) March 3, 2015

the Musashi and Yamato were the heaviest and most powerfully armed battleships ever constructed the history of man (Wiki), thus making them “ideal” for space battleship (Wiki).

Imperial Japanese Navy’s Superbattleship Musashi as she appeared in mid-1944
Musashi1944By Alexpl, CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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