Keio Uni. researchers want you to grow an artificial tail

Researchers from the Keio Institute of Pure and Applied Sciences (KiPAS) want to stick an artificial tail on you to study how you would adapt to brain-machine interface and become a better/cuter cyborg.
Researchers use artificial tail to study how we adapt to brain-machine interfaces
Robohub | 2015-Apr-13tail-tale-textThe method used in this research is to observe, in the laboratory, a group of about ten people who have an artificial tail, which can drive a brain-machine interface, attached to their body…learn(ing) how to move the artificial tail, and …us(ing) it skillfully, like their own body, through trial and errormore...

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shippo tail


Japetella but not Japanese

Japetella prismatica from the Report on the Cephalapoda of the H.M.S. Challenger, one of the earliest worldwide oceanographic expeditions
From the Report on the Cephalapoda H.M.S. Challenger during the Years 1873-76 (online complete collection)

I was all jazzed that this Japetella prismatica was Japanese octopus.
Sadly on page 108 of the Report, I learned it was named after “Japetus Steenstrup,” an early weeaboo wannabe.


Japan’s newest Bullet Train doesn’t need tracks or maglev

Japan’s newest Bullet Train at the “Banpaku Testudou” doesn’t need expensive tracks, hyper-expensive maglev guideway, or even a right-of-way!


Trolling with Frog Burgers on a charcoal black bun

Sometimes you gotta think that the Japanese are just trolling us with things like these new Frog Burgers on a bun blackened with ground charcoal*, yum.

frog burger japan METRO 2015/03/05
Ok, it’s official, burgers have now officially reached peak weirda black bun frog burger is the latest offering from the Orbi Yokohama museum in Japanmore…

blue-earfh-burger Other menu items like their blue “Earth Burger” Orbi Cafe (Google Translate) are “creative” also.

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whale burger
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          (3Yen / 2005-06-22)


Raise the Space-Battleship Musashi!

The Japanese battleship Musashi was the sister ship to the battleship Yamato and

sidebar-quote long Microsoft co-founder @PaulGAllen reports discovering WWII battleship "Musashi" near Philippines.— (@nippon_en) March 3, 2015

the Musashi and Yamato were the heaviest and most powerfully armed battleships ever constructed the history of man (Wiki), thus making them “ideal” for space battleship (Wiki).

Imperial Japanese Navy’s Superbattleship Musashi as she appeared in mid-1944
Musashi1944By Alexpl, CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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Pedo-Bear is back, and now he wants granny!

bear-bot in japan robot Look out granny!
Japanese scientists of the RIKEN research institute have released a new experimental nursing care robot, “ROBEAR.”

According to RIKEN’s press release of February 23rd, the ROBEAR can performing tasks such as lifting a patient from a bed or wheelchair and, left_quoter_14x24will provide impetus for research on the creation of robots that can supplement Japan’s need for new approaches to care-givingright_quoter_13x24
Ri-i-i-ight—Granny is gonna love this. ᶘ ᵒᴥᵒᶅ

Sadly, these nursing care robots of the RIKEN Institute have been around forever. RIBA-II, the care-giving Teddy Bear ( / 2011-08-03) shown above has been in development for a long time without any the bear-bots going into practical use in nursing homes and hospitals.

The 3Yen first reported years ago about the predecessor of the RIBA, the RI-MAN robot in: Stroke my soft machine (3Yen / 2006-03-01)
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Glow-in-dark LEAFs — Must be from Fukushima ;-)

radioactive-fishStraight from the Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown (3Yen 2015-01-25) is a prototype of the new Nissan LEAF electric car with radiation-energised* paint that glows in the dark!

*Sunlight is “radiation” so this paint glows in the dark because it’s ultraviolet-energised by the sun’s rays, ha, ha.

Learn more about this UV absorbing glowing paint at Auto Express(2015Feb12): Nissan Leaf goes glow-in-the-dark with luminous paint upgrade



‘Spot’ makes Japan’s dead-dog AIBO look bad

sony dog robot should be shotAfter wasting zillions of yen and contributing to near-bankruptcy of the company, Sony’s famous flagship robot dog, AIBO™, was put to sleep in 2006. (3Yen 2006-01-27)

At the same time around 2005-2006, Boston Dynamics introduced BigDog(Wiki) that has move well into the realm of “usefulness” unlike Japan’s failed robo-efforts (3Yen quoted by the BBC and The Independent). Check out “Spot,” the latest version of BigDog.

left_long quotebar 24x260px BostonDynamics’ BigD0g r0b0t is pretty familiarbut this smaller c0usin—Sp0t weighs 160 pounds, while BigD0g weighs in at 24O poundsSp0t is pretty light on its feet…more via Slate



Japan invents the Segway! (again)

Honda’s UNI-CUB Is Amazing, Least-Efficient Water Delivery System Ever 2015Jan13
Honda demonstrated their UNI-CUB motorized chair-thing, which they’re using to develop the world’s least-efficient method of single water-bottle delivery. Seeing it in action, I’m very impressed...more...

The rest-of-the-story is that Segway-type devices are illegal to use in Japan on public roads* (3Yen 2006-11-14)segway2 (and sidewalks haven’t been invented yet in Japan) so all this “innovation” of copying the the failed personal transporter market is just Honda spinning their wheels in a product segment that has proven to be a loss for more than a decade.

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 i-unit ev by toyota

Japanese scientists succeed in making true salarymen

Dobu-nezumi (溝ねずみ) = lit. ditch rat
Dobunezumi is rather rude Japanese slang for salarymen dressed in monotonously grey suits.

Japanese scientists succeed in making true ‘Dobunezumi’

The reason I called these transparent mice “true salarymen” is that ideal state for a Japanese person is to melt into the crowd of other Japanese—to be “transparent.”
For the 25 years I worked in fetid bowels of corporate Japan, the standard joke among my Japanese office mates was:

Q: What do you call a salaryman with an opinion?
A: Unemployed.